The future of Oromia doesn’t depend on what VISION Ethiopia groups think

November 20, 2016 | By Rundassa Asheetee Hundee

Just off west of Assosaa’s tip, two cultures collide. One is mine, and the other belongs to the Nu’eer or to the Anyuwaak people.  Now, go onto Wambara, turn south east and cross to Leeqaa, Guduruu, Gindabarat, Jalduu, and then back north to Jaarssoo, Garbba-Guraacha and continue northwards all the way to Wallo. There, you will enjoy songs dances that resemble the Dhiichisaa of Shaggar (centeral Oromia). A swift move toward east or south Oromia provides you with a mixture of Borana rhythm played out in Jimmaa, Iluu Abbaa Booraa and western Oromia, part of my country that some small minded men would like to call “Wallagga”.


Sadaasa 10, 2016 | Elias Jemal Ahmed Irraa*
Elias Jemal Ahmed

Raayyaa ittisa biyya fi seera-kabachiistuu (poolisii) tokko yokina ummanii sabaa bal’aa motummaa gaafa hundeefatu dhaabootaa tajajiila hundeefatu keessaa jachuunis hojjataa mootummaa sadarkaa ol’aanaa, bulchiisaa biyya, Mana Murtii, Mana Barumasaa, Wajjiraa Fayaa, Waajjira Bishanii Daandii, karaa fi kkf isaa keessa tokkodhaa. Motummaan tokko dhaabootaa asii olitti ibsaamaan fi kkf saababiin itti hundeesuu feedhii ummataa kan siyaasaa kan dingadee guutuuman guutuuti halaa tajajilaa keenuufii mirgootaa fi seera kabachiisuf faayyidaa ummataa faayyidaa kan walii kabachiisu fi amanamummaadhan kabachisufidhaa.

Qaamolee motummaa asii olitti ibsaamaan keessaa raayyaa ittisa biyya fi seera-kabachiistuu (polisii) qaamolee gahee guddaa qabana fi ummataa fi biyyaf gahee tajajiila guddaa qabaniidhaa diraqamanii fi itti-gaafatamummaan itti keenamuu naganyaa ummataa naganyaa biyyaa fi dangaa biyyaa kabachiisu yamuu ta’uu tarkaafiiwaan ummataa irraatti fudhatamu irraa ittisuu fi ummataaf wabii ta’uudhaan guutuuman guutuuti kabachisudhaa. Itti-gaafatamummaa asii olitti ibsaamaan ba’uudhan raayyaa ittisa biyya fi poolisii waadaa jari galaan ana duraa kabajaa ummataa kotti fi kabajaa biyyaa kotti dursaa milkaa’in lubbuu fi kafaltii barbachiisaa ta’ee naraa egaamu hundaa nana kafala kannaafisa waqayyoo nahagargaruu jadhe waadaa galuudhaa. Umanis dirqaamaa fi itti-gaafatamummaa itti kenamee waadaa galee hubachuu fi kabajuun komii tokko malee galii waggaa isaa irraa hir’iisee raayyaa itti biyya fi poolisaa mindaa isaaf uffanaaf hidhaanaa isaaf tajajiila fayaa fi barumasaaf isaaf kan soorama bahe soorama baasa waan barbachiisaa ta’ee hundaaf gamachuudhan keenaf.

Is Oromo fiduciary to Habesha and often demanded to confess its political strategy?

November 10, 2016 | By Falmataa Sabaa (Ph.D)
I want to supplement to the exigency of Prof. Ezekiel’s recent article entitled “The Big Debate – Beyond Assimilation and Accommodation: The Resurgence of Oromo Nationalism”. Presumptive reason as to why Prof. Ezekiel took the initiative of writing the article might have to do with the recurring pan-Ethiopianist’s requirement posed on Oromo politicians to regularly confess their political will toward Ethiopianism. Prof. Ezekiel’s articulation emanates from the difficulty pan-Ethiopianists have had to understand Oromo’s theory on land ownership and issue of national identity. Although the article is comprehensive of the domain it intended to address and derived conclusion logical, I have slightly different assumptions on the possible causes for the seemingly shift of TPLF from its goal at inception. In juxtaposition with and as a continuum to the article, I would like to avow the pan-Ethiopianists relentless effort to wrongly define Oromo’s cause and futile ambition to set limit on the scope of our political goal.

Will Ethiopia’s Year-Long Crackdown End? Need for Meaningful Reforms, Accountability

November 10, 2016 | Human Rights Watch | Felix Horne Senior Researcher, Horn of Africa

When I met 15-year-old “Meti” (not her real name), she felt her dream of becoming a nurse was over. In February, Meti and her classmates joined a protest in East Hararghe, in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, against the government’s displacement of farmers around Addis Ababa, security force abuses, and the repression of opposition voices. When security forces started shooting, she and her classmates ran; she turned to see her brother shot dead. Later that night, security forces arrested her father and two of her brothers. Then school officials informed her they were suspending her from school for her participation in the protest.

Oromo TV: Xurii irratti xurii biroo dabaluun ajaa/kosii hin qulqulleessu


Faaruu Yaadanoo Gootota Imaan Oromoo FDG fi FXG irrati kufaniif


HRW: Relatives of Ethiopian Protesters Arrested, Detained

November 08, 2016 | Human Rights Watch

Twenty-five-year-old Shukri Shafe Guled comes from the Somali Regional State in Ethiopia, but has been living in Australia since 2010. In June 2016, he and other protesters gathered in Melbourne to demonstrate against the visit of an Ethiopian delegation that included the Somali Regional State president, Abdi Mohamoud Omar, known as Abdi Iley, who is accused of human rights abuses back home.
Guled explains pro-government supporters took his photograph and told him that “within 15 minutes,” they would “punish” his relatives living in Ethiopia. He says his three brothers were detained that day, and have not been heard from since.
Guled says his sister and his elderly mother were detained for about a month.

Mr. D. W Giorgis’ speech at “Vision Ethiopia Conference” is an Amhara chauvinism manifestation at its core!

November 08, 2016 | By Abbaa Ormaa

ODF forms Alliance with am Amhara group to come up soon.13886437_1156231934446822_5955972899587784220_n
The following two paragraphs are the basis of the speech given by the chairman and founder of “Vision Ethiopia” Mr. Major D. W Giorgis, at the recent conference organized by “Vision Ethiopia”, in Washington DC titled “The End Game and Transition” ( The following two paragraphs say everything you need to know about the true mission of “Vision Ethiopia” and the conference. The significance of this speech is that it is not an opinion of one participant at the conference.  This is the view of “Vision Ethiopia” founder.