TVORO: Complete Coverage of the April 28, 2013 Oslo, Norway Protest Against TPLF delegates


Cuunfaa Tarkaanfiilee WBO Bitootessaa- Guraandhala bara 2013

Ebla 30, 2013 | Madda Oduu ABO

Irree fi gaachana ummata Oromoo kan tahe gootichi Waraana Bilisummaa Oromoo baatiilee lamaan dabran, jechuun, Bitootessaa fi Ebla keessa kutaa Oromiyaa gara garaa keessatti diina irratti tarkaanfii fudhatu jabeessee itti fufeera. Tarkaanfiilee kanaanis ajajootni fi qondaalotni olaanoon kan keessatti argaman diina irraa kudhanoota heddu hojiin ala yoo godhu meeshaalee waraanaa fi loojistika diinaa guddaas booji’uun qabeenyaa QBO taasiseera, kaampii waraana diinaa tokko barbadeesseera, konkolaataalee dabalatee qabeenyaa diinaa gariis daaraa godheera. Kana malees waytuma tarkaanfiilee kana fudhatu bakkoota garii guyyaataaf toyachuun alaabaa ABO fannisee ummataaf barnoota dammaqiinsaa laateera. WBOn tarkaanfiilee waraanaa kana yoomii fi eessatti akka fudhate itti aanee dhihaata.

Ethiopia: fire destroys UNESCO-registered coffee forest

April 30, 2013 | OPride

A recent massive brush fire in the Illu Abba Boora zone of Oromia region, Ethiopia has wiped out a sizable portion of the UNESCO-registered Yayu Coffee Forest Biosphere Reserve, reports said. The cause of the blaze, which has spread around the Yayu forest over the last several weeks, remains unknown.

According to eyewitness accounts, the blaze has scorched an estimated 50 to 80 acres of the thick coffee forest. “Such fire has never happened before in the history of the Yayu forest and the knowledge of the people living in the area,” one Yayu resident, who asked not to be named, told OPride. “It has been burning for several weeks without any intervention from the government except that of the local community to contain it to protect its advancement to their side.” The internationally recognized Yayu forest is home to the last remaining species of wild coffee Arabica and some of Ethiopia’s rare flora and bird species.

Injustice in Oromia-Ethiopia Follows Oromo Exiles in Oslo, Norway

April 29, 2013 | Oromo Press

A historically pro-Oromo refugees Norway has been evolving into an unfavorable place for Oromo refugees and refugees from the Horn of Africa in recent years. Abandoning its own humanitarian streak, the Norwegian government has drifted too far in the direction of questionable tolerance and support for the regime in Finfinne (Addis Ababa), which stands accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity in regions such as Oromia, Ogaden and Gambella, among other places. "Genocide Watch considers Ethiopia to have already reached Stage [of genocide], genocidal massacres, against many of its peoples, including the Anuak, Ogadeni, Oromo, and Omo tribes."



Oromo in Norway stage protest against TPLF delegates

April 28, 2013 | Dagbladet  | ( Translation by Google)

By Anders Holth Johansen

Oromo-Norwegians, representing the ethnic Oromo of Oromia in Ethiopia demonstrates this afternoon at a meeting organized by the Ethiopian authorities at the SAS hotel by Holberg place in Oslo.

Around 150 people had turned up to protest the event.

” It does not go peacefully. We must try to keep them away from the hotel entrance”, said operations manager of the Oslo police Hilde Walsø to Dagbladet 15.30 o’clock

What’s being done about Ethiopian dam’s harmful effects on Kenya?

April 27, 2013 | Nation

In Summary:
Having come to power committed to peasant farmer-based democratic political economy, Ethiopia has become one of the African countries with the most extensive large-scale allocations of land to external developers leaving uncertain the status, circumstances, and prospects of many communities of small producers with strong ancestral ties to portions of those lands, communities in which land tenure insecurity may have been markedly insecure already.
Where do things stand with respect to Ethiopia’s partially built Gibe III dam on the Omo River?

More than 30,000 refugees and migrants most of them are Ethiopian nationals make risky sea crossing to Yemen this year

April 27, 2013 | UNHCR

GENEVA, April 26 (UNHCR) – The UN refugee agency announced on Friday that its staff in Yemen have recorded the arrival by sea from the Horn of Africa of more than 30,000 refugees and migrants since the start of the year. This compares to 33,634 arrivals over the same time period in 2012.

UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards told journalists in Geneva that most of this year's arrivals were Ethiopian nationals, with the rest coming from Somalia and a very small number from other African countries. "In total, and since 2006 when UNHCR began gathering data, close to half a million people (477,000) have arrived in Yemen by taking the perilous boat journey from the Horn of Africa," he noted.

WBOn Godina Shawaa Kabaa fi Iluu Abbaa Booraa Keessa Sosso'u Diina Irratti Injifatnoo Argate

Ebla 27, 2013 | Madda Oduu ABO

Irreefii gaacheenni ummata oromoo WBOn goodina Shawaa Kaabaa keessa sosso'u tarkaanfii laaleessaa waraana diinaa irratti fudhateen ajajoota waraanaa dabalatee loltoota 10 hujii ala taatsisee jira..

 Akka kanaan gaafaEbla 21, 2013 humni Risaa WBOn galgala keessaa sa'aatii 8:00 wb irratti lola diina irratti adeemsiseen loltoota waraana diinaa 7 battalumatti yeroo ajjeessu 3 madeessee jira. Kanneen ajjeefaman keessa kan maqaan isaanii argame:

Hooggannii QBO akka ofii yaadutti kan biraas akka yaadu tolchuu otoo hin taane, kan ofii yaadu namni biraas akka gabbisuu danda’u of amansiisuu qaba

Ebla 27, 2013 | Camadaa Hundee Irraa*

Qabsoon yeroo hunda gabbachaa fi danboobaa deemuu qaba. kana gochuuf garuu hooggana jijjiramaa fi hooromsa qabsootti amanu horachuun murteessaa dha. hoogganni jijjiramaa fi haaromsa qabsootti hin amanne, yeroo hunda miseensaa fi hooggana isa jala jiru kan qaru (uumu) akka ofii yaadutti akka yaadan gochuun ta’a. Hoogganni jijjiramaa fi haaromsa qabsootti hin amanne, waanta hunda kan beekuu fi kan murteessu isa malee, qabsa’otiin biraa kaan gahee qaban tahuu isaa yeroo tokkaaf illee hin yaadu. Mooraa qabsoo keessatti namootiin sababaan yaadanii fi of irratti amantaa qaban akka biqilan tasa hin eeyyaman. Kana irraa kan ka’e, yeroo hunda qabsa’ota QBO gabbisuuf haala xiinxalanii fi hubatan dhiibanii qabsoo keessaa baasu. Qabsa’ota egeree qabsoof muladhata gaarii qaban, garee dursanii of cinaa tuullataniin olola maqa balleessii fi hinjirreedhaan duula baldhaa irratti banu. Kun amala hooggana sababaan hin amannee fi jijjiramaa fi haaromsa qabsoon gaafatu tasa dhagahuu hin barbaannee ti.

