Welcome to Madda Walaabuu Press 

Madda Walaabuu press is a media serving the Oromo people home and abroad. Madaa Walaabuu press publishes news, views, articles, reports, current affairs related to Oromia and the horn of Africa as a whole based on its importance for the struggle of the Oromo people for freedom. Madda Walaabuu Press takes Oromo, Oromia and Oromummaa as a center of importance and tries to contribute in the direction of the unity of the Oromo people. There fore issues related to differences among individuals and groups based on other things will not be given attention here. We work to encourage Oromos at home and Dyaspora to be in unity based on only Oromummaa and help the struggle for freedom in all aspects. 

Madda Walaabuu Press accepts articles on any topic related to Oromo, Oromia, and human rights violations in the horn of Africa. 

You can also send us lists of Oromo proverb to share with others in a way to contribute to the development of our Afaan Oromoo language.

We also publish statements from all Oromo political organizations based on its necessity for the struggle of our freedom.

Madda Walaabuu Press is yours 

Oromia shall be free !!


  1. good work and nice vision

  2. I want to say something for the auther.our country Ethiopia is moving towards development very faster.You totaly dened the civil right and the democracy granted for every citzen.I understand that you are the member of that terroriest organisation OLF.So you couldn't recognize the peace,development and democracy in our country.you shouldn't forget that x ou will never scape from us.Don't think that you are hiding from us.we will get you one day and arrest you and you will flush out all what you wrote.Thanks to our security system .You will be in our hands recently. long live to Ethiopia down to OLF!