Response to Bewketu Seyoum’s Article

July 30, 2013 |  By Tesfaye Kebede* 

Not sure what to make out of this gibberish (read here: from a certain Bewketu Seyoum writing about the ongoing Oromo and Southern cultural revolution; each of his sentence is constructed to deliberately use the rarest Amharic word/phrase possible (even those words used only during ESLCE Amharic exams) – all the energy is wasted to make the sentences flowery, but their meanings remain meaningless. Ya-Qaalaat Daadaataa only. His conclusion is that the ongoing cultural revolution is a sign of backward and stagnant mentality. Not sure why he wasted all these words and phrases, instead of just saying that in point-blank.

What we Oromo’s can learn from the South Sudan People’s liberation struggle

July 30, 2013 | By Bakalcho Barii*

Over one point five millions South Sudanese died in the long and protracted civil war with their Northern Arab rulers and millions more were displaced and made refugee around the globe before they finally freed themselves as an independent nation in July of 2011, and stood tall among the one hundred and ninety six independent nations of the world.

Ethiopian arrested at Beirut airport for drug possession

July 30, 2013 | The Daily Star

BEIRUT: An Ethiopian woman was arrested Tuesday at Beirut airport after customs officers found drugs hidden in her luggage.

Customs officers confiscated 6.6 kilograms of khat hidden in the woman’s luggage, a security source told The Daily Star.

Somalia Polio Outbreak Places Ethiopia at Risk

July 30, 2013 | VOA

By Gabe Joselow

NAIROBI, KENYA — Somalia’s Ministry of Health confirms there are now 94 cases of polio in south-central Somalia and the outbreak is showing no signs of slowing down. New cases of the disease near the border with Ethiopia have also put that country at risk.

The polio outbreak, first identified in May in the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya, is spreading throughout Somalia, according to Dr. Yassin Nur, head of immunization at Somalia’s Ministry of Health.

August 2, 2013: Call for Peaceful Protest by All Oromos in Washington, D.C.


Incidents involving Ethiopians highly exaggerated, say police

July 29, 2013 | Areb News

The deadly incidents involving Ethiopian maids are exaggerated, resulting in false accusations and unnecessary panic among Saudi employers, law enforcement officials say.

The recent deaths of children allegedly at the hands of Ethiopian housemaids have created a furor among Saudis on Facebook and Twitter, but Jeddah police caution that the fear among Saudis is disproportionate to the actual crimes committed.

 “Actually it is still on a very limited scale,” Jeddah police spokesman Nawwaf Al-Bouq told Arab News. Al-Bouq said that judging from the comments seen on social media networks, one would think that this is a very wide phenomenon.

New Leadership Slow to Bring Change to Ethiopia: Analysts

July 29, 2013 VOA

ADDIS ABABA — It has been almost one year since Hailemariam Desalegn came to power in Ethiopia, following the death of his predecessor Meles Zenawi. Despite recent demonstrations and a cabinet shuffle, little seems to have changed in the East African country.

After weeks of speculation, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's death was announced last year, on the morning of August 21st. The passing of the longtime ruler made way for his deputy Hailemariam Desalegn, to lead the second most populous nation on the African continent.

Kanniisa Kumatu, Damma Hojjata

Adoolessa 28, 2013 | Y.G(2005) |

Siyaasa Itoophiyaa bara 1991 kaasee gaggeeffaamaa jiru keessatti, carraalee nu fayyaaduu danda’an hedduu nu miliqanii jiran. Hojiilee itti fufiinsaan irratti hojjatamuu qabanii fi, wayyaanee angoo irraa qaariisuuf nu gargaaran hedduu nu mudatanii turan.carraaleen kun ofii isaanii kan umaman odoo hin taane, qaamootuma sochiilee qabsoon kan umaman turan. Carraaleen kun akkamiin nu dabranii fi maaliif itti fayyaadamu dadhabne? isa jedhuuf sababaa hedduu tarrisuutu danda’ama. Yoo danqaalee kanneen tarrisuuf ragaa hedduu qabaannu illee, waan yeroo san nu mudateef hubannoo gaariin waan jiruuf, irra deebi’uun barbaachisaa natti hin fakkaatu. Garuu waan gara fuula duraatti nu mudachu malaniif bu’ura taasifachuun, wal gorfachuun dansaadha jedheen amana. wanni dagachuu hin qabne garuu, carraalee wayyaanee mogolee jalaa kaasuuf nu gargaaran kanneen, maaliif akka itti fayyadamu dadhabne qorannee isa itti aanuuf of qopheessuun fardii ta’uu isaati. Kanas ta’u sana carraalee nu milqanitti gaabbinnee akka irra hin deebi’amneef hojjachuun murteessaadha.


