Indian, Ethiopian activists against land grabbing meet in New Delhi

January 31, 2013 | AfriqueJet

Lagos, Nigeria - The Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF) and the Oakland Institute in the US will convene a day-long summit on 6 February at the India International Centre, New Delhi, bringing together activists resisting land grabs across India and Ethiopia.

In a press statement, received here Thursday by PANA, organizers said the meeting will be a ground-breaking opportunity for dialogue between Ethiopian small farmers and land rights activists and their Indian counterparts, providing space for those directly affected by land grabs to share their experiences, suffering, and collectively strategise to challenge institutional and corporate land grabbers.

Raadiyoo Simbirtuu: Sagantaa Amajjii 31, 2013 /Gaaffii-Deebii J/ Galaasaa Dilboo Waliin Godhame (K/3ffaa)


Ayyanni WBO biyya UK bakka miseensotni WBO argamanitti sirna ho’aan kabajame

Amajjii 31, 2013 | ABO

Ayyanni WBO bara 2013 gaafa Amajjii 26, 2013 magaala London Keessatti sirna ho’aa fi hammilee guutuun kabajame. Ayyana kana irratti kan argaman miseensota ABO, deeggartoota fi ummata Oromoo biyya UK bakka adda addaa irraa heddumminaan dhufan ture. Ayyanni kun kan eegale ebba manguddoo fi yaadannoo gootota mirga Oromoof utuu falmanii kufaniin ture.

Human Rights Watch World Report 2013: Ethiopia

This 23rd annual World Report summarizes human rights conditions in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide in 2012. It reflects extensive investigative work that Human Rights Watch staff has undertaken during the year, often in close partnership with domestic human rights activists.


The sudden death in August 2012 of Ethiopia’s long-serving and powerful prime minister, Meles Zenawi, provoked uncertainty over the country’s political transition, both domestically and among Ethiopia’s international partners. Ethiopia’s human rights record has sharply deteriorated, especially over the past few years, and although a new prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, took office in September, it remains to be seen whether the government under his leadership will undertake human rights reforms.

Analysis: Tackling Ethiopia’s maternal deaths

31 January 2013 IRIN News
In Ethiopia, many women are still succumbing to preventable complications before, during and after childbirth.
According to a 2010 report, Ethiopia is one of five countries that together account for 50 percent of the world’s maternal deaths. In 2011, the country recorded 676 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births

Dorgommii Kubbaa Miillaa Kibba Afirca Guyyaa Lammataa Irrattis Qeerroon Seenaa Guddaa Galmeessan.

Amajjii 31, 2013 | Qeerroo, Kibba Africa

Dorgommii Kubbaa Miillaa biyyoota Africa Amajjii 2013 keessa kibba Africa keessatti gaggeefamaa jiru irratti gootonni Qeerroon Oromoo alabaa ABO stadiyoomii kubbaa sanii keessatti balaliisuun eenyummaa ummata Oromoo fi biyya Oromiyaa aduunyaatti beeksisuu irratti seenaa guddaa hojjetanii jiru. Guyyaa jalqabaa alaabaan ABO aduunyaa irratti muldhate sanitti biyya Ethiopia keessatti hordoftooti kubbaa miillaa sanii karaa TV Ethiopia warri hordofaa turan alaabaa ABO dirree kubbaa keessatti balali’u ilaalaa turan. Haalli kun Absahootaa fi warra Wayyaanee haalaan yoo rifaasise iyyuu Oromoota Oromiyaa jiran ammo guddoo gammachiisee jira. Qeerroon manneen barnootaa fi magaalota adda addaa jiran akkuma TV irratti arganiin sirboota warraaqsaan magaalaa fi kolleejjota howwisaa bulanii turan.

Competing Nationalisms @ AFCON 2013: the Two Imperial Nationalisms of Ethiopia and the Liberation Nationalism of Oromiyaa

31 January 2013 |

By News Analyst
Competing Nationalisms at the 2013 AFCON … the Liberation Nationalism of Oromiyaa (Left Picture), and the Imperial Nationalisms of Ethiopia (Center and Right Pictures)
The last time the Ethiopian empire participated at the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) was back in 1982, some eight years after the 1974 Revolution, which had promised the South’s emancipation from national oppression – the South is the region in the Ethiopian empire, it was conquered and colonized by Atse Menelik in the late 19th century. After the 1974 Revolution, instead of addressing the national question, the Derg military junta pushed an ultra Ethiopian imperial nationalist rhetoric to combat popular national liberation movements in all corners of the Empire: Eritrean and Tigrean in the north, Oromiyaan in the east and west, and Ogaden in the east. There were also other similar movements, such as the Afar and Gambella peoples’ movements in the northeast and southwest, respectively. In 1982, when it participated at that year’s AFCON, Ethiopia was nothing but an empire on the verge of collapse. What’s more, if there had been no display of competing nationalisms at the 1982 AFCON in Libya (as portrayed in the above pictures at AFCON 2013), it must have been due to the absence of Oromo and other immigrants in Tripoli and Benghazi, the two venues for AFCON games of that year, not due to the absence of competing nationalisms in the Ethiopian empire.

Diddaan Barattoota Yuuniversitii Jimmaa Mootummaa Wayyaanee Daran Yaaddeessuun Gabaafame

29 Amajjii 2013 | Qeerroo Jimma

Amajjii 27,2013 Godina Jimmaattii diddaan baratootaa Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa fi Ummataa godina Jimmaa yeroo irraa gara yeroottii jabaachaa deemuun Mootummaa abbaa irree EPRDF yaaddoo cimaa keessaa galchee kan jiruu ta’un hubatameera. Bulchiinsii Mooraa Yuuniversiitii Jimmaa sodaa warraaqsaa Qeerrootiin kan raafamaa jiruu guyyaa kaleessaa Koree gamtaa baratootaa Yuuniversiitii Jimmaa walitti qabuun maloo baratootaa nuuf sossobaa mooraan Yuuniversiitii Jimmaa fi kanneen kaanis dirree siyaasaa waan taeef mootummaa miidhaa jira jechuun barattoota sossobachaa jiran illee itti hin milkoofne.

Dr. Dagafa Abdisa and Mr Hussien Ahmed of OLF talk to RAB on the unification process of the two OLF factions and other issues

Amajjii 29, 2013


Amajjii 28, 2013 | Gammachiis Naadoo irraa*

Birrooleen maal taate maaliif qara ilaalte,
Naasuu tokko malee dallaa keessaa baatee,
Barcuma ulfinaa of jalaa darbattee,
Bakka isheef hin malle qe’ee halagaa galte.

Where does DFID’s money go?

29 January 2013 | LRB Blog

By Ben Rawlence

This year, for the first time, the UK government will devote 0.7 per cent of Gross National Income to foreign aid, finally meeting the target set in a 1970 UN General Assembly resolution. The budget of the Department for International Development has leapt from £8.8 billion in 2012 to £11.5 billion for 2013, about £183 per UK citizen. A report by Jonathan Foreman for the right-wing think tank Civitas has criticised the arbitrariness of the 0.7 per cent figure, and there has been a raft of scandals involving overpaid consultants, private equity firms and a lack of transparency at DFID last year, but the place of foreign aid in British politics appears assured. The big question, though, is who to give the money to.

Gabaasa Haala Sochii Dargaggoota Oromoo fi Kubbaa Miillaa 2013

Amajjii 28, 2013 | Qeerroo
[Gabaasa Jaarmiyaa ABO Africa Kibbaa]- Hiree argamee fi danda’ame hundatti fayyadamuudhaan Qabsoo teenya leellisuun, baaksisuun fi jabeessuun dhala Oromoo hundarra jira.Keessattuu kana ilaalchisee miseensonni, qondaaloota ABO fi jaarmaya Caayaalee ABO waan guddaatu irraa eegama. Kana of irratti hubatuudhaan jaarmayni ABO Afrikaa Kibbaa jiru dorgommii Waancaa Kubbaa Miilaa Afrikaa kan bara kana achitti deemaa jiru irratti qoodaa fi dirqama qabsoo beeksisuu fi leellisu kan isaanirra jiru bifa qindoominaatiin bahataa jiru.

