Ethiopia calls for diplomatic solution for equal use of Nile water

ADDIS ABABA, Feb 26 (AFP) — Ethiopia on Thursday called for diplomatic negotiations, instead of confrontations, to find a solution for equitable use of the Nile River water by countries in its basin.

"We want to see equitable use of the Nile one way or the other, but we need to do it through negotiations and diplomatic understanding," Ethiopian water resources ministry spokesman Yetebark Mengesty said.

BREAKING NEWS: TPLF Appointed Abune Matias of Tigre as the 6th Patiarch of EOTC

Abbay Tsehaye installed 6th patriarch
of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church,
Aba Matias. (Photo: from Facebook
February 28, 2013 | The Horn Times

By: Getahune Bekele

*Call for mass action reverberates across the globe

In a move expected to create more tensions and divisions, Ethiopia’s ruling minority junta has appointed yet another divisive figure as the 6th patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church – Abune Matias, otherwise known as the chief Rabbi of Tigraye republic.

The late Abune Pawlos’s chosen successor and the favorite of the ruling TPLF junta, Aba Matias was elected on Friday 28 Feb 2013 after Bishops of the illegal pro-TPLF synod in Addis Ababa voted for him under the watchful eyes of warlord Abbay Tsehaye.

Ethiopia makes help difficult for world donors advocating civil society, rights

February 28, 2013 | CS Monitor

By William Davison

A well-known German foundation decamps from Ethiopia. Other long-time donors find new official agency and law restrictive and confusing.

Of the many outreach programs run here by Germany’s Heinrich Böll Foundation, one caused special alarm for an official new Ethiopian agency that is starting to block and restrict the promotion of civil society ideas.

Gabaasaa Cuunfaa Tarkaanfiilee Baatii Amajjii fi Guraandhalaa - Madda Oduu ABO

Gurraandhala 28, 2013 | Madda Oduu ABO

Humni Addaa WBO baatii Amajjii fi Guraandhalaa keessa humna diinaa irratti tarkaanfii gosa adda addaa fudhateen waraana diinaa kudhanootatti lakkaawamu hojiin ala taasisuu fi qabeenyaa diinaa barbadeessuun injifannoo galmeesse; warra ajjeefame keessaa yoo xiqqaate 5 dabballootaa fi basaasota diinaa sadarkaa ol’aanaatti ummata rakkisuu fi hiraarsuun beekaman tahuutu mirkanaawe. Tarkaanfiileen kun eessattii fi yoom akka fudhataman akka armaan gadiitti ibsama.

Addis Ababa University Fired 33 Oromo Students and the Students will pay huge amounts of money too

February 28, 2013

Educational higher institutions in Ethiopian empire have been a torture cell where the Oromo students suffer psychological, social and economical repression for long by all regimes turn by turn. As we all know the EPRDF regime hasn't been different from the previous regimes towards Oromo students. In the past 21 years Oromo students in all universities and collages across the empire experienced violence in all forms that resulted in torture, imprisonment, loss of educational career, exile and even death. All these evil deeds are happened to Oromo students because of the regime's agenda to dismantle the educated Oromo generation. Recently due to the so called "ethnic clash" among the Oromo and Tigre students, government horse, AAU administration, fired Oromo students selectively and decided to fine them a huge amount of money too.



WBOn Bifa Addaan Injifatnoo Galmeessu Itti Fufuun Loltoota Wayyaanee Irratti Tarkaanfii Fudhate

Gurraandhala 27, 2013 | Madda Oduu ABO

Humni diinaa dirmannaaf sosso'aa ture WBOn rukutame. Lola Guraandhala 18, 2013 Ona Mi'eessoo keessatti adeemsifameen humna diinaa ummataa fi WBOn rukutameef dirmachuuf kan sosso'e humni diinaa WBOn rukutame. Waraanni Wayyaanee kun Gurraandhala 19, 2013 konkolaataa waraanaan osoo bakka lolaatti sosso'uu jiruu konkolaataa waliin guutummaatti dhabamsiifame. Tarkaanfii fudhatame kanaanis ummatni naannoo gammachuu itti dhaga'ame WBOf ibsee jira.

In unusual rebuke, Saudi Arabia accuses Ethiopia of posing threats to Sudan & Egypt

 Saudi deputy defense minister Khalid Bin Sultan
February 26, 2013 (KHARTOUM):  – A senior Saudi Arabian official unleashed a barrage of attack against Ethiopia saying that the Horn of Africa nation is posing a threat to the Nile water rights of Egypt and Sudan.

"The [Grand] Renaissance dam has its capacity of flood waters reaching more than 70 billion cubic meters of water, and is located at an altitude of 700 meters and if it collapsed then Khartoum will drown completely and the impact will even reach the Aswan Dam," the Saudi deputy defense minister Khalid Bin Sultan said at the meetings of the Arab Water Council in Cairo.

OLF faction led by Kemal Gelchu decimated

February 26, 2013 | Ethiopian Review 

The faction of Ethiopian armed opposition group, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), led by General Kemal Gelchu now survives only in name after the Eritrean government put Kemal and all his comrades under house arrest and disarmed the troops who were camped in eastern Eritrea near Assab, according to the latest information Ethiopian Review has received from reliable sources.

Ethiopian leader very present 6 months after death

February 26, 2013 | Associated Press

By: Kirubel Tadesse

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) -- Ethiopia's long-ruling leader died half a year ago, but it seems Meles Zenawi still holds on to power. In the capital, his face looks down from hundreds of posters plastered on walls, and government representatives vow to implement the late Meles' vision without alteration.

Meles, who held tight control of the country since 1991, died Aug. 20 at the age of 57. A major U.S. counter-terrorism ally, Meles was credited with uplifting the country's poor, but he was condemned for human rights abuses and crushing the opposition.

Ethiopian Central-Bank Order May Mean More T-Bills, Less Lending

February 26, 2013 | Bloomberg

By: William Davison

An Ethiopian central bank order making lenders limit 40 percent of their loans to a year or less by 2015 may crimp credit growth by forcing more government- security purchases, the International Monetary Fund said.

A National Bank of Ethiopia directive from April 2011 already requires the 14 private banks in the Horn of Africa country to buy five-year bills equal to 27 percent of each loan given out. The Washington-based lender in September said that requirement was onerous and suggested lowering it so more credit would be available to banks.

"Isan Jalqabe Hangan Xumuruutti Biyyaa Hin Ba'u"- Gaaffii fi deebii Artiisti beekamaa fi jallatama Zarihuun Wadaajoo

Gurraandhala 26, 2013 | VOA Afaan Oromo

WASHINGTON DC — Ijoollummaa isaa kaasee mana barumsaa keessatti wellisaan akka ture kan dubbatu Wellisaa Oromoo Zarihuun Wadaajoo walumaa gala waggootii soddomaaf wellisuu isaa dubbata. Jireenya koo keessatti quuqqaa saba koo wellisuun dararaa addaa addaaf na saaxiluus gara fuula duraattis ittuman fufa jedha.

Torban kana keessas walleelee haaraa gabaa irra oolchuu isaa dubbata wellisaa Zariihuun Wadaajoo.

Gaaffii fi deebii gaggeeffame dhaggefadhaa.

London libel ruling against Ethiopian dissident shows urgent need for reform

25 February 2013 | Index On Censorship

By: Peter Noorlander*

Elias Kifle is an Ethiopian journalist who runs a news website, the Ethiopian Review, from his exile in the United States. He is a fierce critic of the Ethiopian government, which is among the top ten “jailers” of journalists worldwide, and he has twice been sentenced to life imprisonment by it — once for treason, in 2007, and once for supposed “terrorism”, in 2012.

Yet, in an unlikely twist of fate, the Ethiopian authorities are not the only ones pursuing him in court: Elias Kifle’s name appears with some regularity in the cause lists of the London libel courts. Although his website is run from the US, publishes to an Ethiopian audience on matters concerning Ethiopia, the London courts have warmly welcomed those who wish to sue him for libel. Prime amongst his pursuers has been Ethiopian-born billionaire, Sheikh Mohamed Al-Amoudi.

