Tokkummaan Qabsoo Oromoo Hunda Dursa

Oromoon surraa, of ifsachuu, ofbulchuu barbaadu.
Oromoon sagaleen saanii akka dhagahamu barbaadu
Oromoon moo'ummaa barbaadu
Olloota isaanii mo'ummaa ofii shakalachaa bilisummaan jiraatan waliin nagaan jiraachuu barbaadu (furan kiyya) 
                   *Bonnie Holcomb(7/14/12)

 Ibsaa Guutama irraa* | Onkololessa 2012

Qabsaawoti Oromoo yeroo jalqabaaf ijaaramanii gadi bahan kan kaasan gaaffii ummati Oromoo ergaqabamee kaasee guungumaa ture. Ummati Oromoo maal barbaadee gungume yoo jedhame ofiin bulummaa yk walabummaa fi birmadummaa sarbame deebisee gonfachuu dha deebii jedhu argata. Sararan ol haanan haasaa Bonnie Holcomb WQOirratt gotee keessatt gaaffii Oromoon maal barbaada jedhu kaastee tuqaalee tarreessite keessaa fudhatame. ABOn Oromoon maal akka barbaadu himutt erga ka’e walakaa jaarraa ta’uuf deema. Oromoon saba guddaa, qaroo, hala kamittuu madaquun isa hin dhibne, homishaa, sammuun taadhii ta’e, jagna maaliinu hafaa hin qabne ture. Diinoti saa danuu seenaan erga qabatanii, akka makiinaa hoomiishaa, geejjibaa, ijaarsaa, quunnamtii fi ajjeechaatt tola yk gatii bushaan dhimma itt bahaa jiru. Haala jiru tursuuf akka inni deeebi’ee of hin barre qaccee Oromummaa keessatt hafte haquuu fi hamilee saa burkuteessuuf waan danda’an hunda tolchaa jiru. Kan isaan xiyyeeffatan hameessa saanii Oromoo balleessuu utu hin ta’in Oromummaa doomsuu irratt. Sana, yaa’a keessa utuu fixasanyii hin raawwatin tolchuun hin danda’amne. Oromoon hunda hubataniiru; eenyummaa saanii golgame deebisanii hanga gonfatanitt sabummaan itt fufanii jiraachuu akka hin dandeenye barataniiru. Kanaaf qabsoo walabummaa eegalan. Dandeettii saanii riphaa sochoosuu dandeenyaan kan jala dhaabbatu hin jiru.

Unity of Oromo Struggle is a Priority

The Oromo want dignity, self-expression, and self-governance
The Oromo want their voices to be heard.
The Oromo want sovereignty
They want to live together at peace with their neighbors, who themselves also live in freedom exercising their own sovereignty
                         *Bonnie Holcomb 

 By Ibsaa Guutama* | October 2012

Oromo activists,when for the first time came out organized, they raised the question which the Oromo people were grumbling about since occupation. If it was asked why the Oromoo people were grumbling, the answer is that they wanted to get back independence and freedom they lost to colonizers. The above lines from Bonnie Holcomb’s OSA keynote speech are taken from what she listed on what the Oromo wanted. It is now about half a century since OLF raised this question. Oromo was a great nation, intelligent, adaptable to any situation, productive, fertile mind, courageous and without defects in all aspects. Their enemies are using Oromo since, by historical accident, they occupied Oromiyaa, as a machine for production, transport, building, communication and killings, freely or with cheap payment To maintain the status quo, they do not want them to develop consciousness and are doing all they can to erase traces of Oromummaa  (being Oromo) left in them and pulverize their morale. They are not aiming at wiping out Oromo, their milk cows,but at blunting Oromummaa. That was impossible without committing genocide in the process. The Oromo had become aware of it and that, unless they claim back their identity, they cannot continue to survive as a nation and as human beings. That was how they started the struggle for independence. No one could stand against them if only they can mobilize their potential capabilities.

Debre Berhan Shaking With University Students' Protest

October  31/2012 (Debre Berhan)Debre Berhan University, located in Amhara Region,North Showa Zone,in Debre Berhan town, 130 kms far from Addis Ababa to the North-East, has been shaking with massive student protests, sources in the Campus told.
A number of students have been hurt, properties were damaged due to the protest and local police are heading to the Campus.
Most of the injured students are being taken to the local hospital. And still the police force is controlling the area under strict check ups and watching over every activities in the surrounding.