Adoolessa 28, 2013 | Y.G(2005)

Addunyaa kana irratti, Bilisummaan tolaan argame gonkumaa hin jiru. Hundumtu wareegama qaqqaalii ijoolleen isaanii gara kuteenyaan kaffalaniin Injifannoo gonfatan. Mirgi kan sarbamu abaarsaan miti, humnaanii. dhiiga Ummata gabrummaa jala tursu barbaadan sanii dhangalaasaniiti. Qabeenyaa saamuuf jecha, hammeenya gara jabiinaa dhala namaa irratti hin raawwatamiin irratti raawwatanii nama gabroomsan. Addunyaa kana irratti tokko isa tokko liqimsee jiraachuuf lubbu galaafata. Nama gabroomsuuf falli jiru kana qofaadha. Kan gabroomsuu barbaadan gama hundaan laamshessanii cabsan. Warri bara amma kana nu gabroomsan, siree tolaa irra nu ciibsanii ykn nu kunuunsanii miti kan gabrummaa jala nu jiraachisuuf tattaafatan.

The Elephant in the Room: The Ethiopian Empire State and the Oromo National Struggle for Liberation

July 28, 2013 | By Bakalcho Barii*

The Ethiopian Empire state is on the verge of collapse like other empires in history. The empire rulers can no more hide the Oromo struggle for liberation under the guise of religion and territorial integrity. The Oromo question is the Elephant in the room for the current Ethiopian rulers and its foreign backers, and any attempt to delay the inevitable would be not a wise thing to do before the people of the south and the Oromo’s take things in their own hand to stop the killings in their own backyards. Therefore, the immediate and urgent task for the Oromos and the southern nations is to intensify their struggle and realize the total victory that is within reach for the total emancipation of their people.

Hachalu, Abush, Jambo, and Nugusu coming to America

July 28, 2013 | OPride

Four star Oromo artists – Hachalu Hundesa, Jambo Jote, Abush Zeleke, and Nugusu Tamirat – are scheduled to embark on their first multi-state tour across North America, the sponsors said.

The artists are expected to arrive in Washington, D.C. at the end of August to perform at a multiethnic concert organized by Minew Shewa Entertainment (MSE).

Telling the Truth Does not make one “anti-Ethiopian”

July 28, 2013 | By Kadiro Elemo

I was one of the loyal readers of the for I like its lively comments, which are full of conspiracies, suspicious, sarcasm, humor, and which are in a way reflective of reality of the Ethiopian politics. These days, I visit the website sporadically after it developed strong tone of Ityopiyawinnat recently, and it imposed a blanket sanction on the viewpoints of Oromos. For instance, the website did not post most or all recent issues dealing with the Oromo people in Ethiopia on the Aljazeera including an article “The Oromo and the War on Terror in the Horn of Africa” written by Ambassador Akbar Ahmed and Frankie Martin of the American University. Their piece became an issue only after a certain Dula Abdu wrote a piece about it, “Anti-Ethiopia article from American University Faculty and Al Jazeera.” Technically, Nazret readers are informed about “The Oromo and the War on Terror in the Horn of Africa” through the piece and the vantage point of Mr. Dula Abdu. A Nazret approach does not enhance a constructive debate on the future of Ethiopian among various actors and stakeholders. In fact, whether we like it, or not, the future of Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopians, those who consider themselves Ethiopia First or Oromo First or whatever first. We have to hear all viewpoints, including ones we agree and disagree with, ones we like or dislike, and ones we praise or castigate.  The era of paternalism, we know what is good or bad for all Ethiopians, is over.

Exposed “Jawarawi Harakat – Habeshas Drama” Hunduu kan dhaga’uu Qabu


Seife Nebelbal Radio Program interviews Mohammed Ademo and Irko on Current Affairs


10 Poorest Countries in The World (All in Africa)

July 26, 2013 | The African Economist

You probably heard that Ethiopia has been a fast growing economy in the content recording very high growth rate not just in Africa but the world as well. Yet the new measurement known as the Multidimensional Poverty Index, or MPI, that will replace the Human Poverty index in the United Nations’ annual Human Development Report says that Ethiopia has the second highest percentage of people who are MPI poor in the world, with only the west African nation of Niger fairing worse. This comes as more international analysts have also began to question the accuracy of the Meles government’s double digit economic growth claims and similar disputed government statistics referred by institutions like the IMF.

Hidden Agenda Behind Teddy Afro’s ’tikur Sew’ Song

July 26, 2013 | Ayyaantuu News


Public figure in general and artists in particular are expected to have a detail understanding of the social value and political system where they are acting. They are also expected to know the past historical experiences of the society in a given country country. These issues need more consideration if the society is multilingual and multiethnic. This is because the society do have different experiences in the politics of the country and the message of the public figure through different ways, in speech, writing, in poem, in songs, films etc. can strengthen or worsen  the relation that exist between the ethnic or linguistic group. For this reason, the artists especially those who have public acceptance are expected to give due attention to the above things before they are going to work their artistic work and present it to the public. They need to listen to the feeling of the numerous ethnic groups.