Indian land grabs in Ethiopia show dark side of south-south co-operation

February 25, 2013 | The Guardian

The takeover of peoples' land and water by corporations – even if they are from the global south – is a new form of colonisation 
Women pick pigeon pea in eastern Ethiopia, where 80% of
the population are engaged in agriculture. Photograph:
Mark Tran for the Guardian
The idea of south-south co-operation evokes a positive image of solidarity between developing countries through the exchange of resources, technology, and knowledge. It's an attractive proposition, intended to shift the international balance of power and help developing nations break away from aid dependence and achieve true emancipation from former colonial powers. However, the discourse of south-south co-operation has become a cover for human rights violations involving southern governments and companies.

Oromo students expelled from AAU

February 25, 2013 | Gulele Post

Nearly two months after the latest ethnic clash among Oromo and Tigre students in AAU 4 kilo campus the university administration expels Oromo students selectively. Our sources in Addis Ababa/Finfinne have reported that only the Oromo students are the victims of this latest suspension/expulsion while the Tigre students, including the one that ignited the conflict by writing offensive language targeting the Oromo, have been instilled back on to their education. Below is the list of those students expelled or suspended from the university.

Walgahii Haraaraa fi Tokkumma ABO Magaalaa Minneapolis, Minnesota Keessatti Qindaawee Milkiin Geggeeffame

Walgahiin ibsa walhabannoo fi waligaltee gurmuulee ABO kan mooraa Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo hogganumma ABO jalatti tokkoomsuuf magaalaa Minneapolis, Minnesota keessatti qindaawee ture guyyaa kaleessa Guraandhala 23, 2013 milkiin geggeeffame.

Seenaa dhaabichaa keessatti waldhibdeen bar-kurnee tokoo oliif qabsaa’ota ABO gama fi gamana dhaabaa ture dhiheeyna kana milkiin furamuun qabsa’onni ilmaan Oromoo bara dheeraaf waliin hojjetaa turan ammas dhibdee ture furatuun waltajji tokkotti deebi’uuf waliif galuun isaani Hawaasa Oromoo adunyaa maraa fi keessuma Ummata Oromoo biyya keessaa dararamaa jiruuf abdi gudda akka hore mirkana. Kanuumaan wal-qabatees haraaraa fi waligaltee moora ABO keessatti ta’e kana akkaataa itti Ummatni Oromoo simata jirus adeemsi jalqabame kun kara sirri ta’uu isaa bifa mirkaneessuun bakka hundatti deggersi Ummataa mirkaneessa jira. Hogganooti fi miseensotni ABO sadarka hundatti kana hubatuu dhaan dandii jalqabame kana milkeessuuf muratnoo qaban Ummataaf biyya hundatti qaamaan argamuun ibsaa jiru.

Waamicha Wal Gai’ii Ibsa Waloo Kan Araara fi Tokkoomsuu ABO


Akkuma beekamu ABO-SHG fi ABO-QC Ibsa waliigaltee fi araaraa bara 2012 keessa labsuun hin yadatama. Wal hubannoo fi araara ABO-SHG, ABO-QC fi Gurmuu Qabsaawotaa gidduutti ta’aa jiru laalchisee dhabni keenya hawaasa isaaf ibsa waloo gamtaan kennuuf Magaala Winnipeg Kanaadaatti Bitootesa 2, 2013tti sagantaa baafatee jira.

British firm drills for Ethiopia’s first oil

February 24, 2013 | The Peninsula

LONDON: Tullow Oil, the British explorer that found Kenya’s first crude a year ago, is about to find out whether the resources extend into neighbouring Ethiopia, a nation dependent on agriculture that’s yet to discover any petroleum.

Tullow, Africa Oil Corp and Marathon Oil Corp plan to complete their Sabisa well in western Ethiopia’s South Omo Block this quarter. “The first discovery would be big news,” said Martin Mbogo, Tullow’s manager for Kenya, where its Ngamia well struck oil in March. “That would be historical for Ethiopia.”

Qonnaan Bultooti Oromoo Godhina Harargee Aanaa Haromaayaa , Maadhee Xinniqee Gochaa Wayyaanee Balaaleffatan

Gurraandhala 24, 2013 | Gabaasa Qeerroo Haromaya

Godina Harargee bahaa aanaa Haramaayaa Ganda Xinniqqee keessatti qotee bultootni Oromoo walitti dhufuun dhimma Wayyaaneen yeroo ammaa sabaa fi sablammoota walitti buusuun hidhattootaan ummata Oromoo naannoo irraa buqisuu fi dhibbaatamaan miidhaa irra geessisan akkasumas dhimma QBO irratti marii gaggeessan.Qotee bultootni Ganda Xinniqqee quunnamtii bua qabeessummaa baratttoota Yuunivarsiitii Haramaayaa waliin tolchuun akeeka goototaa galmaan geessisuuf hojjechuuf waadaa kan seenan yoommuu tahu diina keennya walitti birmannee bilisa baana jechuun mariiatanii jiran.Qotee bultootni ganda Xinniqqee Maadhee XINNIQQEE 01 tti wal ijaaruun gumaata isaan irraa QBOf barbaachisu adda durummaan bahuuf irbuu seenuun ibsa ejjennoo armaan gadii baafatanii jiran.

Open letter intended to resonate an outcry of Admassu Negassa

February 24, 2013

This is an open letter intended to resonate an outcry of an Oromo, who is currently enduring undeserved extraordinary circumstance in a prison in USA.

We are friends of this Oromo – Admassu Regassa. We know him as back as 1976. We belong to that active, at times turbulent generation when almost everybody struggled for something beyond survival.

WBOn ummata waliin diina haleele

Gurraandhala 23, 2013 | Madda Oduu ABO

Gurraandhala 18, 2013 Baha Oromiyaa Ona Mi'eessoo magaalaa Mi'eessoo keessatti qabeenyan basaasa Wayyaanee kuusaa boba'aa SHELL gubame. Abbaan Kuusaa boba'aa kanaa Aabboo jedhamuun kan beekamu oggaa tahu yeroo dheeraaf kan ummata rakkisaa turee fi gorsa kennameef fudhatuu diduu irraa WBO qabeenya isaa irratti tarkaanfii kana fudhate.

Ethiopian Minister Junedin seeks Asylum in Kenya

February 23, 2013 | De Birhan
EthioChannel's cover story on Junedin
EthioChannel, pro regime "private" Saturday Newspaper has today reported that top ruling party official and "the Minister of Civil Service" has sought asylum in neighboring Kenya. A political scientist with a close knowledge of the former Minister that De Birhan talked to said that Junedin's family couldn't confirm the Report and that he was not contactable.

Junedin Sado's wife, Habiba Mohammed, is one of 29 people facing terrorism charges related to protests by Muslims. Junedin last year published a letter in the same newspaper defending his wife and criticizing the federal prosecutor's charges. In the letter, Mr. Junedin said that he had approached the Saudi Arabian Embassy in his personal capacity to raise money to build a mosque to fulfil the wishes expressed in the will of his late mother. The money recovered from his wife, Mr. Junedin said, was meant for the mosque and not to fund terrorist activities.

Dhaamsa Ayyoo Oromoo


OLF Officials Held Successful Town Hall Meeting in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Prof. Mekuria Bulcha and Mr. Odaa Xasee, the representatives of the Oromo Liberation Front, conducted a town hall meeting with members, supporters of the Oromo Liberation Front, and the Oromo community at large in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area on February 16, 2013. The officials discussed issues pertaining to the settled controversies between the two OLF units. They clarified issues, on which both parties agreed to settle the disagreement, that divided the organization for more than a decade.

Hogannooni ABO Magaalaa Mummiti Washington DC Keessatti Gurraandhala 17, 2013 Waliigaltee Dhaabota Oromoo Ilaalchisee Ibsa Kennan

Walgahii Miseensoota, deegartootaa fi hawaasa Oromoo naannoo Washington DC jiraataniif ibsa kan kennan Jaallan Dr. Mekuria Bulchaa fi Odaa Xasee yoo tahan, isaaniis wal duraa duubaan waligalteen ShG-ABO fi QC–ABO jiddutti tahe ilaalchisee, rakkoolee dhalatan irraa kaaseebakka amma jiran haala qubsaa fi gammachisaa taheen ibsanii jiru.