Ethiopian Minister’s Wife Accused of Using Saudi Cash in Unrest

By William Davison

Oct. 30/2012 (Bloomberg) — Ethiopian authorities charged a minister’s wife with terrorism for using money from the Saudi Arabian Embassy to pay for Islamic protests against the government, defense lawyer Temam Ababulgu said.

Habiba Mohammed, wife of Civil Service Minister Junedin Sado, was among 29 people charged with terrorism offenses in an Ethiopian court yesterday, Temam said yesterday in an interview outside the court in the capital, Addis Ababa.

Rakkoo "Garee Shanaffaa" Qabsoo Bilisummaa Laamshessaa Jirurra Aaanuu

Gaachana Oromiyaa tiin /Onkoloolessa 29/2012 

Tokkummaan dhaabbilee siyaasaafi miseensota isaanii, akkasumas tokkummaan ummata Oromoo waliigalaa qabsoo Oromoo galmaan ga'uu keessatti barbaachisaa akka ta'e dubbii haallamuu hindandeenye.

Garuu wayita waa'ee tokkummaa haasofinu wanti tuffannee irra taraa jirru nijira. Wanti irra darbaa jirru kunis bilisummaa ummanni Oromoo, yoomirrayyuu amma caalatti dheebotee jiru, warra qancarsaa, balleessaa, xureessafi xireessaa jirani. Rakkoon kun sochii ummatoota biroo cunqursaa hamaafi kolonii jala turan keessatti rakkoo "garee shanaffaa" (the problem of the fifth column) jedhamuun beekkama.

Gaffiiwwan Ijoo:

Oromiyaafi biyyambaa keessatti, "garee shanaffaa" akkamitti hiikkanna? (garee shanaffaan maali?)

Saudi embassy linked with terrorist funding in Ethiopia

Aman Sethi/:The Hindu
 Wife of ex-Minister charged with funnelling money
The wife of a senior Ethiopian politician was on Monday charged with funnelling money from the Embassy of Saudi Arabia to Islamist terror groups, at a hearing at the Ethiopian Federal High Court, on Monday.

Habiba Mohammed, wife of former Minister for the Civil Service Junedin Sado, was one of 29 Muslim activists accused of criminal conspiracy to commit unspecified acts of terrorism — charges that could attract the death penalty.

Those arrested were accused of belonging to, or supporting, the “Solution Seekers of the Muslim Community’s Problems”, a group that the prosecution contended is a terrorist organisation. Lawyers for the accused denied the charges.

The Sleeping Giant is Awake; Do You Know What is Missing?

October 29, 2012 ( 

This is to sincerely and honestly beg the children of Oromo to focus on the big picture. We have many capable and influential Oromos and stop undermining and disrespecting one another. I don’t blame some Oromos because they have succumbed to slavery and they always think that the Abyssinians are superior to them.

The most powerful force is overcoming inferiority. Don’t you recognize that God created you as a complete human being? Strengthen Oromummaa, listen to one another, create Organizational Structures in all Oromo Communities world-wide according to the following General Management Principles and guidelines:

Ethiopia charges 29 Muslims under anti-terror law

AFP | 10.29.2012
ADDIS ABABA — Twenty-nine Ethiopian Muslims were charged Monday with plotting acts of “terrorism”, the majority arrested after protests accusing the government of interference in religious affairs.

According to court documents, the group is accused of “intending to advance a political, religious or ideological cause” by force and the “planning, preparation, conspiracy, incitement and attempt of terrorist acts.”

The 29 accused — including nine prominent Muslim leaders — were jailed following protests in July staged by Muslims against the government.

የኦሮሞ ፖለቲካ ጉዳይ (ከትናንት እስከ ዛሬ)

ቡልቻ ደመቅሣ
ቡልቻ ደመቅሣ /October 28/2012/: የኦሮሞ የፖለቲካ ጉዳይ በየዘመኑ አንድ እርምጃ ወደፊት ሁለት እርምጃ ወደኋላ ሲመሏ ለዘመናት ቆይቷል፡፡ ይህ የሆነው ከአፄ ሚኒሊክ ጊዜ ጀምሮ ነው፡፡ ከዚያ በፊት፣ የኢትዮጵያ ነገስታት ኦሮሞን ለማሸነፍ ስላልቻሉ በየጊዜው እየተጋጩ እንደምንም አብረው ይኖሩ ነበር፡፡ ፋዘር አልሜዳ የሚባለው የፖርቱጋል ቄስ በዚህ ጉዳይ በሰፊው ጽፏል፡፡ ነገር ግን አብሮነታቸው እንደ ገዥና ተገዥ አልነበረም፡፡ ከአጼ ልብነድንግል ጀምረው እስከ ንጉስ ሳህለ ስላሤ የነበሩት አፄዎች ሁሉ ኦሮሞን ለማሸነፍ እና ለመግዛት ያላደሩጉት ጥረት አልነበረም፡፡

At least 72 Ethiopian refugees drowned in the Gulf of Aden

Bodies of Ethiopian drowning victims in Yemen
October 27, 2012 (Durame)- At least 72 Ethiopian migrants are reported to have drowned yesterday while attempting to cross from Bossaso, Somalia to Yemen, authorities there reported.