To: Dr. Fikire Tolossa/Tolassa; Myths/Wishes cannot be True History and hence Stop Distorting History!

July 26, 2013

After I read an article entitled “A BRIEF NOTE ON THE ORIGIN OF THE AMARA AND OROMO”  by Dr. Fikire Tolossa/Tolassa, I am interested to give my comment on the article. This, because the article appears to be very different from what is widely known among our people-Oromo. Hence, I prepared this comment based on belief that the wrong and distorted information should be considered and corrected before they spoil the public. I provided my comments in two main parts. In the first part, the general weakness observed in the article is briefly described. In the second part, the information presented in the article is commented and criticized by selecting phases from the article as evidence and illustration for argument.

Sammuyyaa Habashaa Bardhibbee 21ffaa Keessaa

July 26, 2013 | Taammanaa Bitimaa irraa | Gulele Post

Akkan barreeffata kana dhiyeessuuf kan sababa naaf tahe, sammuyyaa Habashootaa isa kunoo gara torban sadii irraa kaasee biyyalafaa (addunyaa) tana irratti qullaa of- dhaabee of-muldhisaa jiruu kana. Habashoonni sammuyyaa isaanii isa: wallaalummaa, duubattafummaa, bineensummaa, bisaambisummaa fi doowa (“violence”) irratti dhaabate kan agarsiifatan (“exhibition” godhatan) sababa lama irraa ka’uudhaani.

To All Oromo nationals and friends of the Oromo in the Diaspora,

July 25, 2013

The Oromo Youth Self-Help Association (OYSA), in collaboration with other sisterly associations: the Oromo Community Organization (OCO) of Washington D.C. area, and the Oromo Studies Association (OSA), has organized a peaceful protest to be held in Washington, D.C., in front of the White House and the US State Department, on Friday, August 02, 2013 to request the US administration put pressure on:

Ethiopia ... It’s too late!

July 25, 2013 |Arab News

By Abdullah Sayel*

Five days after the Saudi Ministry of Labor decided to stop recruiting Ethiopian maids, the Ethiopian government in turn announced that it stopped authorizing recruitment of maids to Saudi Arabia. The Ethiopian government is too late again!

This column argued a year ago about the problems of house labor and how it has reached the level of public horror. Actually, the Ethiopian measure should have occurred when the first murder was committed by an Ethiopian maid. They should have applied strict psychological measurements on their human resources before sending them to other countries. It’s a nation that suffered long enough from dictatorships, civil wars, disputes, poverty and long restlessness.

Letter From Ethiopia’s Gulag

July 24, 2013 |The New York Times

By Eskinder Nega*

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — I AM jailed, with around 200 other inmates, in a wide hall that looks like a warehouse. For all of us, there are only three toilets. Most of the inmates sleep on the floor, which has never been swept. About 1,000 prisoners share the small open space here at Kaliti Prison. One can guess our fate if a communicable disease breaks out.

Ethiopia cancels 40,000 work visas for KSA-bound housemaids

July 25, 2013 | Arab News

The Ethiopian government has canceled 40,000 work visas for housemaids destined for the Kingdom and has permanently stopped sending any manpower, local media reported.

The decision apparently came in retaliation for the Saudi government’s decision last week to impose a temporary ban on the recruitment of house workers from Ethiopia.

High Representative Catherine Ashton appoints new Heads of Delegation to Ethiopia and to Rwanda: [European Commission Press Release]

July 24, 2013 European Commission

Reference: IP/13/744 Event                                          Date: 24/07/2013

High Representative Catherine  Ashton appoints new Heads of Delegation to Ethiopia and to Rwanda

Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice President of the Commission, announced today the appointment of two new Heads of Delegation.

Chantal Hebberecht has been appointed Head of the EU Delegation to Ethiopia. Currently the Head of Delegation to Kyrgyzstan, she previously worked as Head of Unit for the Peace Facility in the Commission, and has a particular background on food security issues.


July 23, 2013

ይህንን መጣጥፍ ለመጻፍ ያነሳሳኝ ነገር ቢኖር የኦሮሞ ናሽናሊዝም የደረሰበትን ጥግ ለመጦቆምና ይህንን የወቅቱን መነሳሳት አንድእት ትግሉን አንደሚጠቅም ውይይት ለመጫር ነው፡፡

ሁላችንም አንደምናውቀው ባለፉት 3 ሳምንታት ገደማ ሁለት ወጣት ፖለቲከኞችና የኦሮሞ ነፃነት ግንባር ተወካይ ከኣልጀዚራ ቲቪ ጋር ባደረጉት ውይይት በጠላት ሰፈር ይህ ነው የማይባል ሁከትና መደናገጥን ፈጥሮዋል፡፡ በፖለቲካ ቋንቋ ኳሷን ከአኛ ክልል ኣውጥተን በኢትዮጵያዊያን ኣንድነት መዳ ላይ መጫወት መጀመራችንን ኣመላካች ነው፡፡ በለላ መልኩ በኦሮሞ ብሓርተኝነት ላይ ትልቅ መነሳሳትን ፈጥሯል፡፡

Human Rights Groups: Donor Countries Fuel Abuse in Ethiopia

July 24, 2013 VOA

By Selah Hennessy

LONDON — Two new reports published this month say sustainable development in Ethiopia is impossible without a specific focus on human rights. The reports say donor countries should bear responsibility for ensuring their aid money is not used to fuel abuse.