Tokkummaa ABO Itichanii QBO Jabeessuuf qooda Murnoota ABO fi kan Ummata Oromoo:[Kutaa 1ffaa]-Tokkummaa dhugaa moo tokkummaa toofttaa?

Guraandhala 21, 2013 | Lookoo Gaachoo* Irraa

Seensa Duubisuuf Addana Tuqaa

Yadda Oromoo Tokkoo

Kutaa 1ffaa: Tokkummaa dhugaa moo tokkummaa toofttaa?

Cuunfaa Gabaabaa Kutaa 1ffaa

Kutaan duraa kun gaaffilee, “Tokkummman kun tokkummaa dhugaa, kan QBO jabeessuuf abdii qabu moo kan akkuma tokkummoota hedduu isa kana dura dabranii labsamee ‘Internet” irratti hafuu? Tokkummaan bara dheeraaf gar-lachuun didamaa ture, amma maalttu jijjiiramee gar-lachuun fudhatamee?” gaaffii jedhuuf deebii Oromootin kennaa jiran hamma tokkoo ilaala. Isa booda, tokkummaa kana itichuuf murnootin ABO lamaan fi ummatin Oromoo waan gochuu qaban irratti yaada kiyyaan xumurama.

Tokkummaa ABO Itichanii QBO Jabeessuuf qooda Murnoota ABO fi kan Ummata Oromoo: [Seensa]

Guraandhala 21, 2013 | Lookoo Gaachoo* Irraa

Yadda Oromoo Tokkoo


Addi Bilisummaa Oromoo (ABO) jaarmaa Oromoo biraa jaalala fi kabaja guddaa qabu ta’uun beekkamaa dha. Kabaja fi jaalala kan horate hojii saba Oromoo boonsu hedduu waan hojjeteef; injifannoo hedduu waan galmeesseef. Qubeen afaan Oromoo amma biyya keessaa ittiin hojjetamaa jiru injifannoolee gurguddoo kana keessaa isa tokko. Daangaan Oromiyaa sararamee beekkamuun fi sabin (nation) Oromoo jedhamu – kan ummata Habsahaa irraa adda ta’e fi kan Habashootaan koloneeffatame – biyya lafaa irra jiraachuu caalaatti addunyaa beeksisuun bu’aalee gurguddoo qabsoo ABOn qindeessee geggeesseen argaman. Kanaaf, kan sabin Oromoo, yeroo ABOn dhadhabaa fi faffaca’a fakkatullee kan abdii irraa hin kutanne; Kan ABO dhiisee dhaaboota addaadaa yeroo-yeroo tti dhalatan fi du’an duukaa hin buune; Kan ABOn “deebi’ee tokkoomee, jabaata” jedhee baroota dheeraaf abdin eeggatu.

Diaspora Doctors to Start Specialized Hospital in Ethiopia

February 21, 2013 | VOA

ADDIS ABABA — A group of 150 Ethiopian doctors living abroad are constructing a hospital in their home country that will offer state-of-the-art medical treatment. This new hospital is designed to reduce the number of Ethiopians seeking medical facilities abroad.

The Ethio-American Doctors Group, an association of more than150 Ethiopian doctors in the diaspora, is realizing its dream: establishing an up-to-date hospital in their homeland that includes a medical school and a medical research center.

7 killed in Kenya's border town

February 21, 2013 | Daily Nation

Seven people were on Thursday morning killed by armed gunmen in Maleley along the Dadaab - Liboi road near the Kenya - Somalia border.

The seven, five men and two women, were ambushed at 5.30 am in their houses as they were preparing to go to the mosque for the morning prayers.

Garissa County Commissioner Maalim Mohamed said that the seven were shot dead by the armed gunmen who are estimated to be 20 in number.

Man fatally shot, dozens wounded at packed Degahbour bar

February 21, 2013 | Ogaden Online

Dozens of civilians were wounded yesterday afternoon in crowded Degahbour Bar after Ethiopian soldiers opened fire as confirmed by locals and our reporters on the ground.

Mana Hidhaa Qaallittii Keessatti Sabboontoti Oromoo Hedduun Dararaa Guddaaf Daran Saaxilaman

Guraandhala 21, 2013 | Qeerroo Finfinnee

Yeroo ammaa kanattii motummaan Wayyaanee gochaalee hammeenyaa fi gara jabinaa Ilmaan Oromoo mana hidhaa Qaalliittii jiraan irraattii fudhachaa jiruu jabeessee itti fufuun torcherii sammuu fi nyaata qulqullinaa hinqabne hidhamtootaaf dhiyeessuun har’as dabuma kaleesaa bare daran jabeessee jiraachuun gabaafame jira.Haala kanaan yeroo ammaa kanatti barsiisaa Dirribii Nagaasaa fi Barataa Hirphasaa Diriirsaa bara 2011 qabamanii fi Oromoonni dhibbaatamaan lakkaawaman yeroo amma mana hidhaa qaalliittii zoonii tokkoo kan jiran dhukkubsatanii yaalaa gahaa dhabuun daraarama jiraachuun gabaasaan keenyaa Finfinnee addeesse jira.

Ibsa ejjennoo hirmaatota waligayii walihubannoo fi araara Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (ABO) biyya Jarmanii kessatti geggefame

Guraandhala 16 bara 2013 | Hirmaattota waligayii walihubannoo fi araara ABO Jarmanii, Frankfurt

Dhimma walihubannoo fi waliigaltee ABO ilaalchise hawaasota Oromoo, waldaalee Oromoo, fi miseensota ABO biyya Jarmanii jiraniif Guraandhala 16 bara 2013 ibsi kennameera. Waligayiin kun ganamaa saatii 11 irraa egalee amma waaree boda saatii 18:00 magaalaa Frankfurt, galma Universitii Joon Volfigaang kessatti geggefame.

Walgayiin ergi ebba manguddoo fi faaruu alabaa Oromiyaan banameen booda jalle Aster Gammadaa (Miseensaa Gumii Sabaa ABO), ShG ABO bakka bu`uun, Jalle Mulugeetaa Mosiisaa ABO QC bakka bu`uun, fi Jalle Dr. Baqqalaa G/ Maariyaam gurmuu qabsaawota bilisummaa Oromoo bakka bu`uun hirmaatota waligayiif wa`ee walihubannoo gurmulee ABO irratti ibsa gutuu kennaniru. Hirmaatoti waligayii gaaffiilee fi yaadota ijaaroo dhiyeessuun mariin gadifagenyaan ergii geggefamen booda ibsa ejjannoo baafatun sagantaan waligayii milkiin xumurameera.

"Wali-hubannoo Malee Maqaa Jaarmaya Tokkootti Dhimma Bahuun Yakka"- KY ABO

Guraandhala 20, 2013 | Koree Yeroo (KY) ABO

Akkuma hunddii keenya beeknu qabsoon saba Oromoo bara dheeraf rakkoo gurgudoo keessa deema dhufte amalee rakkoo heduu qabdi. Burqaan rakkoole qabsoo Oromoo namootuma sadarkaa adda adaati qabsoo kanaan deema turanii fi diina fira fakkate abba qabso taheedha. Gama biraatin habashaa fi firootan isaanii hiree argatan hundaan Oromoo diguu fi dadhabsuu irratti hojata turan, ammallee hojata jiru. Oromoon amo rakkoo umammte irra anu dadhabee wal-fafacaasa jaarmayaa ykn murna garaa-garaa ijaarachuun wal-xixiqeesa deema ture ammallee itti jira. Haali akkasi kun yo diinaaf tahe malee Oromoof bu’a akka hin qabne amo Oromoon hunduu ni beeka.