Concern about two journalist held since June 2011 for “terrorism”

April 26, 2013 | Reporters Without Boarders

Reporters Without Borders is very worried about two journalists, Woubeshet Taye and Reyot Alemu, who have been detained since June 2011 and were given long jail sentences more than a year ago on terrorism charges.

Taye, who was the deputy editor of the Amharic-language weekly Awramba Times, was transferred on 19 April to a detention centre in Ziway, 130 km southeast of the capital, Addis Ababa. Alemu, a columnist for the national weekly Fitih and recent winner of an international media freedom prize, is in very poor health.

Ethiopia denies ‘shirking responsibility’

April 26, 2013 | IOL

New York - Ethiopia on Thursday denied that it was “shirking responsibility” by beginning to withdraw its troops from conflict-stricken Somalia.

Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom told the United Nations Security Council that other countries were informed “months” ago about the withdrawal and also complained about the lack of “burden-sharing” for the foreign force in Somalia.

Yaadannoo guyyaa gootota Oromoo (Norway/Oslo)


Gootota Oromoo (Music by Taaddalaa Gammachuu)



Editor's Note:-While the Ethiopian brutal regime is continued to tell the world the progress in the Ethiopian empire, reports indicate that still many are in need of daily bread and water through aid. The following is a factsheet from European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection(ECHO) that deals with some facts in the need of humanitarian aid but the statistics is far less than the actual needy in the country. For information and comparison with what is really seen in the country we have published the report below as it is.

The Ethiopian Muslim civil rights movement: implications for democracy

April 25, 2013 | Open democracy

By Alemu Tafesse*

In a country where NGO’s have been severely crippled, press freedom is dying out, religious institutions are tightly controlled, and professional associations effectively co-opted - in short, where civil society is in grave danger of extinction - there has been one arena of visible democracy, that of the protesting Muslims.
The fifteen-month old Muslim civil rights movement in Ethiopia has so far had some spectacular implications for the development of democracy and democratic political culture in the country. It has affected its culture as well as its institutional dynamics. I will examine three very inter-related, but broad, ways in which Muslim activism has impacted on the contours of the current and future democratic possibilities of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Denies Planning Immediate Pullout From Somalia

April 25, 2013 | VOA

NAIROBI, KENYA — Ethiopia’s foreign ministry has denied there are plans to immediately withdraw all troops from Somalia, despite remarks by the Ethiopian prime minister expressing frustration with the pace of military progress in the country.

Speaking to parliament Tuesday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said the African Union force in Somalia has not kept its promise to replace Ethiopian soldiers in parts of the country under AU control.

Kenya Will Be Harmed By Ethiopia's Gibe III Dam

April 25, 2013 | allAfrica

By Dr Alex Awiti

Three months ago in this column, I warned that the completion of Ethiopia's Gibe III dam on the Omo River could transform Lake Turkana, the world's only desert lake, into Africa's Aral Sea. Impassioned by China-style great leap forward philosophy, the Ethiopian government has pursued the development of the Gibe III dam in total disregard to the consequence associated with it.

Ethiopia says preparing to pull troops out of Somalia

April 23, 2013

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia will withdraw its troops from Somalia soon, its prime minister said on Tuesday, voicing frustration with the Mogadishu government and African Union peacekeeping forces that are also battling Islamist militants there.

After waging an ill-fated war in Somalia in 2006-2009, Ethiopia in 2011 once again rolled troops into Somalia to fight al Qaeda-allied al Shabaab, opening a third front alongside Kenyan troops and an African Union mission.

Haasaa HD ABO Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo 2013 Ilaalchisee


Lakkii Dhiisaa If Irraa !

Ebla 23, 2013 | Malkaa Caffee Irraa*

Abjuu hin qabatamne waan sheexanaa suufnee,
Dhihaana abdii nyaannee, garaa qullaa quufnee,
Of jalaa bittimsuun waan hanga har’aa kuusne…

Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo/ Oromo Martyrs Day London 2013 (In Pictures and Videos)

April 15th is Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo. This commemorative day was first started by the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) after the executions of its prominent leaders on a diplomatic mission en routed to Somalia on April 15, 1980. Since then, this day has been observed as the Oromo Martyrs’ Day by Oromo nationals around the world to honor those who have sacrificed their lives to free Oromia, and to renew a commitment to the cause for which they had died.

WBO Oromiyaa Bahaatti tarkaanfiilee Injifatnoo fudhatu Itti fufe!

Ebla 21, 2013 | Madda Oduu ABO

Bilisummaa ummata Oromoof wareegama ol aanaa baasaa kan jiru WBOn tarkaanfiilee Oromiyaa bakka adda addaatti fudhatuun diina rifaasisaa fi ummata isaa hamlachiisaa jira. Akka kanaan WBOn Hararge Dhihaa keessa sosso'u tarkaanfii Ebla 5, 2013 Ona Mi'eessoo naannoo Burii Tumtuu jedhamutti fudhateen humna diinaa irraa 3 ajjeesee 5 madeessuu ajaji Godinichaa hubachiise. Kanneen ajjjeefaman keessaa tokko lukkee diinaa gorsii fi dinniinnii yeroo adda addaa kennameef fudhatuu diiduun diina waliin hiriiree ummata basaasuu fi hiisisuu kan hojii bgodhatee sosso'aa ture tahuu ibsi ajaja WBO godinaa Harargee Dhihaa dabalee hubachiisa.