Ethiopia receives billions of dollars in international aid every year. It is money that is used to help improve basic services like access to health and education.

Oromo Political Prisoners Continue to Be Tortured by the Woyane Abyssinian Army (VOA Audio)


በዲያስፖራ ያለውን የወቅቱን የኢትዮጵያ ፖለቲካ በማስመልከት በአውሮፓ የኦሮሞ ወጣቶችና የሴቶች ማህበራት የጋራ መግለጫ: እኛም በመጀመሪያ ደረጃ ኦሮሞ ነን።

July 24, 2013

በአሁኑ ወቅት የኦሮሞ ፖለቲካዊና ዲፕሎማሲያዊ እድገት እርር ድብን ያደረጋቸው የአጼዎቹ ቡችሎች በአጼዎቹ ልጆች በተፈጠሩ ሚዲያዎች ላይ አንድን ግለሰብ በማስታከክ በኦሮሞ ህዝብ ላይ የቃጡትን ሀሰታዊ የፖለቲካ ዘመቻ ለህመማቸው ፈውስ ሳይሆን ማባባሻ እንደሆነ ልናስጠነቅቃቸው እንወዳለን።

ነጻነት ዲሞክራሲና እኩልነት ስራ ላይ በሚውልበት ሀገር ውስጥ እየኖሩ ስለነጻነት ዲሞክራሲና እኩልነት የማይረዱ ግለሰቦች በምን አይነት መልኩ ሊማሩ እንደሚችሉ መገመት አዳጋች ነው። ለማመን በጣም አስቸጋሪ የሚሆነው ደግሞ እነዚህ ግለሰቦች በትምህርት ደረጃ ማእረጋቸውና በአስተሳሰባቸው መሀከል ያለው ርቀት የሰማይና የመሬት ያህል መሆኑ ነው።

Oromo TV/sagalee Oromiyaa Jawar Mohamed Interview


Worldwide Rally on July 26 Aims to Preserve Ethiopian Muslims' Constitutional Rights

July 23, 2013 PR News wire

WASHINGTON, July 23, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --The Ethiopian government is treading in narrow and treacherous waters replete with religious identities. It is breaching international covenants with regard to freedom of religion by engaging in the religious persecution of the Muslims who are half of its citizens.  Its egregious acts are: 

1) importing from Lebanon an alien ideology (Al-Ahbash) that is cloaked in faith but is incompatible with the prevailing peaceful Muslim belief system; 

2) imposing forcibly this sect's ideology on Ethiopian Muslims; 

Duulli Sabboontota Oromoorratti godhamu, QBO dhaabuu hin danda’u

Adoolessa 23, 2013 Abdii Boruutiin* 

Erga TV Aljaziraa irratti Sabboontota Oromoo sadi (Dr. Fidoo Eebbaa, Obboo Jawaar Mohaammad fi Obboo Mohaammad Adamoo) waliin waayee saba Oromoorratti mariin godhame fi keessumayuu Sabboonaan Oromoo Obboo Jawaar Mohaammad gaafii isaaf dhiyaatef “Ani dura Oromoo dha…”  jedhee deebii kenne booda, Habashootni gamaa gamanaa wacaa akka jiran hubatamaa jira. Habashootni, dhimma kanarratti maaliif akkanatti maraatanii, hucuu gatuuf akkana ta’u? Jawaar ilma Oromoo akka ta’e duraan otuu hin beekin hafaniitii moo maaliif akkanatti dubbataatu isaan aarse?Sabboontotni Oromoo, nuti dura Oromoo dha akka jedhan har’a itti mul’atee? Moo dhimmi Oromoo yeroo duraatiif sabaa-himaa Addunyaarratti dubbatamuu isaatu garaa isaanii gubee; isa kanaan aaruudhaan Sabboonaa keenya kanarratti abaarsa fi olola akka rooban isaan taasise laata?Sana booda hoo Sabboonaa keenya Dargaggoo Abdii Fiixee akka reeban kan isaan taasise maali? Asirratti gaafiilee baay’eetu ka’uu danda’u. Haa ta’u malee, dhimma kana karaa adda addaatiin ilaaluudhaan, akka yaada kiyyaatitti sababoota adda addaa tilmaamuun yaala.

Is the Conflict Between Ethiopiawinet and Oromummaa Irreconcilable?