Ibsa Ejjennoo Miseensotaa fi Deggertoota ABO Dhiya Kanaada

Guraadhala 17/2013 | Miseensotaa fi deggertoota ABO dhiya Kaanaadaa Irraa

Nuti Miseensotnii fi deggertootni ABO dhiya kanaadaatti argamnu, Saskaachuwaan, Giraande Prairie, Fot MC mury, Kalgaarii fi Edemeenten keessa jirru waamicha wal ga`ii ABO nuuf godhe irratti argamuun Ibsaa Araaraa fi ABO tokkomsuu irratti ibsa bal`aa bakka bu`oota dhaaba ABO J/ Damisee Sardaa fi J/ Yaddii Boruu, akkasumas ibsa Gurmuu Qabsaawotaa irraa nuuf kenname erga dhageenyee, caqasnee hubanneen booda gaaffilee dhimma ABO tokkoomsuu irratti gaafachuu fi hubachuu qabnu gaafachuun deebii gaa`aa fi quubsaa ta`e nuuf deebiyeera. Ibsa karaa Hogganoota dhaaba keenyaan nuuf kenname dhugeeffachuun itti amannee, araaraa fi ABO tokkoomsuuf tarkaanfii dhaabni keenya ABO fudhate haalaan kan nu boonsee fi dhaaba keenya ABO irratti abdii f i dambooba guddaa qabaannuu fi cimnee waliin hojjennu ta`uu keenya gammachuu guutuun kora kana irratti ibsanneera.

The TPLF Venom is Spreading and Crisis Engulfs the Debretsion Ethiopian Orthodox Church in London (VIDEO)


February 20, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa (Prof. Asafa Jalata Discusses about the Gadaa System)

Prof. Asafa Jalata talks about the Gadaa System:
  • What do you know about the Gadaa system?
  • How, when and where the Oromos invented the most sophisticated system of its type -- the Gadaa system?
  • Is the Gadaa system still viable to serve as a political system in the 21st century?
  • Was the colonization of Oromia which brought about the failure of the Gadaa system or conversely, the failure of the Gadaa system which resulted into the colonization of Oromia? Which one is cause and which one is effect?
In this interview Prof. Asafa Jalata from the University of Tennessee answers to these and other questions pertaining to the Gadaa system.

The untold story of Oromo freedom fighter

February 19, 2013 | OPride

Ibro Shaxa was killed at the battle of Ciracha during Egyptian invasion of Harar led by Rauf Pasha in 1876. He left behind a teenage son, Hamid. Unlike his father, Hamid, was poisoned by Menelik after the battle of Calanqo (1887) in which the Abyssinian army defeated Oromo fighters. Hamid too, left his young son, Ibrahim, behind.

Abdulkarim Ibrahim was born in 1936, at a time when Abyssinian feudal lords usurped Oromo lands and subjected the farmers to a life of servitude. The son of Haji Ibrahim Hamid Ibro Shaxa, Abdulkarim — better know as Jara Abba Gadaa — was born in Eastern Oromia, near Gara Mulata, at a village of Mudir Goro, to a generation of men who have died fighting long and hard.

How Ethiopians are being pushed off their land

February 19, 2013 | The Hindu

By Ashish Kothari

Indian companies are among the biggest land holders in the African country through deals concluded in dubious circumstances 

“It is not a land-grab, it is a life-grab. It is daylight robbery. But if we protest, if we speak the truth, we could end up in jail or worse.” Obang Metho was referring to the leasing of land to foreign companies in Ethiopia, spreading over nearly four million hectares. Nyikaw Ochalla joined in: “This is happening in the lands I grew up in, and it is my relatives and childhood friends who are being jailed, beaten up, and driven out; my childhood memories are being violated.”

Walgahii Tokkummaa ABO – London, UK (Video and Pictures included)

Walgahiin ibsa walhubannoo ABO SG, ABO QC fi GQM ABO gaafa Guraandhala 16, 2013 London keessatti ta’e milkiin xumurame. Walgahii kana irratti miseensotni, deeggartootni fi ummatni Oromoo London jiraatanii fi biyya Ingilizi naannoo adda addaa irraa hedduminaan argamtanii ture. Haalli waliigaltee fi Walhubannoo karaa bakka bu’ootaa Qaamota sadeenii wal duraa duubaan ibsame.

The Ethiopian-American Muslim Community in the Washington Metropolitan Area Deplores the Continued Gross Human Rights Violation by the Ethiopian Government

February 18, 2013 | PRNewswire

The Ethiopian-American Muslim Community of Washington metropolitan area under the Banner of "Dimtsachin Yisema, DC" announces its plan to demonstrate on February 23, 2013 in front of the White House, and denounce the Human Rights Violations by the Ethiopian Government and to support the yearlong Peaceful Struggle of Ethiopian Muslims.

Ethiopian rebels warn Canadian firm against exploring oil in the country’s east

February 18, 2013 | Associated Press

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia —Ethiopian rebels on Monday warned a Canadian oil company against oil exploration in the country’s east and said the area is unsafe because of fighting.

Africa Oil Corporation should halt all operations until the rebels make peace with the government, the Ogaden National Liberation Front, or ONLF said. The group is blamed for the 2007 attack on a Chinese-run oil field in the region in which scores were killed.

Deportation-threatened Ethiopians’ case to court

18th February 2013 | The Foreigner

Judges at Oslo District court are to hear the case of Nathan Eshete and his family as they this week contest their forced repatriation. 

Seven-year-old Nathan, born and raised in Norway, was told before Christmas 2012 he and his parents would be deported back to Ethiopia.

Nathan is one of hundreds of children whose asylum applications have been rejected, as well as having lived in Norway for more than three years.

Changes without Improvements: The Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia Deteriorated Rapidly After the New PM Came to Power

February 17, 2013 | HRLHA

HRLHA Statement

Ethiopians and the friends of Ethiopia have recently witnessed two major changes taking place in the country particularly in relation to honouring and protecting human rights. One is the replacement of Mr. Meles Zenawi, whose government tightly restricted fundamental human rights and severely punished those who attempted to exercise some of their basic freedoms, by another prime minister. The other change is Ethiopia’s election to the United Nations’ Human Rights Council.

The Sad Story of Admassu Regassa

February 16, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The sad story of Obbo Admassu Regassa could be very graphic to you. One cannot imagine,what happened to Obbo Admassu Regassa could happen to any human being in the United States of America. However, if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time, anything could happen to anyone. As member of Pennsylvania Oromo community members, we came to know the existence of Obbo Admassu Regassa in PA prison about four months ago. To provide a humanitarian assistance to him, we have been trying to get access to visit him. Finally, we were told that, friends can not visit him before March 14, 2014. At this time the only people who can legally visit him are his mother, his father, his sisters or his biological brothers only. The prison rejected our visitation request after they checked our background relationships based on our Social Security numbers, date of birth, drivers licenses and current addresses. At this point, the correspondence we have with Obbo Admassu Regassa is by letters alone. After several rounds of mail correspondences, Obbo Admassu Regassa sent us his bio as follows (see below). You may share this information with friends, organizations and media outlet.




16 February 2013 | Oromo Press

By Observer2013

Top 10 reasons why Lenco Lata and Co. should consider dissolving Oromo Dialogue Forum (ODF) and doing something productive for themselves and the Oromo people.
  1. Oromo/Oromia has too many leaders who are capable of leading the struggle other than them;

  2. They have the right to create a party, but anything they establish, ODF included, is going to fail because they lack popular credibility because of unsuccessful credentials in leading the struggle for over 40 years; What changed now? Did the Lencos morph into other superhero figures all of a sudden?

Attempting to suppress the right of the Muslim community using the same old tactic of intrigues and intimidation is a sign of political bankruptcy


To read the Afaan Oromoo Version Click HERE

February 13, 2013

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) regime has chosen to ridicule and intimidate the peaceful demand of the Muslim community for their legitimate right for over a year now. The recent documentary dramaon ETV titled “Jihadawi Harakat” concocted by the regime is part of this tactic of intimidation and
suppression by the regime. Concocting such vilifying video propaganda against the Muslim community by this
regime is not the first of its kind. Ever since their advent to power the TPLF has tried instigating conflict
between the Muslims in Anwar , Harar, Jimma and other mosques in major cities to silence them. The
current one is unique in that all this drama is staged just to suppress the legitimate question of the Muslim
community to elect their own leaders by themselves without interference from the regime.

Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaatiifi jalqaba Qabsoo Hidhannoo Bilisummaa Oromiyaa

Gurraandhala 15, 2013 | Gulele Post

Abbaa Urjii Irraa

Walakkaa bara 1876ii, gaafa Ibroo Shaxaa lola Cirrachaatti waraana Kamaal Baashaa tiin odoo loluu wareegame, ilmi isaa Haamid Ibroo dardara ture. Lola Calanqoo booda, baruma 1887 keessa, gaafa Minilik summii buna keessatti naqeen Haamid Ibroo galaafatu, ilmi isaa Ibraahim Haamid, mucaa xiqqaa ture. Bara 1936, gaafa Ibraahim Haamid, nafxanyoota hawaasa Oromiyaa Bahaa sirna gabrummaa hoonga hin-qabneen araraasaa bahan adamuun hijaa bahaa ture, Abdukariim Ibraahim (Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa) hoggaas dhalata. Ilmi Haaji Ibraahim Haamid Ibroo Shaxaa fii Aadde Moominaa Eeboo, Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa, akka Xaaliyaan biyya teenya seeneen, bara 1936 keessa-tti, Baha Oromiyaa, Konyaa Gaara Mul’ataa, Baadaa Kurfaa Callee, Araddaa Waldaya Raammis, Ganda Mudiir Gorrootti, nama dhalate.

Seife Nebelbal Radio Interviews With Mr. Jemal Ibrahim (Part 1 & 2)

       PART ONE                                                                 PART TWO

Utaaltee muka yaabdee, Buutee ilmoo ishee dhabde- Kutaa 3ffaa

Guraandhala 15, 2013 | Jiituu Sabaa fi Lammii Moosisa Yuunvarsiitii Finfinnee

Kutaa 1ffaa Duubisuuf Addana Tuqaa 
Kutaa 2ffaa Duubisuuf Addana Tuqaa

Caamsaa 1991, ganama reefu caamni ho’uu eegala. Arfaasaan dafee waan roobeef coqorsi biqiluu jalqabeera. Jabbiloota araddaatti yaafnee akkuma durii fiffiignee otuma taphannuu gidduutti waan addaa agarree dhaabannee ilaaluu eegalle. Harroonniifi gaangoliin lakkofsi hinbeekamne araddaa jabboota keenya weeraranii hanga dachii magariifni biyyoo diimaa fakkaatutti qoqoraa jiru. Sana dura harreefi gaangee hagas heddummatu agarree hinbeeknu. Kana biraan akkatti isaan dachii qorqan raajiidha! Namichi gabaabaan surree daalattii gonnoffee keessatti kutate qawwee ciqilee nama guddaa tokko hincaalle gateettiirra godhatee harroota sana gidduu dhaabata. Mataan isaa cirmaayee daraaraa doobbi fakkaata. Otuma dhaabannee waan argaa jirru raajeffannuu haati Jiituu ollaa bakka buna ganamaa dhugaa jiranii gadi bahanii mataa qabatanii erga iyyanii booda ijaara dallaarraa cabsatanii gaangota araddaa jabbilootaa qorqaa jiran furguggeen qeera’anii girrisiisan. Nuti Namticha qawwee gabaabduu hanga ciqilee geessu gateettiirraa gadi buufatee gaangota isaa walitti qabachuuf fiigu ilaallee kolfa cichina. Haati Jiituu namtichaafi gaangota baaraganii irraan gadee gulufan dhaabatanii erga ilaalanii booda arcummee cabsatanii gara keenyatti deebi’uu agarraan baqachuu eegalle. Hari’anii akka nu hinqaqqabne waan beekaniif nu duuka fiiguu hifeene. Harccummee isaanii achi gatanii, dheekkamaa gara golaatti oldeebi’an. “… bineensi ormaa yoo qe’ee koo qorqu akkamiin calliftanii ilaaltu …?” Ergaa jedhu dheekkamsa haadha Jiituu keessaa hubanne. Ergasii namitichi fakkaattii isaa daddabalatee ganda keenyatti deddeebi’uu eegale. Amma maqaan isaaniifi akeekni isaanii ganda keessatti beekamuu jalqaqbeera. ”Wayyaaneen dhufte …” jedha. Namuu yoo isaan argu fuula hintolu.

Ethiopia’s new leadership is practising hero-worship

15 February 2013 | The Economist

During his two decades running Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi almost single-handedly engineered its rise from lost cause to model pupil. Even his enemies admit he was both popular and competent. Often working around the clock, he could make complex policy choices and then explain them to ordinary people. He planned meticulously for everything—from road building to oppressing the opposition—except, that is, for his own demise.

Ethiopia Ranked 2nd Top Worst Jailer of Journalists in CPJ's 2012 Risk List

CPJ's Robert Mahoney identifies the 10 countries where press freedom suffered the most in 2012. They include Syria, the world's deadliest country for the press; Russia, where repressive laws took effect; Brazil, where journalist murders soared; and Ethiopia, where terror laws are used to silence the press.             

Ethiopia airs jihadi film amid sensitive Muslim protest trial

14 February 2013 |
The strategic Horn of Africa country is one-third Muslim and two-thirds Christian; why is its state-TV ginning up religious tension?
By William Davison

(Addis Ababa, Ethiopia): Ethiopia, a US ally in the battle against Al Qaeda-affiliated militants in Somalia, added to mounting worries about religious discord in the diverse east African state by screening a provocative documentary on Islamic extremism.

Ethiopian Muslims are furious about the film, which they say dishonestly blurs the distinction between legitimate political protest and violence by using lurid images of foreign terrorists that have nothing to do with them.

53 Ethiopian Christians arrested in Saudi Arabia

14 February 2013 | Christian Today

The Religious Liberty Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance reports that 53 Ethiopian Christians were arrested by Saudi authorities earlier in the month.

The arrests happened during a worship service in the privately rented home of an Ethiopian believer in Dammam, the capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

Indian companies involved in Ethiopia land grab

February 14, 2013 |

*Nearly 3,619,509 ha of lands were granted to domestic and foreign investors combined for agricultural purposes from 2008-11.

*The International Food Policy Research Institute’s Global hunger Index placed Ethiopia at No. 5 in the list of the world’s ‘hungriest nations’ in 2012.

*Over 10 percent of the population is chronically hungry.

World's most famous fossil "Lucy" exhibited in Santa Ana before returning to Ethiopia

February 14, 2013 | Art Daily

Editor's Note: Since the Oromo people have lost their land to Abyssinian Colonizers in the last decades of 19th century, it became normal that the history and heritage of the Oromo people and the Oromo state are continued to decorate the Ethiopian empire in the eyes of the world. One of the outshining image of the Ethiopia state in human history about Lucy (or "Chaltu" in afan Oromo) is the good example. The truth about Chaltu or Lucy in short can be described and understood as follows in the following writing from Art Daily.
"The 3.5 million year old fossilized Homo erectus fossils of human skeleton known as "Lucy" ( or "Chaltu" in Afan Oromo) was found by archaeologists in Oromia and can describe the state of the Oromo people as a cradle of man kind"

The Same System, the Same Techniques, and Different Targets by TPLF

February 14, 2013 |

By: Hashim Adam*

The propaganda video that was released by the Ethiopian Television (ETV) about the Muslim movement in Ethiopia reminded me of the unfounded accusation that the TPLF made against the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) in order to terrorize OLF’s supporters in early 1990s.

It was several years after 1991, and I was in middle school when the government agents were busy working on defamation campaign against the OLF. There were meetings almost every other week in villages, towns and schools. On these meetings, they did Saaxileessaa, literally means disclosing secrets.

Haqa Hawaasa Muslimaa Doorsisaa fi Shira Aadeffatameen Ukkaamsuuf Wixxifatuun Kasaaraa Siyaasaa Guddaa dha


Ibsa Kana Afaan Ingiliizin Duubisuuf Addana Tuqaa

Guraandhala 13, 2013

Mootummaan Wayyaanee gaaffii haqaa hawaasni Muslimaa karaa nagaan waggaa tokkoo oliif dhiheessaa
jirutti qoosuu fi doorsisaan callisiisuu yaaluu itti fufuun isaa beekamaa dha. Dhihoo kana mata duree
‘Jihaadaawii Harekaat’ jedhuun diraamaan kijibaa mootummichaan qindaawee dhihaates qaamuma
doorsisaa fi ukkaamsaa sirnichaa kan yeroo dheeraaf baratamee ti. Mootummaan kun diraamaa vidiyoo
bakka addaa walitti suphuun maqa-balleessii akkasii hawaasa Muslimaa ittiin yakkuuf kan qindeessee dhiheessu kun kan duraa miti. Gaafa aangootti dhufee qabee masgiida guddicha Anwaar, akkasumas,
masgiidota Harar, Jimma fi magaalaalee biroo keessattis shira fakkaataa shiree hordoftoota amantii Islaamaa
yakkee callisiisuuf tattaafachaa ture. Isa ammaa kana wanni adda godhu garuu gaaffii hawaasichaa kan ‘hogganoota keenya ofii keenyaaf haa filannu, mootummaan dhimma amantii keenyaa keessaa harka haa fudhattu’ jedhu dura dhaabbachuuf jecha cubbuu seenaan hin daganne raaw’achaa jiraachuu isaa ti.