Ethiopia's Killer regime delegate faced another shame in Norway and the Norwegian Police stopped the meeting

April 20, 2013

Fisheries Authority concerned by Ethiopian dam

April 20, 2013 | Daily News Egypt

Fisheries Authority head: ‘Egypt is facing a real disaster’

Head of the Fisheries Authority Amani Ismail has warned of the threat posed to Egypt by the construction of a dam in Ethiopia.

Writing on the authority’s official website, Ismail said: “There is no longer room for doubt that Egypt is facing a real disaster in the coming months.” She said that the impending disaster is a result of the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohamed Baha’a El-Din’s recognition of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project.

GGO: Sabboonummaan Oromoo maali? Eenyutu Sabboonaa ykn Sabboontuu dha?

Abdii Boruutiin*

Yeroo baay’ee yoo dubbatamu ykn barreeffamu, sabboonummaan Oromoo guddachaa akka dhufe agarsiisa. Dhugaa dhas; galanni qabsoo bilisummaa Oromootiif akkasumas gootota keenya kan qabsoo kana keessatti wareegamaniif haa ta’u, Sabboonummaan Oromoo dhugumatti guddachaa dhufee jira. Keessumaayuu erga bara 1991 jijjiiramni hamma kan hin jedhamne argame booda, guddinni Sabboonummaa Oromoo sadarkaa ol aanaarra gahaa akka jiru hubatama. Haa ta’u malee, dhugumatti hiikni sabboonummaa hunda keenyaafuu galee jiraa? Namni tokko ani sabboonaa dha ykn sabboontuu dha yookaanis ammoo abalu sabboonaa/sabboontuu dha yoo jedhu, sabboonummaa maaliin madaaleti akkana jedhaa? Gara Sabboonummaa Oromootti otuu hin cehin dura, jecha sabboonummaa jedhu hiika isaa ilaaluun barbaachisaa dha. Jechi “sabboonummaa” jedhu Afaan Ingliziitiin “nationalism” jechuu yoo ta’u, hiikni isaa akka armaan gadii ti.

State Criminality: Under Darkness in the Somali Region of Ethiopia

April 19, 2013 | Counter Punch


No matter how tightly truth is tied down, confined and suffocated, she slowly escapes. Seeping out through cracks and openings large and small, illuminating all, revealing the grime and shame, that cowers in the shadows.

OSA’s Appeal Letter to the Secretary General of the UN on Land-Grabbing in Oromia

April 18, 2013

SEIFE NEBELBAL RADIO: Interview with Obboo Jemal Ibrahim & RAADIOO SIMBIRTUU (April 18, 2013's Program)

Interview with Boruu Barraaqaa – SBS Amharic


Yuunivarsiitii Haramaayaa fi naannoo isheetti guyyaan gootota oromoo hordoffii mootummaa wayyaanee jalaa bifa miliqeen Ebla 16/2013 haala ho’aan ayyaaneffatame

Ebla 18, 2013 | Qeerroo Haromaya

Miseensotnii fi deeggartootni qeerroo Yuunivarsiitii Haramaayaa fi naannoo ishee Ebla 15 guyyaa gootota oromoo hordoffii diina jalaa miliquuf Ebla 16/2013 haala hoaan ayyaaneffatanii jiran. Mootummaan garboomfataa wayyaanee Ebla 15 irratti ayyaanni kun akka hin ayyaaneffatamneef basaastotaa fi federaalota ganda keessa gadhiisuun sakattainsa gaggeessaa kan ture yoommuu tahu sabboontotni barattoota oromoo fi jiraattootni naannoo kanaa Ebla 16/2013 walitti dhufuun haala hoaan ayyaaneffatanii jiran. Qophii isaaniif yaadannoo gootawwan wareegamaniif gochuun eegalan. Marii balaa erga gaggeessanii boodas ibsa ejjennoo qabxii toorba of keessaa qabu baafatanii jiran.Ibsawwan ejjennoo kunneen:

Voice of Oromiyaa: G/D Jaal Galaasaa Dilboo Waliin Goone - Yaadannoo Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo


Dhaamsaa Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo Pirezidaantii ADO/ODF Obbo Leenco Lata


Labsa Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo – Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo

Ebla 15, 2013
Yaadannoon gootota qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoof osoo qabsawanii wareegamani kan barbaachiseef waan aadeeffatame qofaaf osoo hin taane guyyaa kana seenaa qabsoo dheeraa ummatni Oromoo of dandamachiisuuf geggeesaa jiru kabajaa fi boona guddaan kan itti yaadannu dha.

Guyyaa har’aan tana kaneen qalbii keenya keessatti yaadannu gootota ilmaan Oromoo yeroo biyyii keenya Oromiyaan harqoota kolonii jalattii kuftee eegalee lubbuu isaanii qaalii wareegan tau irra deebinee of yaadachiissuun dirqama.


Y.G(2005)* Irraa

Seenaan yoomillee seenaadha. Maqaa Ummata tokkon qabsoo gaggeeffamu mitii, Maqaa dhunfaanuu wanni hojjatani fi dubbatan qalbii Ummataa fi dhalootaa keessaa yoomillee hin badu. Keessattu, dhimma Ummataa irratti wanni dubbatamuu fi hojjatamu seenaan galmeessu hin dhiisu. Waan kaleessaa fi har’aa madaaluun, Ulaagaa waa madaaluu addunyaa keessa jirruuti. Gootoonni keenya kaleessa kan dubbatanii fi hojjatan, bara baraan dhaloota irraa dhalootatti ce’aa kan dhufeef kanaafii. inni kaleessaa kan har’aaf bu’ura kan jedhamus, kana irraa madda. Namni waan kaleessa dubbate fi hojjate dantaa isaaf jedhee kan waliin dhahu yoo ta’e, (akka Mallasaa) dhumni isaa salphina ta’a. kana malees, Ummati ykn dhalooti hin hubatu ykn ni dagata jedhanii wanni har’a xiiqiin ka’anii hojjatan, ammas seenaa keenya keessatti galmaa’un haqa.