Kabajaa Ayyaana WBO, LONDON, UK (Video and Photos)


Ethiopia's Resettlement Scheme Leaves Lives Shattered and UK Facing Questions

28 January 2013

By Clar Ni Chonghaile

Dadaab — A 'villagisation' programme has left many people from Ethiopia's Gambella region bereft of land and loved ones, casting donor support in an unflattering light

Mr O twists his beaded keyring between his long fingers as he explains why he started legal action against Britain's international development department over its aid funding to Ethiopia. Three other refugees from the Gambella region listen as he speaks in a stifling room in north-eastern Kenya. All have a story to tell.

EPRDF’s Anti-Oromo Policy – የወያኔ ጸረ ኦሮሞ ሴራ ዳግመኛ ሲጋለጥ!

28 January 2013 |

By Bekele* | በበቀለ*

በወያኔ ቡድን የሚመራው የኢትዮዽያ ገዢ መንግስት ገና ስልጣን በያዘ ማግስት ጀምሮ ጸረ የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ኣቋም ይዞ የዘር ማጥፋት ወንጀል ሲያካሄድ ቆይቷል ኣሁንም በማካሄድ ላይ ይገኛል። በወያኔ የሚመራው የኢህአዲግ መንግስት የኦሮሞን ብሄርተኞች ለማጥፋት ኣቅዶ የተነሳው ገና ስልጣን በያዘ ማግስት መሆኑን ቀጥሎ ከሚነበበው መረዳት ይቻላል።

Tokkummaa tokkummaa yoo jennu, hiika fi kaayyoo isaa hubannaa?

Amajjii 27, 2013

Abdii Boruutiin*

Tokkummaa tokkummaa yaa ilmaan Oromoo tokkummaa,…jedhanii artistoonni keenya yoo weellisan; Tokkummaan humna! jedhamee yoo dhaadatamu; tokummaan barbaachisaa qofaa otuu hin taane murteessaa dhas jedhamee yoo dubbatamu fi barreeffamu… yeroo baay’ee ni dhaga’ama ykn ni argama. Haa ta’u malee, hiika dhaamsa kanaa Oromootni hunduu ni hubatu jechuun nama rakkisa. Kanuma wajjin walqabatee, mee gaafiilee tokko tokkon kaasa: Oromoon tokkummaa dhabe moo maaliif tokkummaan faarsama? Oromoon tokkummaa maaliiti dhabe? Tokkummaa maaliis qaba? Tokkummaa akkamiitu barbaachisaa dha? Tokkummaa akkamiitu humna cimaa uumee, injifannoo fida? fi kkf kaasuu fi deebii isaaniis argachuun hiika “tokkummaa” hubachuuf nama gargaara.

Israel Admits Birth Control Program for Ethiopians

27 January 2013 | Haaretz

Concedes Immigrants Were Given Contraceptive Shots

By Talila Nesher
Contraception Program: Israeli officials now admit for the first time that Ethiopian immigrants were given contraceptive shots, which likely accounts for a decline in their birth rate.

Bahir Dar University Bans Hijab

27 January 2013 | On
ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia Muslim students at Bahardar University have been forced to stop their education and vacate the campuses after the university decided to deny them hijab and prayer places.

“Over 95% of Muslim students of Bahardar University left the campus following the new directive of the University which bans women students from wearing Niqab and Hijab,” Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) website reported on Thursday, January 24.

 “The new directive prohibits students from conducting prayer services in the campus,” students told ESAT.

Utaaltee muka yaabdee, Buutee ilmoo ishee dhabde- Kutaa 2ffaa

27 Amajjii 2013 | Jiituu Sabaa fi Lammii Moosisa Yuunvarsiitii Finfinnee

Kutaa 1ffaa dubbisuuf Addana Tuqaa

“Kan dagalee raasu yemmuu namatti bu’e argu….”

Kabajamoo dubbistoota barruu kanaa, kutaa jalqaba barreeffama kaanaa keessatti qabxiiwwan ijoo tokko tokko kaasuf yaallee turre. Inni dursaafi waliigalaa gidiraan adda addaa jiraatullee abbaan dhugaa tasuma gola salphinatti akka hinafne; warri dhugaa awwaaluuf dhagaa gangalchan ooli bulii booda matuma isaaniitiin bool’a salphinaatti yoo dhidhiman seenaa kaleessaarraas ta’ee jiruu har’aa keessattii argaa jiraachuu keenya wal yaadachiifnee turre. Barreessitoonni barruu kanaa bardheeraa of duuba deebinee seenaa kaleessaa dubbachuuf tarii umriin nu daangessullee, barri keessa dhalanneefi keessa jirru yeroo qabsoon Orommummaafi Bilisummaa sadarkaa murteessaarra gahe ta’uun adeemsa kana keessatti waa hedduu arginee deebifnee akka dubbannu seexaa seenaa nutti hore. Dhugaan seenaa quqquuqee nu dubbisullee dubbii keenya dura Angaftichaafi Angaftittiif SAFUU qabnaa “NU OOFKALCHAA!” jennee gara dubbii kaaneefitti ceena.

Ethiopia all the way as five men break: Race report: Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon - Friday, January 25, 2013

January 25, 2013 | Run 247

Ethiopia all the way as five men break: Race report: Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon - Friday, January 25, 2013

It was Ethiopians all the way, as they swept their Kenyan rivals from the board in both men’s and women’s races at the 14th Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, on a foggy Friday morning in the Emirates.

Lelisa Desisa, 23, only got away from his rivals in the final 200 metres, but the marathon debutant won in 2.04.45, for the 13th fastest time in history; and with four other men close behind, the quintet thus beat last year’s Dubai record of being the first marathon in history to feature four sub-2.05 men.

Desisa’s colleague, long-time race leader Berhanu Shiferaw was second in 2.04.48, while another compatriot, veteran Tadesse Tola clocked a personal best 2.04.49 in third. Yet another Ethiopian, Endeshaw Negesse was fourth in 2:04:52, and Kenyan debutant Bernard Koech finished fifth with 2:04:53.

Ethiopian Maid hangs herself to death

January 25, 2005 | Arab Times

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 24: An Ethiopian housemaid committed suicide by hanging herself with a rope from the ceiling of her room inside the house of her sponsor in Taima.

The body of the maid hanging from the rope tied to the ceiling.
Reportedly, when the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received information about an Ethiopian housemaid hanging from the ceiling of her room in Taima, securitymen rushed to the location. They discovered that the housemaid had tied one end of the rope to the ceiling of her room and wrapped the other end around her neck.

The corpse was referred to the Forensics Department. A suicide case was registered and investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of the suicide.

Press Release: Release Political Prisoners in Ethiopia and Stop using aid to punish dissent

January 25, 2013

Release Political Prisoners In Ethiopia and Stop Using Aid to Punish Dissent

Oromo opposition politicians, Bekele Gerba
and Olbana Lelisa, arrested
in August 2011
 after speaking with AmnestyInternational
sentenced with seven other Oromo
 in November 2012 tolong prison terms 
Ethiopia receives $3 billion in aid each year. Donors claim the country is on the road to democracy but this is wrong.

UK aid is denied by local officials to those who criticise the government. It is used as a tool of repression.
Scores of thousands of political prisoners are being tortured today in Ethiopian prisons.

Millions need food aid while millions of hectares of arable land are rented cheap to foreign investors.