February 11, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa (Video)

Dr Mekuria Bulcha is a leading negotiator in the on going unification process of the two factions of the Oromo Libration Front (OLF). In this live recorded video he addresses the meeting which was held in Oslo on 26th of January 2013. Featuring in the video is also Dr Dagafa Abdisa, member of the executive committee of the OLF.

Call for Papers for the 2013 OSA Annual Conference

P.O Box 32391, Fridley, MN 55432
Theme: Examining Paths to Oromo National Empowerment in the 21st Century

Date: August 3 – 4, 2013

Venue: Howard University, Washington D.C.

“MATAA NU MARAA JIRUU!”- Kutaa 2ffaa

Gurraandhala 11, 2013

Kutaa 1ffaa Dubbisuuf Addana TUQAA

Y.G(2005) Irraa*


Barruun mata duree “Mataa nu maraa jiru ”miidhama keenya bara baraan himachaa jiraachuuf jecha sirnoota durii irraa kaasee kan dubbatu miti. Kutaa sadiin kan xumuramuudha.. Mataa nu maraa jiruun, keessa keenyaan akkamiin akka mataa nu maraa jiran, saboota biroo keessaan akkamiin mataa akka nu maran fi wayyaaneen deemsa keenya sodaachuu irraa mataa nu maruuf kan arreedaa jirtu keessatti argattu. akeeki barruu kanaa waa sadii irratti xiyyeeffata

Ethiopian Adoptee Wins Legal Case to Revoke Adoption

February 11, 2013 | VOA

By Marthe Van Der Wolf

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA — An Ethiopian court has revoked the adoption of a girl by a family in the Netherlands. This is the first time a foreign adoption has been revoked in Ethiopia’s long history of overseas adoption.

Betty Lub is a 14-year-old Ethiopian girl that was adopted at the age of seven by a Dutch family that abused her. She stayed with them for two years, but still carries their last name because of legal procedures.


By Leenjiso Horo* | 11 February 2013

The aim of this article is to clarify the definitions and the meanings of terminologies and phrases that have been distorted, inadequately translated, improperly and willfully made ambiguous, thereby making communication confusing and harder to interpret. These terminologies are independence/walabummaa, liberation/bilisummaa, colonial question, question of national oppression and self-determination. These are powerful languages if properly understood and used. They damage one’s cause if misused. Critical evaluation of meanings and definitions of these words are needed before using them. Here below, each will be addressed showing their meanings and relevance to the struggle.

Thousands of Homes Demolished in Ethiopia

11 Feburary 2013 | Assaman

The Ethiopia's tyrannical government demolished more than 7 thousand houses in Addis Ababa in the districts named Bole and Nifas Silk, and left more than 30 thousand poor people without a roof over their heads. In addition to the houses, a mosque and a school were demolished, and the security officials involved also kicked and beat the residents who tried to refuse. The demolition was taking place without notice to the inhabitants and compensation.

Qasboon Bilisummaa Oromoo, Hooggana Tarsimoo fi Jijjirama Fudhatu Barbaada

Gurraandhala 11, 2013 |

Camadaa Hundee irraa*

Qabsoon bilisummaa Oromoo yeroo gara yerootti guddachaa fi gabbachaa deemuun dirqama. Siyaasa keessatti yeroo hunda jijiramatu adeema. Dhaaba siyaasaa tokko keessatti jijjiramni tarsiimoo kan dhufu, bifa lamaan ta’a. tokkoffaan haalli waltajjii addunyaa fi naannoo yeroo jijjiramutti, tarsiimoon qabsoo haala jijjirame wajjin kan wal simatu, guddachaa fi sirreefamaa deema. Inni lamataa ammoo, tarsiimoon qabsoo yeroo jalqabaaf wixiname galii isaa qaqabuun, tarsiimoo haaraa maddisiisuun ni danda’a. jijjiramni inni lamataa kun, tarsiimoon duraan lafa ka’ame, galii isaa waan rukuteef, tarsiimoo haarawaa baafachuuf eddu rakkisaa hin ta’u. ta’us garuu bilchinaa fi ga’umsaan xiinxala gahaa gochuu gaafata. Haala jijjirama addunyaa fi naannoo irraa kan madde jijjiramni tarsiimoo dhufu garuu tarsiimoo duraan lafaa qaban dirqamaan kan nama jijjirsisuu dha. tarsiimoo dura lafaa qaban, jijjiruu jechuun dhiisuu ykn galii duraa lagachuu jechuu miti. Kallattii fi mala inni galma ga’uu danda’u bifa harawaan tarsiimoo harawaa maddisiisuu jewchuu dha.

Misappropriation of Foreign Aid to Ethiopia Ramps Up Repression in Oromia

10 Ferbuary 2013 | American Chronicle

By: Qeerrransoo Biyyaa

Oromo residents in the United States and the United Kingdom staged protests on January 25, 2013, being exemplars of unity for Oromos from all walks of life in the Diasporas and the homeland, Oromia.

Swedish employment office to open in Ethiopia

09 February 2013 | The Local Sweden's News In English

The Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen) plans to open an office in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa in an effort to prepare emigrating Somalis for life in Sweden.

The purpose of the pilot project is to assist Somalis who have received a Swedish residence permit on family reunification grounds but who have not yet arrived in Sweden.

“MATAA NU MARAA JIRUU!”- Kutaa 1ffaa

Gurraandhala 09, 2013

Y.G(2005) Irraa*

Har’a diinni Qabsoo Oromoo adda duraa eenyu? jedhamee yoo gaaffiin dhihaatee, deebiin irra jireessi wayyaanee irratti kan xiyyeeffatu ta’a. garuu wayyaaneedha jedhanii xumuruuf, wayyaanee iyyuu lubbuu itti horee kan jiraachisaa jiru humnoota alaa ta’uun shakkii hin qabu. kana irraa kaanee humnoota alaati akka hin jenneef, meeshaa isaan harkaa fuudhee kan nutti dhukaasu caalaa diina nuuf hin ta’an kan jedhuus hin dhibu. Kanaan ala yoo ilaalles, yoo jabaatte diina humnumaan of irraa qolattee furmaata itti goota. Lammii ofii ta’ee kan boolla Ummata isaaf qotaa jiru, diinni ummata kana sodaa tokko malee saamee, hidhee, ajjeesee akka jiraatuuf kanneen karaa argisiisan odoo jiranii, halgaa diina tokkoffaa taasisuuf yaaluunis rakkoodha. Kana malees, Qabsoo ummatichaa ganee diinatti galee adeemsa jiru kan naaffisu odoo jiruu, diinni kiyya innikkaa isa kana jennus dubbii achi of irraa qabuu ta’a.

Ethiopians 'driven out in land grabs'

09 February 2013 | UPI

Thousands of Ethiopians are being driven off their ancestral land that the government's selling without their consent to foreign investors buying up vast swathes of farmland, a U.S. watchdog reports.
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, Feb. 8 (UPI) -- Thousands of Ethiopians are being driven off ancestral lands that the government's selling to foreign investors buying vast swathes of farmland, a U.S. watchdog reports.

Amid a new rash of land grabs in Africa by foreign governments or business groups seeking to produce food for export, the Oakland Institute of California says that Ethiopia, one of the world's poorest states, has leased 1.5 million acres of prime farmland to companies from India, Malaysia and elsewhere.

Maaljechi “Walabummaa” fi “Bilisumma” Garaagaraa?