Radio Marii: ADO/ODF Washington DC ti



Ebla 16, 2013 | Malkaa Caffee irraa*

Baatiilee 10 dura (Waxabajjii 2012) barreeffama mata duree “Meetni nama Harka Jiru Dhagaa Fakkaata” jedhu kana oggaan barreessu, adeemsi marii kan amma ‘ADO/ODF’ dhalchuudhaan xumurame kun jalqabamee reefuu gara baatii lamaa gaha ture. Yeroo sanatti namootni ‘Marii’ sana irraa hirmaachaa turanii fi ala taa’anii deggeran kan nuun jechaa turan “Dhimmi rakkinoota QBO waan nu yaachiseef mari’annee waan fala/furmaata irra wayyaa tahuun gadi bahuuf akeekkanne” dha. Namoota adeemsa ‘Marii’ sana ija shakkiitiin ilaalanii mormaa turaniin ammoo wanti dubbatamaa fi barreeffamaa ture faallaa kanaa ture. Anis yaaddoo fi shakkii namoota waan sana mormanii irra guddaa isaa kanin qooddadhu tahu illee, yoo bifa ijaaraa taheen qooda gama keenyaa gumaachuudhaan itti dirmanne tarii sodaa fi yaaddoo ture sana danda’amu hanqisuu, dadhabamu ammoo xiqqeessuu, hin dandeenyuu laata? abdii jedhuunin yeroo sanatti waan kana barreesse.

Guyyaan Gootota Oromoo Oromiyaa keessatti uummata oromoon qophiilee garaa garaan kabajame

Ebla 15, 2013 | Qeerroo Finfinnee

Guyyaan Gootota Oromoo Oromiyaa bakkeewwan hedduu keessatti uummata oromoon qophiilee garaa garaan kabajame.Jala bultii ayyaana kanaa irratti magaalawwan Oromiyaa kanneen akka Finfinnee, Adaamaa, Amboo, Gudar, Ginc, Dirree Dawaa, Harar, Naqqamtee, Shaamboo keessatti waraqaaleen dhaadannoo heddumminaan maxxanfamuun kabajni ayyaana kanaa eegalee jira. Dhaadannoowwan maxxanfaman.

CORRECTED-Half a million Kenyans and Ethiopians face conflict, hunger due to dam - report

April 16, 2013 |

(Corrects story to clarify the British government through DFID funds Ethiopia's PBS programme but it does not fund the Gibe III dam itself)

NAIROBI (AlertNet) – Half a million Kenyans and Ethiopians are likely to be displaced, go hungry and face conflict due to a controversial dam linked to a forcible resettlement programme 'bankrolled' by British taxpayers, the lobby group Survival International said on Monday.

The Gibe III hydropower dam, due for completion in 2014, is being built on the Omo River in southern Ethiopia. It will reduce the flow of water to farmers and pastoralists living downstream, including those 600 kilometres to the south in Kenya, where the river flows into Lake Turkana, the world’s largest desert lake.

Aid Agencies Turn Blind Eye to ‘Catastrophe’ In Ethiopia

Tuesday, 16 April 2013 | Press Release: Survival International

Three new reports predict disaster in Lower Omo Valley

Three independent reports have warned that the controversial Gibe III dam, and land grabs for plantations, risk imminent ‘catastrophe’ in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley.

Half a million tribal people in Ethiopia and Kenya stand to be overwhelmed by these projects, whose immediate suspension Survival International has demanded.

OROMOO: Kaleessa Abbaa Qabeenyaa har'a Dafqaan Bulaa Bor Hoo?

Itana Guteta* 
Bara qaroominni dabalaa fi halli hundumtuu teeknoloojii hammayyaatiin guddaatee kessumaattuu uummaatni Afrikaa keessaatti sirni koloneeffamuu dhabbaateera jennuu kessaatti motummaan wayyaanee qaabeenya uummataa jireenya isaanii mo'aachuuf taataffii godhan keessaatti kan ofii isaa godhatee bifa hammaayyaa ta'een sirna koloneessumaa geeggeessaa jira.

Hanga ammaatti uumaatni keenyaa rakkoon siyaasaa fi malaamaltuummaan yeroo dheeraadhaaf kan butuche fi iyyuma keessaa haa jiraatuuyyuu malee jireenya isaa mo'aachuuf harka yeroo itti laatee hin qabu.

Who Ought To Celebrate Oromo Martyrs Day?

April 15, 2013 | By Nemera Mamo

Like many nations in the world the Oromo has lost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of martyrs who suffered death as the penalty for refusing to accept principles and values which is not theirs. According to Prof Mohammed Hassen (1990), for centuries the Oromo lived as a free, powerful independent nation in the Horn of Africa; they had their own political and religious institutions, which flowered in patterns of their own making and nourished their spiritual and material well being. However, as our humble Prof mentioned, the Oromo nation lost its sovereignty, freedom and independence after Menilek, the Amhara King of Shawa (1865-1889) and the Emperor of Ethiopia (1889-1913) conquered and colonized Oromia. Since then Oromo refused to renounce their own culture, values and democratic principles enshrined in their Gadaa system.

April 15: Oromo Martrys’ Day – The National Memorial Day

April 15th is the Oromo Martyrs’ Day, also known as Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo. This commemorative day was first started by the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) after the executions of its prominent leaders on a diplomatic mission en routed to Somalia on April 15, 1980. Since then, this day has been observed as the Oromo Martyrs’ Day by Oromo nationals around the world to honor those who have sacrificed their lives to free Oromia, and to renew a commitment to the cause for which they have died.

Walaloo Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo (Ebla 15): Qabsaawaan Ni Kufaa, Qabsoon Itti Fufa!


Qabsoon Bilisummaa Sabaa fi Taphni Siyaasaa Walii Gargari

Ebla 14, 2013 | Malkaa Caffee

Oromoon Afaan qawweetiin cabee bittaa alagaa (gabrummaa) jalatti buluu erga mudatee Jaarraa tokkoo fi walakkaa tahuufi. Yeroo sanaa kaasee bilisummaa akka Sabaatti sarbame deebisee gonfachuudhaaf bifa gara garaatiin qabsoo addaan hin citin gaggeessaa ture. Qabsoo kana keessaa kan dhalate ABOn qabsoo bilisummaa ummatichaa bifa jaarmayaatiin qindeessee bifa gaaffiin ummatichaa deebisaa sirrii fi guutuu itti argatuun gaggeessee galmaan gahuuf gaafatama seenaa ofitti fudhatee erga socho’uu jalqabee kunoo ganna 40 (Marsaa Gadaa 1) guute.

Daandii Ragabaa: Oromummaa fi Qooda Wallee Warraaqsaa


On ESAT’s "media war" against Oromo struggle

April 14, 2013 | OPride

By Leta T. Bayissa*
The birth of Oromo Democratic Front (ODF), a new Oromo political party,last month has stirred so much controversy among Oromo and Ethiopian blogosphere. 