The migrants were traveling in two boats which were hit by strong winds and waves that capsized them miles off the Yemeni shore, state officials disclosed.

Fleeing political oppression and economic hardship, Yemen is seen as a gateway for other parts of Middle East due to its proximity to more prosperous gulf states.

Barattooti Oromoo University Dirree Daawaa Lama Wallee Artist Hirphaa Gaanfuree Raabsitan Jechuun Yakkaman

Onkoloolessa 29,2012 (Qeerroo Dirree Dawaa)

Humni tikoota Wayyaanee Onkoloolessa 27,2012 galgala bakka ciisicha barattootaataa seenuun wallee warraaqsaa Artist Hirphaa Gaanfuree VCDn barattoota kaaniif raabisitaniittu,doormii keessattis bararttoota haaraa kutaalee biyyaa irraa University san seenan akka isaan argataniif jecha wallee adda addaa osoo kennitanii argamtaniittu jechuun yakkaman.

Barataa Hafiiz Abdullee fi barataa Qixxaataa Wagii jedhaman kun humnoota tikaan fuudhamanii erga doorsifamaniin booda akka lakkifaman gabaasi Qeerroo Dirree Daawaa irraa nu gahe addeessa. Ammaan duras Wallaga lixaa aanaa Airaa gullisoo fi University Miizaan Teeppii keessatti wallee Artist Hirphaa Gaanfureen wal qabatee barattooti hedduun akka hidhamanii turan beekamaa dha.

War on Religions or War on Oromos? – Oromo Community Leader Asks

The following is a statement from Aaddee Aisha Ali, president of the Australian Oromo Community Association in Victoria (AOCAV). Aaddee Aisha Ali’s statement comes after a series of Ethiopian government aggression on religions in Oromiyaa: namely, the April 27 Assasa Massacre, the September 30 Hora Harsadi Mass Arrests and the October 21 Garba Massacre. The government’s aggression has especially highlighted since the ascent of Bereket Simon and Sebhat Nega to the highest office in the land as the Custodians of the Ethiopian empire-state.
 Aisha Ali (AOCAV President): October 27, 2012 

War on religions or War on Oromos ?

Is this the Ethiopian government’s best response to an age old problem, or is it the ultimate formula needed by Diaspora Oromo communities to create a new political playing field?

EID October 26/2012 Ethiopian Muslims Demonstartion against the Brutal regime in the country(Video)

 Ethiopian Muslims unified demonstration against government interference in the  religious matters
Ethiopian and Oromian Muslims demonstrated against the Weyane regimes interference in their religion. The demonstration is held on EID celebration on 26 October 21/2012 across the country and in big crowds specially in the big cities across the country. The following video only shows the demonstration from few places.


Malkaa Caffee irraa: Onkoloolessa 25/ 2012

Falmadhu mirga kee, ka’ii wal dammaqsii,
      Iyyii iyya labsii, yaamicha dabarsii.
Namaa gadi taanee biyya teenya irrattii,
      Cunqursaa mudannee abbaa irraa ilmatti.
Irreedhaan nu hin caallee warri diina keenyaa,
      Lukkeetu meeshaa taheef jallaan nama keenyaa.

Alii Urjii Baha Calaqqisa Birraa

Girmaa Taaddasaa Onkoloolessa 27/ 2012

‘Qal’loo muddii sonsaa lemman ija kullee’
Shamarran biyya kee kakaasee hamilee
Ergaa biraas qaba dargaggootaafillee
Kan ofii gatanii laga akka hin ceene
Magaallee darbanii diimtuutti akka hin deemne 
Marqaan otoo jiruu goommana akka hin nyaanne