Gurraandhala 2013 |

Ibsaa Guutma Irraa*

Qooqoti lamaan “walabummaa fi bilisummaan” guutummaa biyyaa keessatt rimsama tokko ifsuuf dhimma itt bahama ture. Kan too’annoo, olhaantummaa yk dhiibbaa qaama biraa jala hin jirre akka fedha ofiitt jiraatu jechuuf tajaajilu. Gandi tokko isaan keessa tokkoti caalaa dhimma baha ta’a. “Sillichaan qalqalloo qalqalloon silichaa” isa jedhan sana hin darbu. Oromoon Maccaa tokko yoo “walabicha Walabuu” ofiin jedhu yk qabsaawaan tokko “dirre bilisoomte” jedhu akka qooqoti kun saala fi akaakuun utuu adda hin baasin hundaaf dhimma itt bahamu agarsiisa. Qooqoti balchummaa, birmadummaa, luba baasa, ofiin bulummaa, gaddhiisaa jedhanis kanuma ifsu. Garuu Ofiin bulummaan diddaa haala jiruf sarmu dhiisuu yoo ta’u, gadhiisaan hidhaa keessaa gad dhiifamuu agarsiisa. Akka dambooba dhabuutt kan laalan jiru. Luba bahunis koolummaa irraa walaboomu agarsiis. Qooqoti kun afaan English keessattis “independence, freedom, liberation” jedhamani hala hundaaf maljecha walfakiif dhimma itt bahama. Fakkeenyaaf  “independence of Oromiyaa, freedom of Oromiyaa, liberation of Oromiyaa” jechuun waanuma tokko. Akka biraattis yoo dhihatan, waliindeemaa saanii keessatt qayyabatamu. Kan kaaneef  “walabummaa fi bilisummaaf” waan ta’eef isaan haa caqasnu.

Ethiopian Muslims Continued Their Peaceful Protest Against Government Intervention in Religious Affairs(Video From 08 Feb 2013 Addis Ababa Anwar Mosque)


Regulatory body censors opposition publication again

08 February 2013 | Reporters Without Boarders

Reporters Without Borders strongly condemns a decision by the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority (EBA), which regulates all the media, to withdraw the publication licence of the Addis Times, an opposition bimonthly magazine created after the authorities closed the outspoken weekly Fitih last August.

“The way the authorities are persecuting the Addis Times and its employees is indicative of the strength of the Ethiopian government’s determination to restrict media freedom and silence its critics,” Reporters Without Borders said.

Ethiopian troops battle Al Shabaab fighters in south central Somalia

BAIDOA, Somalia Feb 7 2012 (Garowe Online) – A contingent of Ethiopian troops were ambushed by Al Shabaab fighters as they made their way from El Barde in Bakool region in south central Somalia on Thursday, Garowe Online reports 

According to local media in Bakool, the Ethiopian troops were headed back from surveying the town of El Barde – which is located in Bay and Bakool region - when they were ambushed near Yed, a village that lies in the middle of El Barde and Hudur, where Ethiopian troops are stationed.

(Besieged, Abused, Ignored) Ethiopian Annihilation of the Ogaden People

February 08, 2013 | CounterPunch

By: Graham Peebles*

In the harsh Ogaden region of Ethiopia, impoverished ethnic Somali people are being murdered and tortured, raped, persecuted and displaced by government paramilitary forces. Illegal actions carried out with the knowledge and tacit support of donor countries, seemingly content to turn a blind eye to war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed by their brutal, repressive ally in the region; and a deaf ear to the pain and suffering of the Ogaden Somali people.

Obbo Leenco Lata & Obbo Lencho Bati Heckled over Ethiopianist Agenda during ODF Meeting in Melbourne, Australia

08 February 2013 |

The Oromo Dialogue Forum (ODF), also known as Waltajii Marii Oromoo (WMO) in its Afan Oromo name, held a meeting in Footscray, near Melbourne, Australia, on February 3, 2013 with keynote speeches by ODF leadership.

Ethiopia dam project is devastating the lives of remote indigenous groups

07 February 2013 | The Guardian

Pastoralists living in the Omo valley are being forcibly relocated, imprisoned and killed due to plans to build a massive dam that will turn the region into a major centre for commercial farming

Suri boys at the entrance of the Koka Malaysian plantation,
Omo valley, which is run by Lim Siow Jin estate.
Human rights abuses in Ethiopia's Lower Omo valley are said to be rampant, with tribal leaders imprisoned, dozens of people killed and troops cracking down on dissent ahead of the building of a massive dam, which is forcing the relocation of some of the most remote tribes in Africa.

The valley, a Unesco world heritage site renowned for its isolated cultures and ethnic groups, is home to 200,000 pastoralist farmers including the Kwegu, Bodi, Mutsi and Nyangatom tribes. These groups all depend on the Omo river, which flows through their traditional land on its way to Lake Turkana in Kenya.

Indian investors are forcing Ethiopians off their land

07 February 2013 | The Guardian
Farm workers remove weeds from young plants at the palm
oil plantation owned by Karuturi Global, near the town of
Bako, in Ethiopia.
Thousands of Ethiopians are being relocated or have already fled as their land is sold off to foreign investors without their consent.

Ethiopia's leasing of 600,000 hectares (1.5 acres) of prime farmland to Indian companies has led to intimidation, repression, detentions, rapes, beatings, environmental destruction, and the imprisonment of journalists and political objectors, according to a new report.

Research by the US-based Oakland Institute suggests many thousands of Ethiopians are in the process of being relocated or have fled to neighbouring countries after their traditional land has been handed to foreign investors without their consent. The situation is likely to deteriorate further as companies start to gear up their operations and the government persues plans to lease as much as 15% of the land in some regions, says Oakland.

Humni addaa WBO tarkaanfii fudhatuun abdii ummataa tahuu caalaatti mirkaneessaaa jira

Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/ Gurraandhala 06, 2013

Humni addaa WBO Baha Oromiyaa keessa sosso'u tarkaanfii basaasotaa fi humna diinaa irratti fudhataa jiru hamilee diinaa fi ergamtootaa cabsaa jira. Tarkaanfiin dhiheenya kana fudhatames kanuma mirkaneessa.

Amajjii 25/ 2013 humni addaa WBO Ona Mi'eessoo araddaa Odaa Roobaa jedhamutti miseensa poolisa diinaa ajajaa 50 Birhaanuu jedhamuu fi basaasa diinaa Hasan Huseen jedhaman irratti tarkaanfii maayyii fudhatuun adabee jira.

Ibsa Ejjennoo Hirmaattota Ibsa Gamataa Araaraa fi Walhubannoo ABO, Melbourne, Australia.

Guraandhala 6, 2013
Nuti miseensonn ABO fi hawaasti Oromoo magaalaa Melbourne fi naannoo isaa jiraannu, dhaabni ABO kaleessa bakka lamatti waamamaa ture ShG fi QC ABO wal-hubannoo tokko irra ga’anii araara buusuu isaanii yeroo dhageenyu gammachuu guddaatu nutti dhagahame. Ibsa waloon nuuf kenname kanatti boonuu keenya ibsachaa, nuti warreen ibsa gamtaa kana irratti argamne ibsa ejjennoo armaa gadii kana baafannee jirra.

“Unheard Voices” Speak Out: Indigenous Ethiopians Demand a Stop to Human Rights Abuses Stemming from Agricultural Investment Policies

07 February 2013 | GPF
The Oakland Institute carries out extensive research on land investments in Ethiopia and has recently released a report entitled “Unheard Voices: The Human Rights Impact of Land Investments on Indigenous Communities in Gambella.” The paper reveals that the Ethiopian government has violated international law through the mass displacement of indigenous communities to allow for foreign investors, predominantly from India, to acquire the land. Hundreds of thousands of indigenous people were evicted from their homes and farmland without consultation or compensation. The Oakland Institute calls on the government to abide by international law and halt the illegal eviction of indigenous people. The report was released ahead of the Indian-Ethiopian Civil Society Summit on Land Investments on February 6 2013, which will address India’s role in agricultural land investment in Ethiopia.