While the announcement received mixed reviews from Oromo nationalists, the reception from Ethiopianist groups has largely been positive. But there were also those who jumped on the opportunity to attack and delegitimize the Oromo struggle.

Migrant voices - Ethiopians in Yemen describe kidnapping and torture

April 11, 2013 | IRIN
Exhausted survivors of the Gulf of Aden crossing wait for
help on a beach in Yemen
Record numbers of migrants from the Horn of Africa are crossing into Yemen, most of them on their way to find better opportunities in Saudi Arabia and other rich Gulf countries. But many do not make it any further. Seeking a new life, they end up unwitting victims of a smuggling racket designed to exploit the migrants at each juncture of their journey.

Recent years have seen Ethiopians make up the majority of these migrants: Of the 107,000 recorded migrants crossing the Red Sea/Gulf of Aden into Yemen in 2012, around 80,000 were from Ethiopia.

Radio Afuura Biyyaa: Interview with the President of the newly formed Oromo Democratic Front (ODF), Obbo Leenco Lata


ESAT TV's Insult against the Oromo People and Oromia Plus Ethiopians View About ODF (Amharic Video)


“Hiree Murteeffannaa Dura Uummatni Oromoo Bilisoomuu Qaba,” Dubbi-himaa ABO

Ebla 10, 2013 | VOA Afaan Oromoo

Namoo Daandii

Dhaabni siyaasaa haaraan hogganootaa fi miseensota ABO duraanii of keessaa qabuu fi Obbo Leencoo Lataan hoogganamu eega hundeessama isaa fi kaayyoo qabsoo isaa ibsee booda, Addi Bilisummaa Oromoo garee Obbo Daawud Ibsaan hoogganamuu fi garee Obbo Dhugaasaa Bakakkoon hoogganamu of keessaa qabu immoo, “Har’as Boorus Biyti Teenya Oromiyaa, Uummatni  Keenya Oromoo, Kaayyoon Keenyas Bilisummaa dha,” mata-duree jedhuun ibsa baase.

የአውሮፓ ህብረት የተገን አሰጣጥ መርህ

April 09, 2013 | DW Amharic
የአውሮፓ ህብረት ፣ ስደተኞች ወደ አባል ሃገራት እንዲዳይገቡ ለመከላከል፣ ድንበሩን ከመጠበቅ ባሻገር ወደ አውሮፓ መሸጋገሪያ በሆኑ ሃገራት ላይ የሚያሳድረው ተፅዕኖ እየተተቸ ነው ። የመብት ተሟጋቾች እንደሚሉት ስደተኞች ወደ አውሮፓ እንዳይገቡ ለመከላከል ህብረቱ ከአንዳንድ የሰሜን አፍሪቃ ሃገራት ጋራ በደረሰባቸው ስምምነቶች ምክንያት ስደተኞች ለሰብአዊ መብቶች ጥሰት ተዳርገዋል ።

Labssa Wal-hubannoo fi Tokkoomuu ABO-SHG fi ABO-KY

Rakkoo dhaaba keenya keeysatti dhalate irraa addaan bahinsi bara 2008 tahe tokkummaa miseensotaa fi qabsawootaa irratti dhiibbaa dabalataa uumee darbe. Rakkoo kana karaa araaraa furuuf yaaliin hedduun godhamu illee itti milkaawuun hin danda’amne. Amajjii 2012 haallii dhalate garuu kaayyoo QBOtti cichaa kan jiran walitti deebi’uu fi humna qabsoo bilisummaa jabeessuun fardii tahuu addeesse. Mooraa QBO keessatti rakkina dhalate furachuun dhaaba keenya dhinsuu fi mooraa qabsoo gabbisuuf hojjachuun dirqama yeroo tahee argame.

The ODF: A New Vision or Trust Betrayed for Oromos

April 09, 2013 | By Adnew Wakjira*

Oromos witness the birth of a new organization, this time midwifed by none other than the OLD Guard of the Oromo movement. (Yours truly, may not be a guard, but is old too). It goes by the name of Oromo Democratic Front, arriving, as it did with less roar than whimper, but certainly causing deep emotions among those of us in the Diaspora.

Wikileaks files on the Oromo movement under the leadership of Gen.Tadesse Biru & Col. Hailu Regassa

Wikileaks, which has bee shaking the global security, diplomatic and economic establishments, by acquiring and publicly releasing highly secretive US cables, have recently released a new batch containing 1,707,500 diplomatic documents from 1973 to 1976. Among these documents found seven files containing information that shows what US diplomatic and intelligence services knew about General Tasesse Birru’s effort to launch armed struggle during this period. Although documents from earlier years are yet to be released, there are signs that the US government has been following the ‘storied’ General with keen interest since his early days. Aside shading more light on the last years of this founding father of the Oromo movement, the files also tells us quite a bit about how the US government perceived the movement at the time. Fon innstance, the judged that the  “capture of Gen. Tadesse is sharp setback to Oromo dissidents, as other potential Oromo leaders of his stature few and far between“. Set back , it was. But the movement bounced back because the cold blooded murder of Tadesse produced thousands of gallant fighters who picked arms, propelling the movement forward.

Ethiopian orphanage used ‘child harvesters’ to find children

April 09, 2013 | The Copenhagen Post

By Ray Weaver

DanAdopt’s closed orphanage used an intermediary to convince families to put their children up for adoption 

This woman said she had no idea her children would never
return when she allowed them to be adopted in Denmark 
Adoptions from the the Enat Alem orphanage in Ethiopia were recently halted by the social and integration minister, Karen Hækkerup (Socialdemokraterne), based on reports of children being deprived of food, basic care and medical treatment at the facility. Now new reports have surfaced that the home used ‘child harvesters’ to lure local families into putting their children up for adoption at Enat Alem in violation of the Hague Conventions.

A local man, Gimma Kebele, told the DR News programme '21 Søndag' that he worked at Enat Alem and that, along with his duties as a night watchman, he went around local villages visiting families in an attempt to persuade them to put their children up for adoption. Kebele says that he has been involved in 145 adoptions at Enat Alem.