Ethiopia has one of the biggest and best-equipped armies in Africa but one third of its budget is from aid.  

Video: Radio Simbirtuu: Gaaffii-Deebii J/ Galaasaa Dilboo Waliin Godhame (K/ 2ffaa)


Ethiopian child on the mend after Sutter surgery for deadly brain tumor

24 January 2013 |
Kalkidan Wondemu Sirbaro, a 7-year-old girl from Gurage, a village in southern Ethiopia, had a checkup at the Sutter Medical Center neuroscience facility in downtown Sacramento on Wednesday afternoon.

But according to the health professionals involved, it is miraculous Kalkidan made it to Sacramento to receive treatment for her craniopharyngioma, Kalkidan's form of cancer discovered in the fall.

"Things like this do not happen," said Dr. Sarah Jones, the Sutter family doctor from Davis who orchestrated Kalkidan's treatment. "There's something special about this child. Why would opportunities like this open up for her?"

Bahir Dar University Muslim Students Left the Campus after their question for freedom of religion remained unanswered(VOA Report)




Hunda dura nagaan keenya kan kabajaa if kan Oromumma isin haaga’uu. Akkuma quba qabdan Araaraa fi Walhubannoon ABO-SHG, ABO-QC if Gurmuu Qabsaawota fi Miseensota ABO gidduutti taasifamera. Haala kana laalchisee bakki bu’oota dhaabboolee kanaa ibsaa fi marii hawaasa keenya walin gaggeesuuf qophin xumuramera. Kanaaf Ummatni keenya kan biyya Holand, Belgium fi ollaa jiraatan walgaii kana irratti akka argamtan kabajaan affeeramtani jirtan.

Nations Cup 2013: Ethiopia fined for crowd trouble

23 January 2013 | BBC

Ethiopia have been fined $10,000 by the Confederation of African football for the conduct of the team's supporters in Monday's match against Zambia.

Fans threw missiles, including plastic vuvuzelas, on to the pitch after Ethiopia keeper Jemal Tassew was sent off in the first half of the 1-1 draw.

Half of the fine has been suspended on condition Ethiopia are not found guilty of a similar offence at the tournament.

Tassew has been banned for two matches for violent conduct.

Kabajaa Ayyaana WBO fi Ibsa Waloo Araaraa fi Tokkoomsuu ABO, Magaalaa Otowwaa

23 Amajjii 2013

Guyyaa ayyaana WBO Amajji 01 kabajuu fi araaraa fi tokkoomuu ABO laalchisee ibsa waloo kennuuf walgahiin guyyaa arraa magaalaa otowwaatti gaggeeffamte injiffannoo xumuramte. Walgahii tana konyaa ABO kutaa Kaanaadaa magaalaa Otowwaatu qopheesse. Miseensoonni, deeggartootaa fi hawaasni Oromoo magaalaa Otowwaa fi naannawa Otowwaa qubatu hedduutu walgahii kana irratti argame.

Ethiopia's resettlement scheme leaves lives shattered and UK facing questions

22 January 2013 | The Guardian

A 'villagisation' programme has left many people from Ethiopia's Gambella region bereft of land and loved ones, casting donor support in an unflattering light 
A family in Kir, Gambella. Ethiopia's controversial resettlement programme has forced people to leave their villages. Photograph: Jenny Vaughan/AFP/Getty Images

Barattooti Oromoo Yuuniversitiilee Adda Addaa Alaabaa ABO Dirree Kubbaa Kibba Africa Irratti Arguun Gammachuun Addaan Dhuunfataman.

Amajjii 22, 2013 | Qeerroo

Amajjii 21/2013 Mooraa Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa Dirree Xiqqaa Mooraa main Campus keessaatti argamuu Tapha Kubbaa Miillaa Afrikaa har’a gagalaa Zambia fi Ethiopia gidduutti taphatamaa jiruu irraatti Qeerroon baratootni Oromoo Mooraa Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa Alaabaan ABO Dirree tapha kubbaa Miilaa Afrikaa Marsuun mirmirfamee fi bolili’uun Alaabaan keenyaa Addunyaatti Mul’achuun Qeerroo Baratootaa Sabboontotaa Oromoo Mooraa Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa dawwaannaa taphichaaf Bobbaa’aan bakka taphni agarsiifamaa jirutti waliitti qabamuun Yeroo Alaabaan ABO agarsiifaamaa jiruu dargaggoonnii gammaachuun of wallaaluun UUUUUUU!!UUUUUUUU!!UU! Jechuun iyyanii Achuumaan Sirbotaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo fi ABO faarsuu Mooraa Yuuniversiitichaa keessaa nannaa’uun sirbaa bulan.

Coup Attempt Is Said to Fail in Eritrea

21 January 2012 | NY Times

By Jeffrey Gettleman

GARSEN, Kenya — Eritrea, a sliver of a nation in the Horn of Africa that is one of the most secretive and repressive countries in the world, was cast into confusion on Monday after mutinous soldiers stormed the Ministry of Information and took over the state-run television service, apparently in a coup attempt.

ETV- Zero, Ethiopia 1 - Zambia 1, and Oromia is represented by flags flying high

21 January 2013

The third day in the African Cup of Nations (AFCON)2013 enjoyed an entertaining match between the two countries in group C of the tournament. Ethiopia welcomed to the continental cup after a lengthy absence with a fixture against defending champions, Zambia. The game held in Mbombela Stadium of South Africa and ended with a draw result between the two national teams.

Reports: Eritrea troops lay siege to ministry

21 January 2013 | Al Jazeera

Dissident soldiers take over information ministry and force state media to call for the release of political prisoners.

A group of dissident Eritrean soldiers have laid siege to the information ministry and forced the state media to announce a call for the release of political prisoners, according to a senior Eritrean intelligence official.

The renegade soldiers forced the director of state television to make an announcement, the intelligence official said.

"The soldiers have forced him to speak on state TV, to say the Eritrean government should release all political prisoners," the source said on condition of anonymity.

Reports of unrest in small African nation Eritrea

21 Ianuary 2013 | Huffingtonpost

JOHANNESBURG — More than 100 dissident soldiers stormed the Ministry of Information in the small East African nation of Eritrea on Monday and read a statement on state TV saying the country's 1997 constitution would be put into force, two Eritrea experts said.

The soldiers held all of the ministry workers – including the daughter of the president – in a single room, said Leonard Vincent, author of the book "The Eritreans" and co-founder of a Paris-based Eritrean radio station. The soldiers' broadcast on state TV said the country's 1997 constitution would be reinstated and all political prisoners freed, but the broadcast was cut off after only two sentences were read and the signal has been off air the rest of the day, Vincent said.

Memoirs of the Motherland (Part IV): Movie Night

21 January 2013 | Gulele Post

Click On to read Part IPart II and Part III 

By Jilcha Hamid

“That house belongs to so-and-so…he’s in America…And that house belongs to so-and-so, he’s also in America.” Walking through the neighbourhoods of Dirre Dhawa they would point out all the houses that belonged to people from the diaspora. People they grew up with. It made them want to leave and find their way to the west even more. They had all kinds of fairy tails about life in the west; the land where money grows on trees. It seemed like this was the only visible contribution in Dirre Dhawa from visitors from the diaspora. They’d build a house, find a wife to sponsor and leave. And for those who lived in the impoverished society, many felt like their only hope was to follow the diaspora trail. They had no interest in sticking around and improving the situation in country. And neither did the diaspora.