July 23, 2013 By Fayyis Oromia*

It is interesting to follow the ongoing discussion and dispute regarding Ethiopiawinet (Ethiopian nationalism) andOromummaa (Oromo nationalism) in the cyberworld and at the real community level. It was two months ago that we first listened to a cyber conference of about eight political leaders and scholars, in which Dr. Bayan Asoba, one of the leaders of the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) took part and showed the vision of his party regarding the futurity of both Ethiopia and Oromia. His position was moderate, which could have been taken as a middle ground for all the political groups in the Ethiopia Empire (the pro-independence, the pro-federation and the pro-unitary) to have a consensus if they really want to agree on a common ground. Then, Dr. Fikre Tolossawrote an appeal open letter directed to Dr. Bayan, asking him, above all, to “accept Ethiopiawinet identity and struggle for the territorial integrity of the country.” One of the arguments he used to convince Dr. Bayan was attempting to present Ethiopian history in a totally new form. He asserted that Ethiopia, above all, belongs to the Oromo, who “were the rulers of this region for more than 3000 years.”

Press Release: USCIRF Calls on Ethiopia to Release Religious Freedom Advocates on Trial

July 23, 2013 United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)

WASHINGTON D.C. -- On the one-year anniversary of the crackdown on Muslim protestors for peacefully advocating for their religious freedom rights, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) calls on the Ethiopian government to release 29 individuals who have been detained and put on trial.  

Waldaan Hawaasa Oromoo Kibba Africa Biyyi Oromootaa Oromiyaa Malee Ethiopia Akka Hin Taane Ejjennoo Isaanii Cimsuun Ibsatan


World Bank criticised over human rights checks

July 22, 2013 | BBC

The World Bank is funding projects that are detrimental to human rights, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

It says the bank "lacks adequate checks" to ensure that its projects are not harming the rights of people affected by the projects.

The report cites projects in areas where there was alleged ill-treatment and forcible relocation of villagers.

The World Bank said it is dedicated to "reducing poverty and protecting people in the projects we finance".

ይድረስ በጀዋር መሃመድና በኦሮሞ ማንነት ላይ ለተነሳሳችሁ ወገኖች በሙሉ: ጀዋርን ለቀቅ ኣድርጉት

ያ.ጀማል (ያህያ ጀማል)*

ጁሃር መሃመድ እና የመጀመርያ ደረጃ ኢትዮጵያውያን

July 22, 2013 | Gulele Post

አመል ሚዛናዊ ዜና

በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ እና ከኢትዮጵያ ውጭ ሁለት አይነት ኢትዮጵያውያን ይገኛሉ አንደኞቹ ቡድኖች በሚናገሩት እና በሚሰሩት ስህተት ሁሉ የሚረገሙበት የሚኮነኑበት የሆኑ ሲሆኑ ሌሎች አንደኛ ደረጃ (first degree) ኢትዮጵያውያን ደግሞ … አዬ የሳቸው ነገር አንዳንዴ እረ … ተወው…ተብለው ወደ ጎን ችላ የሚባልላቸው መርዘኛ ንግግራቸው ሁሌም (brush off) የሚደረግላቸው ቡድኖች ናቸው። የሰሞኑ የጁሃር ንግግር በየመወያያ መድረኩ እና በየፌስ ቡኩ መነጋገርያ አጀንዳ ሆኖ ሰንብቷል። የጁሃር ቃላት አመራረጥ ሁላችንንም ያስከፋ ሲሆን እንኳን ከአንድ ተስፋ የተጣለበት ቀለም ጠገብ የፖለቲካ ሳይንስ ተንታኝ ምሁር ቀርቶ ከተራ ሰውም ሲሰማ አሳፋሪ እና አንገት የሚያስደፋ ነበር። ሆኖም ተመሳሳይ አሳዛኝ ንግግሮች ከሌሎች ኢትዮጵያውያን የተደመጠበት ወቅት በመኖሩ ይህ አጋጣሚ የተለየ እና አዲስ የሚያደርገው ጉዳይ በወል ባይታወቅም ሌሎች ጥርጣሬዎችን ማጫሩ አልቀረም።

Jajjabeen ABO ykn Humni Addaa WBO Jechuun Kan Beekamu Oromiyaa Bakkoota Adda Addaa Keessatti Injifannoo Galmeessan.

Adoolessa 22, 2013 | Madda Oddu ABO

Humni addaa WBO Dhiha Oromiyaa keessa sosso'u polisoota lama kanneen yeroo hedduuf ummata dararaa turanii fi dirqama diinaa fudhatuun WBO sakatta'uuf bobba'an haleeluun gaaga'e. Kanneen tarkaanfii Adoolessa 11, 2013 Godinaa Bahaa Wallaggaa Ona Limmuu Galiilaa bakka Harqumbee jedhamutti fudhatameen kanneen gaaga'amanis, Daanyee Balaachoo fi Laggasaa Getaachoo kan jedhaman tahuu ajaji WBO godinichaa hubachiise. Humni addaa tarkaanfii kana fudhate ibsa baaseen kanneen dhalootaan Oromoo fi ilmaan saboota biro diinaaf waardiyyaa tahuun ummata Oromoo irratti hammeenya hojjataa jiran gochaa isaanii akka dhaaban akeekkachiisee kanneen gorsa kana fudhatuu didan adabuu kan itti fufu tahuu fi kana raawwatuufis yomiyyuu caalaa qophii tahuu beeksise.