Refile-Ethiopian driller seeks place in oil history

April 09, 2013 | Reuters

* Company holds large exploration acreage in Ethiopia

* Thinks Ethiopia is next in East Africa's oil surge

By Andrew Callus

Tewedros Ashenafi hopes his Ethiopian exploration outfit will become the first indigenous company to make a basin-opening discovery in sub-Saharan Africa's 21st Century oil and gas boom.

Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo (Oromo Martyrs’ Day) – Ebla 20, 2013 London

Ethiopian Lions, Sumatran Rhinos and Other Links from the Brink

April 07, 2013 | Scientific American

By John R. Platt

Ethiopian lions, Florida panthers, Sumatran rhinos and Yangtze porpoises are among the endangered species in the news this week.

“Fira Fakkaatee Risaan Shimbir Nyaatee”

Najiib Zannuu Irraa*

Ambayyoo maaluma teenya tun dubbiinii
Garam deemaa jirti qabsoon teenya tunii
Mee tam qabatanii; tami tan dhiisanii
Dhiiroo mee dubbadhaa nu afaanfaajjeessanii

Interview with Jawar Mohammed – SBS Amharic


Ethiopia cancels $1 billion fuel imports from Sudan

April 06, 2013 | Sudan Tribune

The Ethiopian Petroleum Supplier Enterprise (EPSE) has retracted its statement last month that reported that the country had imported over $1 billion of fuel from neighbouring Sudan via Djibouti, as reported by Sudan Tribune on March 31.

Saudi Arabia distances itself from criticism of Ethiopian dam

April 06, 2013 | Sudan Tribune

The Saudi Arabia government has made an official statement rebuffing recent remarks made by the kingdom’s deputy defense minister against the construction Ethiopia’s Grand renaissance dam.

Speaking at a session of the Arab Water Council held in Cairo late in February, Khalid Bin Sultan, accused the Horn of Africa nation of posing a national security threat to Sudan and Egypt by building the massive $4.8 billion hydro power dam, which is being built along the Blue Nile River near the Sudanese border.


Ebla 06, 2013

Gaafiin Oromoo gaafii abbaa biyyummaati malee gaafii mirga lammummaa Tophia kadhachuutii miti. Oromoon wanni qabsaawuuf biyya humnaan weeraramee boortaadhaan irra fudhatamte harkatti deeffachuuf taha. Akeeka kana bikkaan gahuufiis gootota qaqqaalii kumaatamaan lakkaawamaniitu itti waragamee, ammallee itti wareegama jira. Oromoon qabsoo hadhooytuu bara dheeraaf gooteen milkii if duuba deebisuu hin dendeenye baayye galmeesite. Qabsoon Bilisummaatiis sadarkaa amansiisaarra gahuutti jirti. Ar’a waan hamma ammaatti hele jabeeyfatee sadarkaa itti aanutti tarkaafachuutu irrra eeggama malee waggaa afurtama if booda deebi’ee tokkummaa Tophiyaa leellisuun hin barbaachisu.

Minister stops Ethiopia adoptions

April 06, 2013 |

72 families waiting to adopt children from Ethiopia are affected by a ministerial ban.

Minister for Social Affairs Karen Hækkerup has confirmed that she has immediately introduced a temporary ban on adoptions from Ethiopia through the DanAdopt agency.

The ban comes following reports from several couples in Ethiopia that promises had been made in order to get them to agree to adoptions – among others that they would be allowed to maintain contact with their child after adoption.

Waa’een Dooktoroota Afur Hospitaal Naqamtee Keessaa Hariyatamanii fi Hidhamanii, Shira Moo Haqa?

Ebla 05, 2013 | VOA

Namoo Daandii

Akka maatiileen isaanii jedhanitti, afuran keessaa garii, waggoota 15 caalaa Hospitaala Naqamtee keessaa tajaajilan. Dr. Addaam Lammaa, oguma addaa baqaqsanii hodhuu yokaan Serjeriin n ka tajaajilanii fi Kilinika, “Kilinika Maayoo Ol’aanaa” jedhamu ka dhuunfaatti qaban. Dr. Isaayyaas Birhaanuu oguma addaa fayyaa gadameessaan kan Hospitaalicha keessaa tajaajilanii fi Kilinika “Yuuniversaal Kilinik” - jedhamu dhuunfaatti qaban, Dr. Belaay Beete-Maariyaam, oguma addaa fayyaa gadameessaan kan Hospitaala Naqamtee keessaa hojjetanii fi Kilinika dhuunfaa “ABDII CLINIC” - jedhamu keessaa kan hojjetan, Dr. Taammenee Abarraa, ka baatii ja’a dura Daarektara Medikaalaa Hospitaala Naqamtee turanii fi amma Yunivarsitii Finfinnee, Damee Xiqur Anbassaa keessaa Ispeeshaalistummaa yokaan oguma addaa barataa jiran ta’uu dubbatu, firoonni isaanii kun. 

የኢትዮጵያዉን ስደተኞች መከራ

April 05, 2013 | DW

ጩኸቱ ይቀጥላል። ከኢትዮጵያ ሰሜን ምሥራቅ፥ ወገኖቻቸዉን ለአደን ባሕር-አሳ-አዞ ገብረዉ ቀይ ባሕርን የተሻገሩ ኢትዮጵያዉያንን ስቃይ-ሰቆቃ እንስማ።የመን።ከሰነዓ እንጀምር።