Waa’een Baqatota Oromoo Yaaddoo Ol Taree Jira

Amajjii 21, 2013 |

Baqqalaa Irraa*

Erga mootummaan abba irree EPRDF aangoo biyyatti qabatee asitti Oromoon waan seenaa isaa keessatti hin argin argaa jira yoon jedhe soba miti. Bara 1991 asitti ilmaan Oromoo lubbuu isaanii dhaban, kan achi buuteen isaanii dhabame, kan mana hidhatti gidiraa argaa jiran, kan biyyaa isaani irraa ari’atamani yookin jiraachuu dadhabani biyyaa bahanii achiti dhuman tasumaa lakka’anii fixun hin danda’amu. Waggaa 21 kana guyyaa guyyatti lubbuun lammii Oromoo yoo xiqaate tokko utuu hin darbin hin oolee yoo jedhame dubbicha ho’isuu hin ta’u.

Nigerians, Ethiopians and Zambians unlikely to watch Africa Cup of Nations

January 19, 2013 | Rapid Tv News

By Louise Duffy

Media company LC2, the broadcasting rights owner of the Orange Africa Cup of Nations(AFCON) 2013, has said it maintains its stand on the charge for media rights “in the interest of African football, and for the AFCON 2013,” leaving some major African countries still unable to watch the tournament on their national terrestrial TV or on other African stations broadcasting on satellite by illegal overflowing.

Tokkummaan Baqattoota Oromoo Biyya Yamanii Guyyaa WBO Kabajatan. Gumaata WBOf Taasisan

Madda Oddu ABO/MOA/

Haala akkaan rakkisaa fi jireenyi baqattoota Oromoo gaaffii jabaduu jala galee jiru biyya Yamanii keessatti Gyyaa WBO fi Amajjii 1 ayyaaneffachuun degersaa fi jaala qabsoo bilisummaa abaaf qaban muldhisuuf jecha baqattooti walitti dhufan.

Kanneen kabajaa ayyaana kanaaf walitti dhufan gurmuu TBOY jalatti qindaawuun guyyaa WBO sirna miidhagaan kabajatanii jiru. Haala kanaan dhimmoota qabsoo fi haala dhaaba keenya ABO irratti erga gahaatti mariyataniin booda ibsoota ejjennoo armaa gadii fudhatan.

Summary of Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) Actions (December 15, 2012 to January 15, 2013)

20 January 2013
To read the Afaan Oromoo version Click Here
Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)

In the military actions the Oromo Liberation Army’s Special Force (OLA-SF) has taken against the Wayyanee-Ethiopian government forces during the months of December 2012 and January 2013, it has put of out action a total of 58 members of the enemy’s force. Out of these, 37 were killed 21 were injured. OLA Special Forces have also destroyed over 5 military vehicles and other types of military properties.

Gabaasaa Tarkaanfii WBO (Mudde 15 hanga Amajjii 15)

20 Amajjii 2013
To read the English version Click Here
Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (ABO)

Humni Addaa WBO baatii Muddee fi Amajjii kana keessa tarkaanfiilee waraanaa bifa adda addaatiin mootummaa Wayyaanee irratti fudhateen miseensota waraanaa fi ergamtoota sirnichaa walumaa galatti namoota 58 hojiin ala taasiseera. Kana keessaa 37 kan ajjeefaman yoo tahu 21 ammoo madoo dha. Qabeenyaa sirnichaa keessaas konkolaataalee 5 olii fi qabeenyaawwan bifa biroo heddus barbadeesseera.


Oromo opposition politicians, Bekele Garba and
Olbana Lelisa, were arrested in August 2011 after
speaking with Amnesty International officials.
They were sentenced, with seven other Oromos
in November 2012, to long prisonterms for
working against the government.

In response to a call by Oromo Social studies(OSA) to campain against a systematic repression going on for years on the Oromo People by the current regime in Ethiopia, The Oromo Community in the UK, Oromo Relief Association, Oromia Support Group, Oromo Students Union UK and Oromo Youth Association has organized a public demonstaration.

The purpose of the demonstaration is to protest against wide ranging human rights violations including but not limited to arbitrary arrest, torture, extrajudicial killings and disappearances of innocent civilians (the youth and students inclusive) in the hands of dark and sinister security apparatus of the TPLF led regime.

Oromo Call for Peaceful Protest in Washington D.C.

As the Government steps take over of Mosques the “365″ Campaign continues

19 January 2013 | Gulele Post

The various resistance activities commemorating the first-year anniversary of the Ethiopian Muslims movement continue in their third week. The on its two weeks ago, the campaign  saw the largest turnout yet as demonstrations swept more than 50 towns around the country. From small towns such as Dodola, Waldaya, Walqite, Arba Minch, Warabi, Haromaya, and Mattu to mega towns such as Awassa, Harar, and Jimma, large number of protesters demanded the release jailed muslim leaders and reiterated their year-long quest for religious freedom.

Ethiopian Musilms Peaceful Demonstration Against The Ethiopian Brutal Regime's Intervention in their Religious Matters (Video from January 18, 2013's Demonstration)


Bekele Garba & Olbana Lelisa transferred to Zway; Yassin Nuru held incommunicado

18 January 2013 | Gulele Post
Oromo opposition leaders Bekele Gerba and Olbana Lelisa, who were recently sentenced to lengthy prison term, are now transferred from Kality to the malaria infested Ziway prison. Zway already hosts some 3000 Oromo political prisoners. It is to be recalled that the renown Oromo singer Usmayyo Mussa fell sick while at this prison and passed away few months after being released. Gulelepost has also been told that Bekele Gerba’s wife was fired from her teaching job accused being a terrorists’ wife. Oromos in North America have planned to protest in Washington DC on January 26, 2013 to denounce the incarceration of these leaders.

SBS Amharic: Interview with Obbo Leenco Lata of the Oromo Dialogue Forum (ODF/WMO)

This is SBS Amharic Interview with Obbo Leenco Lata of the Oromo Dialogue Forum (ODF/ WMO)
Lencho Leta, the former leader of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), talks about the achievements and contributions of the organization on behalf the Oromo people and his commitment to Ethiopia.

Radio Simbirtuu: Dhimma Biyyaa Irratti Qophii Addaa fi Gaaffii-Deebii J/ Galaasaa Dilboo Waliin Godhame


Ethiopia Water Grabs: Creating 'East Africa's Aral Sea'?

18 January 2013| Huffington Post

The destruction of the Aral Sea in Central Asia has been called the world's worst environmental disaster. It's not something we should be repeating, especially in a time of growing uncertainty about water resources on our warming planet.

So will the world stand by (and even underwrite the perpetrators) as Ethiopia builds projects that will suck dry one of Africa's largest lakes, and create "water refugees" in two countries?

The notorious Somali region “liyu police” invades villages in Eastern Oromia

17 January 2013 | Gulele Post

Report compiled by Jilcha Hamid and Arif Ali

Jan. 14/2013–It has been reported that the Ethiopian-Somali regional state militia known as ‘Liyu Police’ have attacked the town of Qumbi in Eastern Oromia killing many and displacing the population. For the past month the Liyu Police have been attacking, harassing and displacing civilians in the lowland region of Mayu Mulluqe county (woreda) in East Hararge zone. Attacks have taken place in and around the municipalities of Qumbi Goohaa, Seelaa Jaajoo and Aanaa Miinoo according to locals. Many have fled these areas to neighbouring places such as Burqa Tirtira and the vacated areas remain under the Liyu police occupation, until this report is filed.

The announcement of Mr Hailemariam’s chairmanship for AU, breaks AU protocol

17 January 2013 | BD Live

By Elissa Jobson

ADDIS ABABA — The Ethiopian foreign ministry announced Wednesday that Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn is to take over as chairman of the African Union (AU) from President Yayi Boni of Benin this month — which has raised questions of breached protocol and timing.

Mr Hailemariam’s appointment coincides with the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), the predecessor of the AU, which took place in Addis Ababa, on May 23 1963.

Ambassador Dina Mufti, spokesman for the foreign affairs ministry, insisted that the election of Mr Hailemariam in the golden jubilee year — the focal point for the commemoration will be the Ethiopian capital — was not deliberate.