The SECRET of Orthodox church!!!

July 22, 2013 | Geda Ganamo via Facebook

Whenever we speak about Islam in Ethiopia, we can’t exclude Muslim Oromos, the Somalis, the Afars, the Argobas, the Siltie, the Harari etc. These communities see Islam as one part of their national identity values. Whenever we speak of the present aspects of Islam in Ethiopia, we are speaking about one component of the identity marks of these people. On the other …hand, these nations and nationalities were being oppressed not only for their being non-Abyssinians (the nation of ruling class) but also for their being Muslims. Accordingly, whenever they were fighting for their national rights, they were also struggling to vanquish the bad embargo put on their Islamic identity as well. What proof can I provide for this argument? I have one good example which can easily demonstrate the case.

Edmonton protest sparks huge police presence

July 22, 2013 | Edmonton Journal

By Otiena Ellwand

Meeting interrupted, participants whisked away to avoid conflict between opposing Ethiopian groups

EDMONTON - A standoff between two Ethiopian groups attracted more than 45 police officers, some in riot gear, to a west end community league Saturday afternoon.

At around 3 p.m., police responded to a protest in the parking lot of the Belmead Community Centre at 182nd Street and 90th Avenue where more than 100 demonstrators had gathered. Officers called for backup after they were surrounded by a large group, Edmonton Police Service said in a news release.

Ethiopians in the news again in Saudi Arabia

July 22, 2013 | Saudi Gazette

By Mahmoud Ahmad*

The Ministry of Labor recently suspended temporarily the recruitment of Ethiopian housemaids to the Kingdom after a series of attacks and murders against children. The reason was to avail of time to conduct the necessary studies and analyze available data on these crimes.

These murders happened within a short period of time and sparked public anger against Ethiopian maids and brought back memories of the recent attack against this nationality a few months back.

The ‘Blue’ cannot mask the ‘Amhara’: Behind the propagation of ‘Individual Rights’

July 22, 2013 |  By Jilcha Hamid | Gulele Post

In early June of this year a major protest staged in Finfinne caught the attention of the international media, which described it as the first protests since the 2005 elections. I assume that they were talking specifically about political opposition protests. Stepping into the spotlight and reading a statement to the media on behalf of the political opposition was Yilikal Getnet , chairman of the ‘Blue Party’. In the statement the chairman called for the release of political prisoners while highlighting other political and economic problems. The call raised a lot of interest and support, most notably from the ‘Hear Our Voices’ movement which had been protesting and advocating for religious freedoms for Muslims in Ethiopia for well over a year by that time. So when the Blue Party took to the streets for their first protest, the ‘Hear Our Voices’ (HOV) movement mobilized its alongside them. The HOV movement had long been looking for a partner outside of the Muslim community, namely to counter the regimes ‘Jihadawi’ propaganda levelled against their movement. The Blue Party on the other hand was looking to gain wider support for its political program by appealing to the disenfranchised Muslims.

Heavy police presence at Ethiopian protest in west Edmonton

July 21, 2013 | Yahoo News

A heavy police presence has formed outside of the Belmead Community League in western Edmonton where about a group of protesters has gathered to rally against the Ethiopian government.

The CBC's Matthew Kupfer reports that police are keeping media away from the community hall at the centre of the protest, but he can see more than half a dozen police and emergency vehicles on the scene.

He says police officers are now standing between the protesters and the building.

July 21, 2013 RAB Interview With Jawar Mohammed and Mohammed Ademo [A Must Listen]


Jawar Mohammed’s Clarification on Minnesota Speech

July 20, 2013  | Gulele Post

In recent weeks, several video clips from my speeches at various events have been systematically edited to present a narrative that portrays me in the worst moral and political light. The latest of these doctored videos are pieced together to create the impression that I was advocating violence against Christians in Ethiopia. Needless to say, this is a calculated and horrendous political strategy so commonplace in the Ethiopian political landscape. Let me say as clearly as I can: I find such views so revolting and so repugnant that it has no place in any civil political discourse. Whatever motivated those who engaged in EPRDF style character assassination, this past week has given us an impeccable evidence about the state of our media and the place of truth, and journalistic ethics in their operations. It is also ironic that many of the individuals and groups engaged in this propaganda are the same people who went a long way to disparage me as ’naïve’, ‘spineless’, and ‘passivist’ for writing and speaking about nonviolence. Given the sensitivity of the issue and the malicious manner in which these videos were edited and presented, I want to take this opportunity to explain the context in which that particular speech was delivered.