Ebla 05, 2013 | Gulele Post

Jawaar Siraaj Mohammad Irraa

Tattaaffiin rakkoo qabsoon Oromoo mudatte furuudhaaf akka matayyaattiis tahe akka gurmuutti godhamaa jirtu mara jajjabeessuun barbaachisaadha. Carraaqqiin garasiin godhamtu garuu, tan rakkoo jirtuuf furmaata argamsiiftu malee tan rakkoo jirtu daranuu hammeessitu tahuu hinqabdu. Keessaafuu, injifannoolee hanga ammaatti argamaniif wantoota bu’ura tahan akka hin faallessine of eeggannoo cimtuu qabaachuu feesisa. Murni dhiheenya kana as bahe jechoota hahhaarayaa waliin mul’ate. Jechoota kana keessaa, jechoonni lama (terminologies) waan qabsoon Oromoo hanga ammaa himachaa turteefi (political narrative), maalummaa qabsoo tanaatis faallessu tahuu isaanii ibsuufi hubachiisuu barbaachisa. Jechoonni baanaman kuni gaafii Oromoo gaafii sabaatirraa gara gaafii mirga amboommiitti gadi siqsan, Oromoo ammoo, gurmuu akka sabaatti of dandayee ejju tahuurraa kan gara garee Afaaniitti (linguistic group) gadi cabsan tahuudha agarra. Dubbiin lameen tunniin injifannoolee hanga ammaatti goonfanne ni gaaga’an; karaa nuu hafe keessattis gufuufi sakaallaa nutti tahuus ni malan. Kanaafis jechoonni kuni gad baafamanii ummatatti dhihaatan afaanfajji osoo hin uumin, warri ykn gareen dubbiin tun irraa maddite dhimmi kuni duumeeysa balaa dorrobe tahuu akka hubatan yaaliin godhamteeti turte. Yeroo sunitti dubbiin dogongora tahuu isii fudhatanii sirreessuufis tarkaanfiin akka fudhatamtu waadaa seenaniiti turan. Haatahu ammoo, waadaa seenan sun diiguudhaan amma kunoo bifa galmeetin basaqeeysatti asiin bayaniiti jiran.

Oromo TV: ODF Meeting in Minneapolis, MN March 30, 2013


Types and formalities of Oromo marriage

By Tigist Geme*

Marriage is one of the most important rituals in Oromo culture. The custom of marriage differs in various parts of the world and every civilization produces a marriage pattern appropriate to itself (Ludlow, 1965, cited in Gemechu & Assefa., 2006). Among the Oromo society also the type, name and ceremonies differ to some degree from place to place. Generally, there are three types of marriage among the Oormo.


Ebla 02, 2013 | Y.G. (2005)*

Namni ykn humni yk Biyyi tokko, Qabsoo gaaffii mirgaa wayita gaggeessu, bu’urri murannoo isaa mata duree har’aa kana ta’uu, kan haalu jira natti hin fakkaatu. Humni ykn namni ejjannoo kana irratti hin hundoofne, adeemsi isaa fixeensa ganamaatii. Namoonni ykn murni ykn dhaabni ejjannoo kana akka dhaadannottis itti hin gargaaramiin hin jiru. “HUNDA DURA BIYYAA FI UMMATA KIYYAAF!” sadarkaa addunyaattu jechuudha. Ejjannoo kanatu namni tokko murteeffatee Qabsoo saba isaatti akka makamu taasisa. Yk deeggaraa fi sagaleen ummata isaa akka dhaga’amuuf karaa gara garaa carraaqa. Ykn yaadaan ykn Dingdeen ykn bifa gara garaan akka carraaqu isa taasisa. Faallaa kanaa ejjannaan firii ol aanaa argamsiisu danda’u kun garuu waanuma rakasaa tokkon danqamu danda’a. Namni “hunda dura Biyyaa fi Ummata kiyyaaf ” jedhu tokko, gaafa waan dhuunfaa keessa fiduu eegalee, ejjannaan kabajaa Ummata biraa nama goonfachiisu kun, biyyeetti makamti. Abbaa sanas salphifti. Mata dureen kabajamaan kun, waanuma dhuunfaan summooftee, saba tokko ykn qabsoo saba tokko gaaga’uu dandeessi jechuudha. Kanatu umama namaa kumaantamaan dirree salphinaa hiriirse.

Two new ecotourism destinations in Ethiopia unveiled

April 02, 2013 | TravelMole

Two new United States government-supported tourism destinations inaugurated in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia 

Through the United States Agency for International Development's (USAID) Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Alliance (ESTA) project with funding from the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the new community-based tourism sites in Lephis and Ziway are now ready to receive tourists.

Ethiopia Using Spyware to Monitor Political Activists - Report

April 02, 2013 | By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

Addis Ababa — A recently released report has indicated that the Ethiopian government is using a controversial spyware software called FinSpy to monitor the political activities of opposition groups in the country.

Sochii Qeerroo Yuiniversitii Jimmaa Keessaa Harka Qabdu Sababaa Jedhuun Miseensotiin OPDO 3 Hidhaman

Ebla 02, 2013 | Qeerroo Jimmaa

Baratootaa Oromoo Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa daran jabaachuun itti fufee jira, Mootummaan abbaa Irree Wayyaanees Miseensotaa OPDO baratootaa Oromoo ta’an Sochii warraaqsaa Qeerroon gaggeessaa jiruu keessaa harka qabduu jechuun baratootaa Oromoo yeroo dheeraadhaaf Wayyaanee waliin hojjechaa turan hidhaa jira, Haaluma kanaan Baratootni Oromoo miseensotni OPDO sadii hidhaman

Kanneen miseensummaa OPDO fudhatanii sochii warraaqsaa keessan harka qabdu jedhamanii mana hidhaa wajjiraa poolisii Magaalaa Jimmaa Awweetuutti galan keessaa tokko Barataa Mul’ataa Hirkoo mummee barnotaa Afaan Oromoo waggaa 3ffaa kan keessaatti argama.

Ethiopia: Muslim Protesters Face Unfair Trial

April 02, 2013 | Human Rights Watch

Open Hearings to Family, Independent Monitors, Media

(Nairobi) – The prosecution of 29 Muslim protest leaders and others charged under Ethiopia’s deeply flawed anti-terrorism law raises serious fair trial concerns. The trial is scheduled to resume in Addis Ababa on April 2, 2013, after a 40-day postponement.

The case has already had major due process problems. Some defendants have alleged ill-treatment in pre-trial detention. The government has provided defendants limited access to legal counsel and has taken actions that undermined their presumption of innocence. Since January 22 the High Court has closed the hearings to the public, including the media, diplomats, and family members of defendants.

MIRGI UMMATA OROMO NAMOOTA HAGOON HIN MURTAA’U - ULFO’s Statement On Founding and Declaration of ODF

This is the Afaan Oromo and English version of ULFO’s Statement On Founding and Declaration of ODF.
Ummanni Oromo gabrummaa motummoonni ‘Habashaa’ irraan gayan jalaa of-baasuuf bara afurtamaa ol qabsoo hidhannoo deemsisaa jira. Barriin dheera kana keessa mirgootni ummanni dhiiga isaa dhangalaasuun gonfate hedduu ta’uun hubatamaadha.