የማዕበል ውስጥ ድንጋይ

በግርማ ታደሰ |ጥቅምት 2005|ኒያግራ ፎልስ ኒው ዮርክ

አንተ ጥቊር ድንጋይ  እንቅፋቴ ሆነህ
ቢመስልህ ነው እንጂ መንገዴን የዘጋህ

ብታውቅማ  ኑሮ የታመቀ ሃይሌን
ያመታት ቁጭቴን ያንደረደረኝን

ያያቶቼን ጅምር ለዚህ ያበቃኝን
ያባቶቼን ምሬት ያንገበገበኝን
የጓዶቼን ግፊት እረፍት የነሳኝን

ደካማው ትግልህ መድረሻዬን ላይገታ
ዘወር ትል ነበር ለቀህ ይሄን ቦታ

ግና አንተ ድንጋይ አቅሜን ያልተረዳህ
የነፃነት ጥማት ትርጉሙ ያልገባህ
ጉዞዬን ላታቆም መሃል ተደንቅረህ
ለሂደቴ ታሪክ ድምቀት ትሰጣለህ

Ethiopia’s Muslims accuse government of religious meddling

Jenny Vaughan (AFP)|FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012
Addis Ababa with hands clasped together as a symbol of unity, lines of Muslims gather under the beating sun outside Addis Ababa’s Anwar mosque after Friday prayers chanting “Amin, Amin,” or “thanks to God.”

They gather – as they have all this year – to protest what they call unconstitutional government interference in religious affairs, heightened by the election of Muslim leaders this month the protesters say were not free or fair.

“We have requested an election, a peaceful one, a democratic one, and we didn’t get (it),” said Zeinu Lopiso, 26, a merchant near Anwar mosque, speaking at a recent demonstration where hundreds took part.

A 5 Years Old Girl gang raped by Ethiopian Soliders

October 25/2012 Addis,(Sunatimes):  Addis (Sunatimes) Young Haliimo Rashiid Mahamed Ali, a 5 year old girl in Dhagaxmadow town,was gang raped by Ethiopian soldiers on Oct 15, 2012. 

Eyewitnesses and local reporters have confirmed Halimo was abducted by a group of Ethiopian solidiers and held her captive for three days.

It is reported that the health of the raped young girl is deteriorating since she have almost bled to death due to the injuries caused by the gang rape.


Makiyaa Abdullahitiin | Onkoloolessa 26, 2012

Yaa dagamaa namaa yaa kan if wallaalee
Firraa kaasi gooloo if bari arrallee

Biyyuma abbaa keetii Wayyaaneen fudhattee
Olii gad si ooftee sitti fayyadamtee

Akka shankooraatti alalchitee xuuxxee
Mogaatte si darbitee dhama sirraa fixxee

If dura si qabdee Oromiyaa seentee
Aango kijibaatiin si sossobaa turtee

Ibsa Ejjennoo Dargaggoota Sidaamaa fi Dargagoota Oromoo Biyyoolessaa( Qeerroo)

 Onkoloolessa 26 bara 2012 (Qeerroo)

Saboonni cunqurfamoo biyya Itiyoophiyaa keessa gabrummaan barootaaf jiraataa turan waanjoo sirna alagaa jalaa bahuuf jecha qabsoo wal irraa hin cinne deemsisaa har’aan gahanii jiru. Ummati Oromoo fi Sidaamaas ta’e lammiileen cunqurfamaa gariin wareega lubbuu fi qabeenya guddaa aarsaa gochuun diddaa sirna abbaa irree fi gabroomfataa irratti deemsisaa jiru. Haala kanaan nuti dargaggoonni Oromoo fi Sidaamaa yeroo adda addaa walitti dhufuun dhimmoota fardii saboota keenyaa irratti marii baldhaa erga deemsisaa turree booda walgahii Onkoloolessa 24-26, 2012 itti godina Sidaamaa keessatti gaggeeffanneen Mootummaan Wayyaanee  aangoo bara 21 qabate kanaan saboota biyyattii keessaa abbaa irrummaan dhiisee hiyyummaa fi beela,saamichaa fi biyyaa ari’uu akkasumas hidhaan waan dararaa jiruuf sirni kun garboomfataa fi abbaa irree tahuu isaa hubachuun nuyi dargaggootni Sidaamaa fi Oromoo walitti dhufuun Qabsoo gootota keenya irraa dhaalle galmaan geessisnee  Bilisummaa biyya keenyaa fi uummata keenyaa mirkaneessuuf jecha ejjennoo fudhanne. Ibsi ejjennoo keenyas qabxiilee 8 kan hammate yoommuu tahu kanneen armaan gadii ta’a.

Adopted Teen from Ethiopia was abused, tortured before her death

By Elisa Jaffe & KUMO staff /October 24/2012/

(KUMO):OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Documents released Wednesday to KOMO News from Child Protective Services paint a disturbing picture of torture and starvation that led to the death of a 13-year-old girl.