“Soon Come”; Ethiopian Regime on Life Support

17 January 2013 | Counter Currents

By Thomas C. Mountain

“Soon come” as Jamaica’s Rastafarians say. In this case it applies to the end of the Ethiopian regime which is now in its terminal stage, in intensive care on life support and being kept alive only by an intravenous infusion of over $20 million a day in western “aid”.

While the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa maintains an almost surreal appearance of a thriving economy reports by those who have traveled outside the capital speak of a life for Ethiopia’s “other” 75 million people that has changed very little since medieval times.

Djibouti: Arrest and Deportation of Refugees

January 16, 2013

The following is a statement from the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA).
HRLHA Urgent Action No.:2, 2013
January 12, 2013
                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) has learnt through its informants that the government of Djibouti has arbitrarily arrested 43 refugees (Oromo and Ogadeni nationals) and deported them to Ethiopia. All these refugees, who were picked up by the Djibouti security forces from their residences on the 31st of December, 2012, were confined in a small detention cell, and finally handed over to Ethiopian security forces on January 1, 2013 in violation of international treaties to which, we believe, Djibouti is a signatory. It has been difficult to obtain the names of all of the victims of these joint-actions of the Djibouti and the Ethiopian governments. However, the HRLHA informant has managed to obtain the name of the followings:

The Oromo of Harerghe:On the Tradition of “Oda Bultum”

15 January 2013 | Gulele Post

By Afendi Muteki

As it was the case in other parts of Oromiya, the Oromos of Harerghe had a traditional self administration system. The highest body of the administration was the “Caffee Gadaa” assembly which used to hold its congress at Oda Bultum every eight years. The center called “Oda Bultum” was located at a place known  “Hora Baaduu” which is found at 15 Kms distance from Baddessa town. Since the Oda Bultum is surrounded by the Ittu Oromos, some people wrongly assume that it was serving the tribal assembly of Ittu Oromos only. But both oral and written records show that originally “Oda Bultum” was the common assembly of the three tribes of the Harar Oromo (Ittu, Afran Qallo and Anniya). It was only in the 18th century that the three groups install their own local assemblies; yet Oda Bultum remained an important cultural and administrative center for all of the three groups and they regarded it “the well-spring of Oromo wisdom” (Mohammed Hassen: cited from Encyclopedia Aethiopica, 2004, pp 244)

Ethiopia sentences 10 for al-Qaeda links

15 January 2013 | News24

Addis Ababa - An Ethiopian court handed down heavy jail terms to 10 people convicted of having links to al-Qaeda, a judge said on Tuesday.

The sentences ranged from three years to 20 years, and several of the convicted also face stiff fines.

Judge Bahiru Darecha said the heavy sentences were justified because the accused were found guilty of plotting attacks as a group.


15 Amajjii 2013 | Y.G(2005)

Ummati Oromoo Biyya keessa jiru, hiraarrii dhala Namaa irratti hin raawwatamneetu irratti raawwatamaa jiraachuu guyyuu dhaga’amaa jirra. Wayyaaneen abdii kutannaan, miidhaan Ummata kana irraan ga’a jirtu, guyyuu dabalaa deemuu hundatu taajjabaa jira. Waggoota 21 dabran kana miidhaan gama hundaan Ummata Oromoo irra ga’aa jiru, kan baroota dhibbaa dachaa, dachaan caala. Namummaan keenya, Sabummaan keenya, Qabeenyaan keenya, aadaan keenya Barbadeeffamaa jira. Dhalooti itti aanu beekumsaan, Ogummaan, Barnootaan, Namummaan hegareen isaa akka karaa hin qabanneef shirri waggaa 50tu of irraa baasuu hin dandeenyetu irratti hojjatamaa jira. Wayyaanoonni fi waa’eellan isaanii, Biyya Itoophiyaa jedhamtu kana yoo xiqqaate waggaa 50f bulchuu fi yoo itti milkaa’aniif bara baraaf Ummatoota Biyyatti hacuucanii bituuf karoora lafaa qaban irraa ka’nii, sadarkaa 1ffaatti Ummata Oromoo fi qabasoo isaa irratti xiyyeeffatanii hojjachaa jiran.

Notice to participants of Washington DC rally

15 January 2013 |

Members of Oromo Youth Self-Help Association, OYSA (Waldaa Walgarggaarsa Dargaggoota Oromoo, WWDO) would like to announce that Oromos coming to Washington, DC from different States of USA for the January 25, 2013 public protest will be provided accommodation with our members or would get 50% discount rates at hotels where our members are working. Therefore, we are more than happy to announce to all participants coming to Washington DC to advise WWDO through chairman Abebe Etana at “”, “” or Tel. 202-705-6575.

Wayyaaneen ummata kuma 75 dachee irraa buqqisuuf karoorfatte; “ummati immoo dachee keenya irraa hin buqqaanu,” jechaa jira.

14 Amajjii 2013

(Qeerroo, Naqamtee):—Mootummaan Wayyaanee akkuma barattetti ummata Oromoo lafa irraa buqqisuuf saganteeffataa akka jiru saaxialame; umamti immoo lafa keenya irratti dhumana malee irraa hin kaanu!” jechaa jira.

Qeerroon maddeen amanamoo wabeeffatee akka gabaasetti, mootummaan Wayyaanee abbootii warraa gara kuma saddeetii olii Arjoo fi Dhedheessaa keessaa buqqisuuf kan bara darbe akeekkatee diddaa ummataatiin fashalee ture irra deebi’ee hojii irra oolchuuf kaabineewwan OPDO addaddaa waliin irratti maryachaa jira.

Around Oromia in 6 Minutes – PREVIEW: Oromo Folk Dance Show (Video)



Amajjii 14, 2013

                            KABAJAA GUYYAA WBO- ABO KUTAA UK

Kabajaan guyyaa WBO gaafa Amajjii 26, 2013 magaalaa London keessatti qophaawee jira. Ayyaana kana irratti ummatni Oromoo biyya UK, miseensotni fi deeggartotni ABO, QC ABO, Gurmuu Qabsaawoota ABO fi ULFO akka qooda fudhattaniif kabajaan isin afeerra. 

Guyyaa ayyaana kana irratti haala sochii WBO fi Qabsoon Bilisummaa Oromoo itti jiru xiinxalaa fi bara dhufu keessa waan xiyyeeffatamu irratti ibsaa fi mareen bal’inaan ni taasifama.

Laallibati Maal Eeggata?

Ibsaa Guutama Irraa* | Amajjii 2013

To read the English version Click here 

Kurnan tokkoo ol booda murnooti ABO lama ABOn gumaatt caccabee ture walitt fayyuu eegaluu ambaa iyya’an. Sun tarkaanfii akkaa, kan funaansa soba hunda qaanesse. Dhinee hojii humna guutuun eegaluun yeroo hanga tokko ni fudhata ta’a. Kanaaf hamma tarkaanfi qabsoo bilchaataa itt haanuuf walhubannoo amanamaa irra gahanitt gochii amba keessaa yeroo fudhatu ta’a. Kun akka dogoggora darbe irra hin deebine carraa argamisiisa. Want tolfamuu deeman tartiiba qabachuu feesisa. Lachanuu adda addati waan hojjechuuf karoorfatan qabu ta’a. Hundi cufamanii akka haarati eegalamuu gaafachuu hin oolu. Hamma dhiheessii marsaa kanaa isa dhumaan gadi bahanitt obsaa fi danda’a gaafata. Jaalbiyyooti kaayyoo sabaaf lubbu kennan hantuuta yaalaa hin turre. Dhiheessichi wareegammi saanii kan itt qoosamu akka hin taane kan dhaamu ta’uun barbaachisaa dha. “Galtuun Qeyee” kan bilisoomuu irra gooftaa tajaajilaa du’uu filataniif gurra kennuun bu’aa hin qabu. Laallibati sirna sochii fi iyyaatiin itti faca’u kan kanaan dura isaan locaa baheen adda eeggata. Qabsoon walabummaa gardhabummaan akeeka saa gahuu hin danda’u. Shaffisummaa fi dhimma baasuu danda’uu qabsoof jedhamee, tasummaa fi humna barsiifataa jaamsaan lakkifamuu qaba. Sanaaf sochiin walabummaa Oromoom, warraqsa ofirratt gaggeessuun barbaachisuu hin oolu.