Manni hidhaa tokko yoo diigame malee deebi’anii keessatti hidhamuun hin hafu

Ebla 02, 2013 | Abdii Boruutiin*

Dubbiin akka mata dureetti dhiyaate kun hiikni isaa mormisiisaa ta’uu mala. Maaliif yoo jedhame, manni hidhaa amma jiru tokko yoo diigame, kan biraa haaraan ijaaramuus waan danda’uuf, isa haaraa kana keessattis hidhamuun waan ooluu miti; kanaaf kun hiikkaa hin qabu kan jedhutti waan nama geessuufi. Dhugaa dhas; dubbiin akkuma namni ilaalu fi hubatutti hiikamuu danda’a. Kan ijaaramee jiru keessattis ta’ee kan gara fuulduraatti haaraa ijaaramu keessatti warra hidhamuuf garaagarummaa hin qabu. Bareedee ijaaramullee manni hidhaa manuma hidhaati. Haa ta’u malee, wantan dhimma kana kaaseef sababan qaba. Yeroo baay’ee warri bilisummaa sabootaatiif ykn uummatootaatiif qabsoofna jedhan, “Impaayarri Itoophiyaa tun mana hidhaa sabootaa ti” jedhu. Akkuman dursee ibsuu yaale, imaayarittiin mana hidhaa sabootaa taate tun, hanga diigamtee sabootni achi keessatti hidhamanis walaba hin taanetti; deebitee haaromtee kan ijaaramtullee yoo taate, manni hidhaa manuma hidhaa waan ta’uuf uummatootnis deebi’anii keessatti hidhamuun isaanii hin oolu. Dhugaa kanatu akkan mata duree kana kaasu na taasise.

Hospital to be opened by volunteer Turkish doctors in Ethiopia

April 01, 2013 | Todays Zaman

A hospital is set to be established jointly by the Marmara Health Federation (MASFED) and Turkish charity Kimse Yok Mu (Is Anybody There) in the African country of Ethiopia, where the average life expectancy in only 40 years.

WBOn Tarkaanfii Diinaa fi Lukkeelee Diinaa Irratti Fudhatu Cimsee Itti Fufe

Ebla 01, 2013 | Madda Oduu ABO

Bitootessaa 25/2013 godina Wallaaggaa Bahaa Onaa Sasiggaatti Humni Addaa WBO tarkaanfii fudhateen loltoota Wayyaanee 3 uffata siviilii fatuun ummata basaasuu irratti bobba'an keessaa 2 ajjeesuun tokko madeesse. Basaasota Ona saasiggaa bakka Soogee jedhamutti diinaan bobbaafaman irratti tarkaanfiin kun Bitootessa 25, 2013 irratti fudhatame. Tarkaanfii fudhatame kanaan Kaffaale Taaddalaa fi Ayyale Ababaaw oggaa ajjeefaman Makonnin kan jedhamu ammo haalaan madaa'uu ajanji humna addaa WBO Godina Wallagga bahaa hubachiise.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee Barattoota Oromoo Yuniversitii Jimmaa 4 Hidhuun Kaan irraa Ammoo Waraqaa Eenyummaa Funaane

Ebla 01, 2013 | Qeerroo Jimmaa

Gaaffii mirgaa barattooti Oromoo Yuuniversitii Jimmaa kaasan waliin wal qabatee Bitootessa 30, 2013 waraanni mootummaa Wayyaanee mooraa Yuuniversitii Jimmaa keessa qubatee jiru barattoota Oromoo 4 diddaa kaastaniittu, gaaffii mirgaa kan mootummaan hin feene kaaftanii jirtu, Biyyi Oromoo kan Oromooti jechuun sagalee dhageessiftan sababa jedhuun barattoota 4 hidhuun beekame. Kanneen 7 taan ammo waraqaa eenyummaa isaanii seeraan ala irraa fuudhee akka jiru Qeerroon Jimmaa gabaasa.

Garaagarummaa Bilisummaa Biyyaa fi Ummataa – Yaada Ifsa ADO Irratt Kenname

Bitootessa 2013 | Ibsaa Guutama irraa**


Gidduu kana jaarmaan maqaa Oromoo maxanfate tokkommoo gadi baheera. Bara darbe 2012 jalqaba irratt akkasuma dhaabi bira maqaa Adda bilisummaa Oromoo utuu gad hin dhiisin daaya (vision) walfakkaataan gadi bahuun ni yaadatama. Ifsi lachannu qubqabsiis ambaa kennan illee waanuma barreessaa tokkoon qophawe fakkaata. Dhaabichi amma of mullise kun ummata Oromoon “Laamsha’iinsa qabsoon amma keessa seenne keessaa ba’uuf mul’ata haaraa, mala qabsoo haaraa kan si aangessu qabannee kaanee jirra. Akeeka si angessuuf karoorfanne kana dhugoomsuuf murannoodhaan daran qabsoo keenya haa finiinsi” jedhe. Kanneen isa duraa kan jedhan nammuu ni irraanfata jedhee yk ofumaa irraanfatee ta’a.

Difference Between Freedom of a Country and of People – Remark on the ODF Statement

March 2013 | By Ibsaa Guutama**


Recently, another organization with the Oromo name has appeared. It is to be remembered that, last year, an organization claiming a similar vision with the present and bearing the name of the Oromo Liberation Front was declared. The statements which both gave to the public media seem as if they were written by the same scribe. The current organization now calls on the Oromo people saying “We have risen with new vision, new tactics of struggle to empower you to pull out from the paralysis in which the struggle is in. To get the objective we designed for the struggle to empower you realized, let us heat up the struggle henceforth.” Is it to empower Oromo or Ethiopians? It [the new organization] might think that people might have forgotten what those before it said, or it itself might have forgotten it. To remind it further, there are organizations formed inside the country with the same vision. It is good to see programs of OPDO, OFDM and OPCO, and identify similarities and differences. There is also OBDN (Oromo National Democratic Movement) in recent history. All say they will struggle for Oromo rights within the Ethiopian union. How they go for it might possibly have differences, but differences of presentation in splitting words into details does not change the end goal.

Oromo Democratic Front’s Tortuous Path to Birth

April 01, 2013 | By Moosisaa Hoosaa*

After years of gestation and almost killing its mother – the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) was born on March 28, 2013. Fifteen years would pass from when its idea was publicly proposed by its chief architect – Obbo Leenco Lata[1] – at an Oromo Studies Association (OSA) conference in the summer of 1999 in Atlanta, Georgia, to its miracle of birth this week.