Hana Williams came to the U.S. from Ethiopia with parasites and ringworm, but that's not what killed the young teen. Skagit County authorities say Hana was constantly denied food, locked in a dark closet for days, and forced to sleep in a barn. Police say Hana was left out in her backyard barely clothed on a cold, rainy May night just hours before dying in a hospital.


Y.G(2005) / Onkoloolessa 25/2012/: Bara 2000 kaafnee waan keessa jirru akka gaariitti yoo xiinxalle, Oromoon siyaasaaf hin dhalannee? ykn Abaarsa qabnaayi? ykn akka uumamaa fi Oromummaa keenyatti hin jirru? Sabuma dhaabbanneef jennuuf of laannee hojjachaa jirraa? siyaasaan eessa jirra? saboota mirga isaanii falmatanii kabachiifan waliin akkamiin of ilaalla? isaan irraa maaliin adda taane? umamaan hanqina qabnaa? beekumsi isaaniin fure nun maaf takaalee? jennee akka of gaafannu nu dirqisiisa .carraa sirnoota dabran keessa nu dabre dhiisneeyyuu , kan bara wayyaanee iyyuu yoo gilgaalle, ofiima keenyaan danqaa ofitti ta’aa jiraachuu waan nu qaabachiisuuu tarrisuu dandeenya.

Ethiopian Government’s Case against Muslim Leaders Collapses, Exposing Rifts within the System

October 25/2012(The Gulele Post): The show trail of the leaders of the Ethiopian Muslim Movement, formally known as the Arbitration Committee, seem to have come to a dramatic end. The leaders were arrested during the regime’s heavy crackdown on the Muslim protest in Mid-July.That is they have been kept in jail without charge for over three months now. They appeared at court multiple times but the prosecution kept dragging its feet, asking the court  for extension. Two weeks ago, the judge apparently had it enough and warned the prosecution either to charge the accused or drop its case.

Ethiopian transition proceeding smoothly - except for one thing

Meles Zenawi's widow, powerful in her own right, is refusing to move from the national palace, say government sources
Simon Allison for Daily Maverick, part of the Guardian Africa Network, Thu 25 Oct 2012 

Simon Allison| The Guardian | 25 October 2012: It is has been a little more than two months since the death of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Since then, the country that he ruled over for 21 years has effected a remarkably smooth transition. His deputy, Hailemariam Desalegn, has taken over as both party leader and prime minister. There have been no major reshuffles. Policy changes, where they have happened, have been encouraging. Any threats to Desalegn's succession were muted and, evidently, unsuccessful. Even the country's restive Muslim population has been quiet, waiting to see what the new leadership is all about before pressing on with their campaign for a greater say in the country's (and their own) affairs.

ከኦሮሞ ህዝብ ጀርባ

ከተመስገን ደሳለኝ(October 23, 2012)
          እንደ መግቢያ
1975 ዓ.ም.፡፡ በመሀል ሀገር የነበረው የፖለቲካ ግለት ከብዙ ደም መፋሰስ በኋላ ወደ ጠረፍ እና የገጠር ከተሞች አፈገፈገ፡፡ በ‹‹ምርጥ መኮንኖች›› የተመሰረተው መንግስትም አንፃራዊ ሰላም ያገኘ መሰለ፡፡ አስቀድሞ ‹‹ወታደራዊ ክንፍ›› አቋቁሞ የነበረው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦች አብዮታዊ ፓርቲ (ኢህአፓ) በሀገሪቱ ዋና ዋና ከተሞች ለማቀጣጠል ሞክሮት የነበረው አብዮት ከፍተኛ ዋጋ አስከፍሎት ከሸፈ፡፡ ለክፉ ቀን ‹‹አማራጬ›› ያለው ወታደራዊ ክንፉም ቢሆን ለሶስት በመከፈሉ በእጅጉ ተዳከመ (ትግል በቃን ብለው ወደ ምዕራብ ሀገራት ለመሰደድ በወሰኑ፣ ኢህአፓን ይዘን እስከመጨረሻው እንፋለማለን ባሉና ‹‹ኢህአፓ ዴሞክራት አይደለም›› በሚል ተገንጥለው ‹‹ኢህዴን›› የተባለ አዲስ ድርጅት በመሰረቱ) ከዚህ በተቃራኒው በመገንጠል እና በብሄር ጥያቄ ዙሪያ የተሰባሰቡት ሻዕቢያ፣ ህወሓት እና በሽብርተኝነት የተፈረጀው ኦነግ የተሻለ ድርጅታዊ አቅም መፍጠር ቻሉ፡፡