What Does the Onlooker Expect?

By Ibsaa Guutama* | January 2013

To read the Afaan Oromoo version Click here

After more than a decade, two factions of the OLF informed the public that broken pieces of the OLF were being put together. That is a legitimate measure that shames all fake collections. It may need some time to fully get fixed and operate with full capacity. Therefore, they may need to take time out from activities in public until they come out on how they will reorganize their house. This is the chance not to repeat past mistakes. Things to be done have to be prioritized. Both might have separately plans in pipeline. All may need to be closed and start anew. Patience and perseverance are required until the final delivery in this phase is ready. Our patriots that gave their lives for the cause were not guinea pigs. The delivery is hoped to send a message that their sacrifice in not to be mocked at any time by any group. It is of no use to pay attention to those Malcolm X call “House Negros” for they prefer to die serving their masters’than getting free. The onlookers expect systems of operation and information dissemination different from what had nauseated them in the past. The struggle for independence cannot reach its goal with haphazard way of handling. Spontaneity and blinding force of habit have to be abandoned if efficient and effective action is to be taken. For that, the Oromo independence movement may require to carry out a revolution on itself.

Gone to never go back until the freedom day: Poem

By Hashim Adam* | January 14, 2013 

Gone to never go back until the freedom day

In the dark and Rainy night
When everything was still
The quiet boy was gone
To take a break from injustice
Oppression and poverty
Break from life with out choice
A challenging and sour life
He left to never go back

The Oromo Consensus: Unity Makes Strength

By Leenjiso Horo* | January, 2013

Let me 
begin with the oftentimes told old parable to illustrate the meaning of the Oromo consensus: unity makes strength. The parable runs like this. Once upon a time, there was an old man who was very ill and lay dying in his bed. He had four children who were always fighting among themselves. All were always hostile to each other, always in conflict with each other. The old man always worried about them. He wanted to teach them a lesson. One day, he asked all of them to come to him. When they came, the old man gave them a bundle of sticks and asked them, "can you break these sticks?" First, the first son tried to break it. He tried very hard and he couldn't. Finally he gave up. Then, it was the second son’s turn. He too tried, and tried very hard and failed to break. He too gave up. Then, the third son and the last son tried in turn one after the another. All tried, and all could not break the bundle of sticks. Then, he gave one stick at a time to each of them and asked them again "can you break it?" Each of them broke it.

Ethiopian Dam Threatens to Destroy Indigenous Livelihoods and the World’s Largest Desert Lake

January 14, 2013 | National geography

By Sandra Postel

Over the last century, the construction of big dams to generate power, supply water and control floods has unleashed a damaging cascade of social and environmental consequences – including the destruction of fisheries, subsistence farmlands, homes and communities.

More than 470 million people around the world are estimated to be suffering from these and other downsides of dams, often with little or no compensation for their lost livelihoods.

Ibsa Ejjennoo Walgahii Tokkummaan Barattoo Oromoo Awuroppaa Damee United Kingdom(TBOA-UK)

12 Amajjii 2013

TBOA Damee Birtaaniaya                                      UOSE United Kingdom Branch 


Tokkummaan Barattoo Oromoo Awuroppaa Damee United Kingdom (TBOA-UK), walgahii ummata mariisisuuf eegamaa ture milkiin xumurate. Walgahii kanarratti hojii TBOA-UK hojjetaa ture xiinxaluuf deemsa TBOA-UK fulduraa akeekuun ijoo dubbii ture. Walgahicha akka gadi fagnaaf bali’inaan irratti marihatamuuf namoota muxannoo adda addaa qaban shantu mariisise. Mariin kun  haala TBOA-UK qofa otoo hin taane, dhimma Oromo jajjabduu taate irrattis marihatee haala gariin xumurate. Dhuma wal-gahii kanaatti miseensi TBOA-UKf sabboontoti Oromoo walgahicha irratti hirmaatan ibsa ejjennoo armaan gadii baafatani:

Godina Baalee magaala Gobbaa Keessatti Qeerroon Olola Wayyaanee Fashalse. Hidhaa fi Ukkaamsaanis Itti Fufe

Amajjii 12, 2013

Qeerroo (Bale):—Godina Baalee magaala Gobbaa keessatti mootummaan Wayyaanee dargaggoota Oromoo maqaa leenjii namuusaa jedhuun olola siyaasaaf kan karoorse dura dhaabbannaa Qeerroo bilisummaan bakka gahuu dhabe. Qeerroon naannicha irratti Wayyaanota dursee olola dharaa mootummaan gabroomfataa oofaa jiru rakkoo saba Oromoo hin furu jechuun dhadannoo fi barruulee facaaseen dabballoonni Wayyaanee akeeka isaanii bakkaan gahuu hin dandeenye. Haala kanatti kan rifatan Wayyaanotnni  hidhuu fi hiraasuun filmaata jedhanii Qeerroo Oromoo maqaa miseensummaa ABOn daran dararaa jiru.

Wareegama Barbaachisaa Baasanii Bilisummaa Uummata ofii Mirkaneessuun Nama Boonsa- Ibsa Miseensota KG Dh.D.U.O

Wareegama Barbaachisaa Baasanii Bilisummaa Uummata ofii Mirkaneessuun Nama Boonsa. Galmee seenaa keessattis bara baraan jiraata. Akkuma beekamu mootummaan wayyaanee haala yeroo ammaa akkaataa hammaataa fi jibbisiisaa taheen ilmaan oromoo mana hidhaatti guuraa jira. Kaanis saamaa, kaanis ajjeesaa, kaanis biyyaa arii’uu daran jabeessuun waanjoo garbummaa jabeessee hudhaa jira. Kun kan hiika argatu tokkummaa Oromoo jabeessuun sochii bilisummaaf godhamu finiinsuu qofaan taha. Uummatni Oromoos haala kana hubachuun qotee bulaa, barsiisaa, barataa, hojjetaa, daldalaa, dafqaan bulaa fi marti osoo lagaa fi aangoon wal hin qoodiin QBO jabeessuun dirqama.

Ethiopia’s Expanding Sectors Prone to Corruption

By Martha Van der wolf

January 11, 2013 (Voice Of America):— A new study says the fastest-growing sectors of Ethiopia's economy, such as telecommunications, land management and construction, are prone to corruption.  A study conducted by the World Bank and the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission was made public on Friday.

At the same time, the study praises Ethiopia for its generally low levels of corruption compared to other low-income countries.

Deadly 'revenge' raid in Kenya's Tana River Delta region

11 January 2013 | BBC News

At least 10 people, including five children, have been killed in a dawn raid in south-eastern Kenya in what officials say is a revenge attack.

The attack came a after a raid on a nearby village on
 Wednesday morning

More people were injured in the attack by suspected ethnic Ormas on a Pokomo village in the Tana River delta region.

Survivors were being treated for gunshot wounds, machete cuts and burns, said Red Cross officials.

The attack on Kibusu village came a day after raiders attacked a nearby Orma village, killing at least six.