Ulfummaa Kaayyoo Qabsoo Sabaa

Gurraandala 2013 |

Ibsaa Guutma Irraa*

Raayyaa halagaa guddaan seenaa, aadaa, dudhaa fi afaaniin adda ta’e hidhannoo fi mala addaa qabu biyya Oromoo irra dhangla’ee qabachuun dhumisi irraan gahe waan galmeen jiru. Sanaan biyyaa fi qabeenyi saanii ni dhunfatame. Nammi dhuma irraa hafe kaan gabaa garbaatt gurgurame, kan tola akka raayyaa diinaa tajajilu tolfame. Erga cabuu saanii mirkaneeffatee duubas abbaa biyyumaa saanii haqee gabbarummaati jijjiire. Sadarkaa itt haanuuf karoorri diinni baafates akka olhantummaan saa bara dheeraaf hin uggamne, kan qabame mataa ol qabatee akka isa hin ilaalle tolchu ture. Eenyummaa ofii haqee aadaa, afaan, seenaa diinaa akka kan ofiitt fudhatu dirqisiisuu yaale. Battala amantee saanaaii fi caffee saanii miseensota rayyaa saa fi jala kaatuu bakka bakkaa funaane qubachiseee. Sana gochuun mandara naannaa irraa barsiifataan, hojiin, ilaalchaaan adda ta’e ijaare. Wanti ammayaa ta’e hundi achiin burqee dudhaa sabichaa baadiyyaa irratt hundaawe keessa holola diigaa fi dhibee facaasuutt ka’e. Oromiyaan “qinyi hagar” kooti jedhee labse. Hacuuccaa fi arrabsoon ummati bokoke jaatamoota keessa marii gaggeeffateen mootummaa walaba dhaabbachuun furmaata akka ta’e murteeffate. Biyya walaba keessa bilisummaa, walqixxummaa fi gammachuun jiraachuun kan barbaachisu hunda baasuun kaayyoo sabicha ta’e. Walabummaa fi birmadummaan mirga uummaa ilmoo namaati. Kanaaf ulfoo dha. Mirga kana mirkaneessuuf ABOn dhaabbate. Ergasii dammaqinni ol ka’eera. Haa ta’u malee diinni mirga fakkeessaa hiixataa isa dhugaa duubatt dhiibaa Oromoo lakoofsaan buceessaa, hiyyoomsaa, abbaa biyyummaa saa gaaffii jala galchaa, gadadoo kan durii caale, kan eenyummaa sabicha haquu danda’u irrati fe’aa jira. “Sirni Addunyaa Haaraan” rakkoo walfakaatu furuuf anjaa uume kanneen kaasaa saniif kutannoo fi dudhama qaban dhimma yoo itt bahan Oromiyaan qabsaawoti see afaan wal wallaaluun caalaa dhabaayyuu jirti.

February 5, 2013 Radio Afuura Biyyaa

Continuing its coverage of the Oslo conference which was held on January 26, 2013, Radio Afuura Biyyaa presents its discussion with members of the Oromo Libration Front (OLF). In this edition Dr Galana Balcha, Mr. Gamachis Disasa, Mr. Amansis Qanate, Mr. Jirenya and talk to RAB about the unification process of the two OLF factions and many more current issues

Gen. Kemal Gelchu detained

February 6, 2013 | Ethiopian Review

The Eritrean government has detained a leader of one of the factions of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Gen. Kemal Gelchu, a close friend of the general informed Ethiopian Review today.

In a phone call to Asmara to verify the information, an Ethiopian Review source said that General Kemal is not in jail, but he has been under house arrest and ordered not to leave Asmara. He is also not allowed to meet with OLF troops, Ethiopian Review source said.

There is nothing to celebrate about the injunction against the ETV documentary ( UPDATED)

06 February 2013 | Gulele Post

Lighten up people!! There is nothing to celebrate about the injunction against the ETV documentary. That is not going to change the reality inside the country’s torture chambers-some of them inherited from the Dergue and some of them new. And nothing will change inside the country’s courts- one of the most important repressive tools in the arsenal of the Ethiopian state. It is probably tempting to think that the Court’s decision to impose an injunction against this intensely expected melodramatic documentary suggests that the court system is not fully integrated. Reaching decisions that are sometimes painful to the system/government is a necessary precondition of strategies of litigation. As technologies of repression, courts cannot manufacture legitimacy without a veneer of neutrality. To the extent possible, the court adheres to the rules and court rituals as rigorously as possible. My favourite author says something like this: “The more elaborate the paraphernalia of authentication, the greater the chance of vicarious popular participation in its conundrums”. In situations like today, there is simply no other way. There is no room for flexibility, no space of manoeuvre. And who is the winner in this game? The system. Period. With or without disguise, one way or another, we have been told these lies several times in the past. The only difference is that the repression is relocated from one group to another- a key strategy of survival for a regime whose life depends on a constant production of crisis. EPRDF sustains itself on crisis. Without continued crisis, EPRDF will sustain a blood clot.

Barattooti Oromoo Yuuniversitii Madda Walaabuu Keessaa Ukkamfaman

Gurraandhala 06, 2012 | Qeerroo M. Walaabbuu

Gaafa Amajjii 29,2013 Baratootni Oromoo Mooraa Yuuniversity Maddaa Walaabuu irraa Humna poolisaa Federaalaa wayyaaneetiin ukkafamanii hanga har’aatti bakka bu’an hin beekamne.

Baratotni Oromoo Yuunivarsiitii Maddaa Walaabuu keessaatti dabbaalotaa Wayyaaneetiin hordofama ergaa tunii boodaa gaafa Amajjii 25, 2013 Bulchiinsaa Mooraa Yuunivarsiitii Maddaa Walaabuutiin isiin ilaalchaa diinummaa of keessaa qabduu jechuun dorsifamaa erga turanii boodaa gaafa Amajjii 29,2013 ammoo humna poolisaa Federaalaatiin ukkaafamanii essaa buteen isaanii illee kan hin beekamne ta’uu Qeerroon gabaaseera. Baratootni maqaan isaani:

Indian companies involved in Ethiopia land grab: activists

February 05, 2013 | Hindustan Times

New Delhi, February 05, 2013:Indian investors eying Ethiopia should ensure that the local population is consulted before they are displaced for projects that involve the transfer of vast tracts of land, activists on Tuesday said, citing what they alleged were multiple instances of land grab in the east African country.


Walhubannoo fi waliigaltee ABO ilaalchisee qondaalotni ABO-QC, ABO-ShG fi GQM ABO ibsa bal'aa ummataaf waan kennaniif walgahii kana irratti akka hirmaattan kabajaan isin afeerra.

Oromo-American Citizens Council (OACC) Organizes a Conference on ‘What’s Next for the Oromo’

The following is a press release from the Oromo-American Citizens Council (OACC).
Oromo-American Citizens Council (OACC) Press Release 

A Must Listen:- January 31, 2013 Amharic Radio Afuura Biyyaa Program

                             Response of listners to Obbo Dawi Ibrahim's Interview           

Ethiopian journalist arrested for covering Muslim protests

February 01, 2013 | CPJ
Authorities have cracked down on reporters and news outlets that covered last year's demonstrations by Muslims,
seen here. (AFP/Jenny Vaughan)
Nairobi, February 1, 2013--Ethiopian security forces have detained for two weeks without charge the editor of a newsmagazine and accused him of incitement to terrorism, according to local journalists. The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on authorities to release Solomon Kebede immediately and halt their harassment of journalists affiliated with the weekly Ye Muslimoch Guday.

በሰደተኞች ላይ የሚፈጸመው ወንጀል እንዲቆም ለግብጽ ፕረዚዳንት ደብዳቤ ተላከ

February 01, 2013 | VOA

በአዳነች ፍሰሃዬ

በብዙ ሺዎች የሚቆጠሩ የኤርትራና የሌሎችም ጎረቤት ሀገሮች ስደተኞች ግብጽ በሚገኘው የሲናይ በረሃ የሚደርስባቸው ወንጀል እንዲቆም የኤርትራው ህዝባዊ ዲሞክራስያዊ ፓርቲ ለግብጹ ፕረዚዳንት ደብዳቤ ላከ።

Kabajaa Ayyaana WBO, LONDON, UK (More Videos)