Oromo TV: Interview with Dr. Gemechu Megerssa on Knowledge, Identity and the Colonizing Structure -[Part 2] MUST WATCH


ይድረስ ለወጣቱ ለጉብል ነፍጠኛው

July 20, 2013

ይህ ግጥም ተሕሳስ ፬ ፲፱፻፷፰ /1968 (Dec 14. 1975) ተጻፈ፥፥  ነገሮች ተለወጡ ብለን ስናስብ ተመልሰው አዛው በነበሩበት ይንደፋደፋሉ የሚለውን የፈረንጆች ኣባባል ኣስታውሰን  ሰሞኑን አየተስተዋለ ያለዉን ኣስተሳሳብ ከቀድሞው ብዙም ርቆ አንዳልሄደ ያሳይ ይሆን ብለን ይህን ግጥም ለ አንባዎቻችን አቅርበናል፥፥ የጽሁፉን ይዘት አንዳለ ለመረዳት ኦሪጂናሉን ወደ ኮምፑተር ከመለውጥ በስተቀር ምንም የቃላት ለውጥ ሳናደርግ ለማቅረብ ወደናል፥፥ግጣሚው በወቅቱ ቶኪቻው በሚል የሚስጥር ስም ተጠቅሞ  የጻፈው ሲሆን ኣሁን ማንነቱ ያ አውቁ የኦሮሞ ደራሲ አብዱረሺድ መሀመድ ( አባ ኡርጂ) መሆኑን ማወቅ ተችሉዋል፥፥ ደራሲው ብዙ የግጥም፤ የታሪክ አና የለብወለድ መሃፍትን ለህዝብ ያቀረበ ሲሆን፤ በዚሁ ኣመት አራሱ RAAMMISOO ብሎ የሰየመውን  ታሪካዊ ልብወለድ ኣሳትሙዋል፥፥ 

የኦፌኮ እሥረኞች፣ የብሦት አቤቱታና የረሃብ አድማ

July 20, 2013 | VOA Amharic

ቂሊንጦ የሚገኙ የኦሮሞ ፌደራሊስት ኮንግረስ አባል የሆኑ እሥረኞች የረሃብ አድማ ላይ ናቸው፡፡

“በኢትዮጵያ እሥር ቤቶች ውስጥ በአብዛኛው ታስረው የሚገኙት የኦሮሞ ልጆች ናቸው” ያሉት የኦሮሞ ፌደራሊስት ኮንግረስ ዋና ፀሐፊ አቶ በቀለ ነጋ በቅርብ ቀን ደግሞ ከቃሊቲ እሥር ቤት ወደ አንድ መቶ የሚሆኑ እሥረኞች ቂሊንጦ ወደሚባል አቃቂ አካባቢ የሚገኝ እሥር ቤት መወሰዳቸውን አመልክተዋል፡፡

እነዚህ እሥረኞች ከሁለት ዓመታት በላይ ያለፍርድ ታስረው እየተንገላቱና ፍትሕ አጥተው እንደሚገኙ፣ ቤተሰቦቻቸው ለችግር መጋለጣቸውንና መበተናቸውን፣ እነርሱም በእሥር ቤቶቹ ውስጥ ተደጋጋሚ ድብደባ እንደሚፈፀምባቸው አቶ በቀለ ነጋ ለቪኦኤ ገልፀዋል፡፡

"We Are Oromos First Too!" - Statement from OYSA/WWDO

July 20, 2013 | Oromo Youth Self-help Association (Washington, DC)

A statement from Oromo Youth Self-Help Association (Washington, DC) condemning the attack on journalist Abdi Fite

Oromummaa or Oromo nationalism has achieved successive victories and reached a higher level to mobilize the untapped Oromo human resources for a just cause – Oromo national movement that had been continuously and viciously attacked by successive Ethiopian regimes.

Egypt Calls on Ethiopia to Seek Solution on Nile Water Sharing

July 20, 2013 | Bloomberg

By Maher Chmaytelli

Egypt will try reach a solution for its conflict with Ethiopia about a dam on the Nile river, Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy said.

“We will take action to guarantee the water security of Egypt and preserve our rights in the waters of the Nile,” he told a televised press conference in Cairo today. “We call on the Ethiopian side to respond.”

Ethiopian Sugar Alleged to Destroy Pastoral Communities of Lower Omo

July 20, 2013 | Crop Watch

By Richard Smallteacher

Ethiopian Sugar Corporation (ESC) is benefiting from forced resettlement of pastoral people in the Lower Omo Valley - a United Nations cultural heritage site - to make way for new sugar plantations and factories, according to a new report from the Oakland Institute.

Will Hurd, the author of the new report, is one of the few outsiders to speak the language of the local Mursi people. He was hired to work as a translator for an international fact finding team from the U.K. Department for International Development (DFID) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) who traveled to the region in January 2012 to investigate allegations of human rights abuse. The funders provide support for Ethiopia’s Protection of Basic Services Program.