By Mekuria Bulcha*

Many concepts, theories, and stories have been used to explain the relationship between the Oromo people and the Ethiopian state. However, none of them sheds any light on the nature of the relationship they purport to explain because they distort the reality on which the relationship was established and maintained–conquest and colonialism. They propagate the impossibility of Oromo independence and the unreality of Oromo nationhood. The stories are often told by the Abyssinian ruling elites, and the concepts and theories are coined by internal and external scholars.

Utaaltee muka yaabdee, Buutee mucaa ishee dhabde- Kutaa 1ffaa

Amajjii 10, 2013 |  Jiituu Sabaa fi Lammii Moosisa Yuunvarsiitii Finfinnee

Barri isaa duri. Dhugaa, soba, leenca, ibidda, bishaaniifi  bofatu wajjin jiraataa ture. Garuu sobni hunda isaanii fixee kophaa waan hunda dhuunfatee jirachuuf karoora baafate. Akkaatuma kanaan  bofa kophaatti waamee ‘’…leenci yoo nuti waa arganne silaa nurraa fudhataa maal goonu?” jedheen. Bofnis “….isa anuu nan ajjeesa!’’ jedhanii akkuma jedheyyuu leenca hiddee ajjeese. Sobni du’a leencaa erga hubatee booda, ibidda kophaatti waamee ‘’….waan gaarii tokko yoo arganne bofti nuurraa fudhata. Kanaan dura leencayyuu akkatti ajjeese silaa argitee Maaltu nu baasa?’’ jechuun mararteen gaafate. Abiddis akka aaruu ta’ee “….yemmuu inni marmartee fura keessa ciisuun walitti qabee isa guba.” Jedheen. Akkuma jedhes gubee ajjeese.

Meanings of Systematic Assaults on Oromo Students in Ethiopia's Universities

January 11, 2013 | American Chronicle

Qeerransoo Biyyaa

Turning Learning Grounds into Hunting Grounds

For the last one week, Oromo online and social media have been abuzz with the news, reactions, press releases, tweets and status updates of EPRDF/TPLF regime's large-scale "federal police" raid on unarmed Oromo university students at the Science College of Addis Ababa University. Obviously, the students represent the most brilliant minds of our society in the empire. 

The policy of turning universities that are supposed to be learning grounds into hunting grounds for Oromo students is part of the age-old systematic campaign of depriving the Oromo nation of its brightest intelligentsia as a way of fulfilling what the TPLF regime states as "finding a final solution to narrow nationalism/nationalists" in its party publication known as Abiyotawi Demkorasi (Revolutionary Democracy) and Hizbawi Adera (People's Custodian). 

Ethiopia arrests two over murder of Austrian rafter

10 January 2013 

(Reuters)-Ethiopian police have arrested two men suspected of involvement in the murder of an Austrian rafter shot dead during an apparent robbery of his travel group, an official from the force said on Thursday.

The 27-year-old man was killed as he camped on the banks of the Blue Nile river on Sunday in a remote area near Bahir Dar, about 570 km (350 miles) north of the capital Addis Ababa.

Hawwisoo WBO -Amajjii 2013


Ethiopian force accused of human rights abuse to receive UK millions

documents seen by the Guardian detail £13 – £15m government funding for 'special police' in Ogaden region
The Guardian, 10 January 2013

Millions of pounds of Britain's foreign aid budget are to be spent on training an Ethiopian paramilitary security force which stands accused of numerous human rights abuses and summary executions.

The Guardian has seen an internal Department for International Development document forming part of a tender to train security forces in the Somali region of Ogaden, which lies within Ethiopia, as part of a five-year £13 – 15m "peace-building" programme. The document notes the"reputational risks of working alongside actors frequently cited in human rights violation allegations".

Atrocious Torture and Inhuman Treatment in Pre-trial and Arbitrary Detention in Ethiopia

10 January 2013 | Assaman

By: Betre Yacob

Independent human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty international, and the Anti-Torture Committee of the United Nations have several times reported of systematic persecution as well as use of violence and torture against Ethiopian journalists, opposition political leaders and members as well as anyone who are critical of the tyrannical regime. Amnesty International, for instance, says in its press release issued on 28 August 2012 that it regularly received several information about the use of torture in pre-trial and arbitrary detention.

"Akeeka QBO Dabsuuf Yakka Hiriyaa Hin Qabne Wayyaaneen Dalagamu"- Infoo Deskii ABO

Amajjii 10, 2013

For the Amharic Version Click Here

Infoo Deskii ABO: Akeeka QBO Dabsuuf Yakka Hiriyaa Hin Qabne Wayyaaneen Dalagamu

Qabsoon bilisummaa Oromoo wanneen hundee tahan kan irratti akeekkatee gaggeeffamu qaba. Akeeki fi kaayyoon Qabsoo Bilisummaa ummata Oromoo inni innikkaan ummata Oromoo biyya isaa irratti abbaa mirgaa fi biyyaa taasisuu dha.Akeeka kana bakkaan gahuuf qabsoon geggeeffamus sirna cunqursaa mootummaa Itophiyaa irratti malee ummata ykn saba kam iyyuu irratti hin xiyyeeffatu. Qabsoon kun gita saba kana keessaa bahee sirna cunqursaa diriirsu irratti xiyyeeffata malee saba giti kun keessaa madde irratti tasa hin xiyyeeffatu. Ummatni Oromoo mirga isaa uumamaan qabu deebifatee ummatoota ollaa isaa jiran wajjin wal kabajaa, nagaa fi hariiroo gaariin jiraachuu fedha.

A Decade after the Aborted Oromo Eviction from Finfinnee: A Persistent Story of Expropriation, Humiliation and Displacement

10 January 2013 |

By Mekuria Bulcha*

A Persistent Story of Expropriation, Humiliation and Displacement
The first version of this article was published under the title Greater Addis Ababa in the Making: Stop Them, or Keep Quiet and Perish in 2003.  The sub-title is added now. My main aim then was to awaken the Oromo to a tragedy which was in the making in connection to the decision, made by the Ethiopian regime, regarding the status of Finfinnee as the capital city of Oromia. I am republishing the article for readers’ reflection in relation to the problems the Oromo students at Finfinnee/Addis Ababa University are facing at this moment. The demands made by the editor of recently agree with the suggestions I made back in December 2003, when I wrote the first version of the article as a commentary in support of the Macca-Tuulama Association’s protest against the decision of the Ethiopian regime to evict Oromo institutions from Finfinnee and relocate them in Adama, a town about 100km south of the city.

Have Ogaden independence requirements support in International Law?

09 January 2013 | Ogaden Online

By Mohamed Dheeg

Sovereignty is the theoretical principle that gives a people the freedom to form their own government, state form and structure. The principle is often used by ethnic minorities in a geographic area where there is oppression or persecution. Autonomy came into force when the UN Charter was ratified in 1945, and became a part of international law and diplomacy. Since most countries in the world have now ratified the Charter, they are bound by the treaty and must accept minority autonomy within their borders.

Understanding the Treacherous Relationship Between the Ethiopian Regime and Alshabaab

09 January 2013 | Ogaden Online

Those who’re familiar with the criminal nature of the Ethiopian regime and how it operates will not be swayed or convinced by the regime’s recent announcement that it has “arrested 15 members of an East African terrorist cell affiliated with Al-Qaida” who have been trained by the Alshabab militants in neighboring Somalia and in Kenya and sent to carry-out terrorist attacks in Ethiopia. The inclusion of Kenya as a terrorist training base for Alshabaab is meant to solicit Kenyan support for the Ethiopian regime’s hyped terrorism hoax.

FBI foils assassination plot against journalist

09 January 2013 | Addis Voice

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has foiled a plot to shoot and kill Ethiopian journalist Abebe Gellaw in Boston, Massachusetts.

The plot was allegedly orchestrated by a man named Guesh Abera, a Boston resident and parking lot attendant in his mid-thirties. Guesh and his three accomplices, who are suspected of being spies and fanatic members of the tyrannical regime in Ethiopia, were determined to “eliminate” the journalist and press freedom activist, sources say.

January 25/2013 Washington DC Rally for Human Rights, Against Injustice


TVOMT- Oduu;G/D Dura Taa'aa OSA Waliin Goone;Yaaminsa Hiriira Nagayaa fii Wallee Guyyaa Kanaa


In Memory of Alem Dechasa

By Rebecca Whiting | Alakhbar English
08 January 2013
A demonstration in Beirut for domestic workers
rights, 2 weeks after Alem Dechasa died 
The situation of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon, structured by a lack of protective labor laws and a culture of racial inequality, marks a huge failure in the country’s human rights record. Documentary filmmaker Vanessa Bowles chose to explore this cultural phenomenon and her personal relationship with it, having grown up constantly tended to by migrant domestic workers. Alem & Asrat was first screened in Lebanon January 4, a look at the realities of two women’s experiences.

Daandiileen Konkolaataa Magaalaa Jimmaa Irraa Gara Finfinnee fi Iluu Geessan Mootummaa Wayyaaneen Sakata’aamaa Jiraachuun Beekame.

08 Amajjii 2013 | Qeerroo Jimma

Gabaasaa: Amajjii 7,2013 irraa kaasee sirni Wayyaanee kufaatii irraa hin oolle keessa waan seenee jiruuf yeroo ammaa kanatti sodaa jabaa keessa galuu irraan
Godina Jimmaa, Magaalaa Jimmaa daandii Finfinnee gara Jimmaa geessuu fi Jimmaa Gara Iluu Abbaa Booraa Fi Wallaaggaa geessuu humna waraana isaa heddumminaan qubachiisee daandiilee mara cufuun uummataa fi konkolaatota karaa darban irratti sakata’iinsa gaggeessaa jiraachuun gabaafame. Keessattuu maanguddoota konkolaataa irraa buusuun safuu fi naamusa aadaa biyyichaa ala ta’een gara jabinaan akka sakata’aa jiran gabaafama.
Kana malees manneen kompiiteraa Magaalaa Jimmaa keessaa jiran magaalaa Jimmaa keessaa jiran cuftii ajajaa mana murtii malee humna poolisaa sakatta’amaa jirachun beekame.Ummaanni naannichaas haala kanaan jeeqama keessa galu iyyuu diddaa isaa muldhisuu hin dhaabne.

Diddaan Barattootaa Yuunivarsiitii Finfinneen eegale qeerroo Yuunivarsiitii Amboon itti fufe.

Amajjii 7, 2013 | Qeerroo Amboo

Diddaan barattoota Yuunivarsiitii  Finfinneetti dhalate jabaachaa dhufuun qeerroo yuunivarsiitii Amboon itti fufe. 

Mootummaan wayyaanee diddaa barattootaa dura dhaabbachuufis waraana bobbaasee barattoota oromoo reebsisus barattootni Oromoo gamtaan waraana mootummaa Wayyaanee dura dhaabbachaa jira. Gaaffiin mirgaa barattoota Oromoo Yuunivarsiitii Finfinnee haa deebi’u, Baajatni dhimma barnootaaf bahe olola siyaasa mootummaa wayyaaneef ooluu hin qabu, Mootummaan Wayyaanee garboomfataa dha jechuun Qeerroon Yuunivarsiitii Amboo diddaa irtti fufee jira.

Uummatni magaala Amboos waraanni mootummaa Wayyaanee yeroo hundaa maaliif ilmaan keenya dhaana jechuun diddaa dhageessisaa jiran. Yeroo ammaa kana diddaa daran jabaachaa dhufe dura dhaabbachuuf mootummaan wayyaanee hidhaa fi ajjeechaa filachaa kan jiru yoommuu tahu kun ammo haamilee barattootaa osoo hincabsiin gaaffiin mirgaa daran jabaatee jira. 

Yuunivarsiitii Amboo keessatti waraanni mootummaa wayyaanee fi tikni mootummaa wayyaanee mooraa seenuun barattoota olii fi gadi arii’aa jiran. Barattoota Oromoos mana hidhaatti guuruu eegalanii jiran. Barattootnis diddaa nyaata lagachuu gaggeessaa jiraachuunis beekame.

FDG Barattoota Yuniversity Finfinnee Ilaalchisee Haalleen Tokko Tokko

Amajjii 7, 2013 | Qeerroo Finfinne

FDG Barattoota Yuniversitii Finfinnee Moraa  Daalattii (Kiloo4) Keessatti baatii Jalqaba 2013 irratti eegale hanga ammaa osoo hin qabanaawiin diddaan kun mooraalee kaanitti darbee akka jiru beekama. Reebichi,hidhaanii fi ajjeechaan barattoota Oromoo irra gahe Qeerroo Yuniversitiilee biyyatti keessa jiran kaan akka garaa gubee dheekkamsiise ifaa dha.

Gunmen kill Austrian rafter in Ethiopia

January 7, 2013| Reuters

An Austrian man was shot dead during an apparent robbery of his travel group that was rafting down the Blue Nile river in Ethiopia, the foreign ministry said on Monday.

Three other Austrians accompanying him were unharmed in the incident that occurred on Sunday in remote country near Bahir Dar, about 570 km (350 miles) from the capital Addis Ababa. The gunmen attacked the menas they camped on the shore, a spokesman said.

Civil Society Crackdown in Ethiopia

January 4, 2013 | Human Rights Watch

By: Laetitia Bader

On 1 January 2013, Ethiopia took up its seat on the United Nations Human rights Council. The uncontested election – Africa put forward five countries for five seats – has raised some eyebrows, given the country’s own poor rights record. Elected member countries are obliged to ‘uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights’. Yet, in Ethiopia, hundreds of political prisoners languish in jails where torture is common and a crackdown on the media and civil society is in full swing.

The Desperate Measures of the Ethiopian Regime Will Only Accelerate the Oromo People’s Struggle for Freedom- OLF Press Release

06 January 2013

Statement from Oromo Liberation Front
Click here to read the statement Afaan Oromoo and Click here to read the statement in Amharic                                                                  
Date 05-01-2013    

No.:  01/stm-abo/2013 

OLF Press Release  

The Desperate Measures of the Ethiopian Regime Will Only Accelerate the Oromo People’s Struggle for Freedom 

Oromo students at Arat-Killo and Amist-Killo Campuses of Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) University have been protesting since January 2, 2013. This is a continuation Oromia-wide protest that has been going on outside the campuses, albeit in different form and higher intensity. This protest, ignited by the persistent anti-Oromo posters by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) agents in Arat-Killo campus, is expanding into other educational institutions.

Raadiyoo Simbirtuu Qophii 2013 Jalqabaa


Self-Reliance for Bilisummaa – On the So-Called “Oromiffa” Program on ESAT

06 January 2013 | From Editor's Note Book
UPDATE: is finishing up arrangements to hold the first-ever ONLINE fundraising for the recently recognized recently recognized OROMO NATIONALIST RADIO STATIONS; we’ll announce later the exact date(s) of the ONLINE fundraising to help empower our self-reliant media outlets.
 On the So-Called “Oromiffa” Program on ESAT

For more than 20 hrs a week (7 days), ESAT denigrates Oromia and Oromummaa in the name of “opposing” Woyane’s “ethnic fez-ralism.” The reason they [ESAT, the Neftegna TV station] oppose the current Woyane-led federalism is because it’s structured in such a way that OROMIA is a federal state. It’s their wish and objective to dismantle OROMIA, and take us back to their feudal fathers’ “provinces.” On the other hand, the reason OROMO NATIONALISTS oppose the federalism is because it resembles ‘real federalism’ only in structure, but, functionally, it is still province-type ruled from the CENTER by Woyane thugs.