Ethnicity in Ethiopia: The View From Below

July 20, 2013 | By Tolera Fikru Gemta | Gulele Post

- Summary of Article by Herbert S. Lewis 

The modern empire of Ethiopia was created as a result of rapid military expansion of Amhara rulers of Shoa, to south ward. It is 110 age only. The empire was created during the European Power British and French established Empires in Africa. The creation of the empire was more brutal in south, especially those who did not submit peacefully faced massacre, expropriation, dislocation. The conquered people were not similar with the conquerors in all aspect of culture, (language, religion and etc). The territories conquered by Menelik military were autonomous people. The local administrations that forcibly built with gun (the neftegna) were so exploitative and oppressive. The indigenous political leaders appointed by the system also serve only as an instrument for Amhara rule; and the effect was the same.

Opinion Divided on Rebirth of Ethiopia’s Opposition

July 20, 2013 | Inter Press Service (IPS)

By William Lloyd-George

GONDAR, Ethiopia, Jul 19 2013 (IPS) - Since the violence that ensued after the ruling party won Ethiopia’s 2005 elections, this East African nation has seen little in the way of political dissent. That is, until the last few months.

Since June, the country has witnessed protests in three of its major cities. Despite the significance of these protests, observers disagree over how much they signal a rebirth for the country’s opposition movement and the government’s tolerance of it.

Are US and UK 'turning a blind eye' as Ethiopia uproots natives?

July 20, 2013 | CSMonitor
California think tank issues double-barreled report alleging Washington, London are willfully ignoring gross violations.
Nairobi, Kenya  (By Mike Pflanz, Correspondent, Robert Marquand)

Charges surfaced yesterday that American and British diplomats responsible for Africa are deliberately ignoring a brutal Ethiopian campaign to relocate local people in order to lease the cleared land to foreign corporations.

An American expert on Ethiopia who translated for US and British staff in the region of South Omo in 2012 released transcripts and audio tapes of conversations in from a joint fact finding mission there. In it, Omo tribals tell officials that girls and women, including their wives, were raped by "men with guns" in order to get them to leave the area.

Teachable Moment for Urban Amhara Elites Masquerading as All-Ethiopia Know-It-All?

July 19, 2013 | By Tesfaye Kebede*


After observing the political raucous in the Ethiopianist camp over the last four weeks since the airing of the Al Jazeera’s The Stream program on the persecution of the Oromo, the largest ethnic group in the Ethiopian empire, one has to wonder who constitutes this Ethiopianist camp. Especially, their attacks on Obbo Jawar Mohammed for stating the most obvious of all, that he was an Oromo first, shows the Ethiopianist camp is detached from the realty not only in Oromia, but also in the rural Amhara region, where young men and women are proudly saying, “we are Amhara first;” “we are Agaw first;” “we are Kemant first,” etc. depending on the nationality of the youth.

Ethiopia's rights abuses 'ignored’ by aid agencies

July 19, 2013 | Euractive

Britain’s Department for International Development (DfID) and the American aid agency USAID have been accused of ignoring evidence of human rights abuses allegedly linked to their support for a multibillion-dollar social services programme in Ethiopia.

A report published on Wednesday (17 July) by the US-based think tank the Oakland Institute details a long list of grievances presented to aid officials from the UK and US by communities in the Lower Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia.

Melbourne boy at risk in notorious Ethiopian prison

July 19, 2013 | By Caroline Zielinski | The Age National

A 15-year-old Australian imprisoned in a notorious Ethiopian federal jail for killing his niece was initially forced to share a cell with international criminals and drug traffickers, according to his lawyer.

Did West ignore rape charges related to Ethiopia land grab?

July 19, 2013 | By Mike Pflanz | CSMonitor

USAID officials are accused of ignoring reports of profound human rights abuses by Ethiopia, a strategic ally in the Horn of Africa. They deny it.

The US and British governments are “turning a blind eye” to human rights abuses carried out to force Ethiopian nomads off their land so that it can be leased to foreign farming companies, a new report has claimed.

US aid officials who traveled to Ethiopia's southern Omo Valley in January, 2012 heard direct accounts of rapes, beatings, and intimidation from the alleged victims, according to the report, released by the Oakland Institute, a California think tank.

‘Are you Oromo First or Ethiopian First?’

July 19, 2013 | By Awol Allo | Glasgow Legal Theory

That was the question put to Jawar Mohamed by Al Jazeera’s The Stream co-host Femi Oki. Jawar’s response—‘I am an Oromo First’, and that ‘Ethiopia is imposed on me’—raised a political tsunami that provides us with a unique and revealing insight into the moral parochialism and ethical deadlock that pervades our political imagination. Many moved too quick and jumped too fast- seeking to obliterate the political stature of the man they lauded as ‘progressive’ and ‘visionary’ not long ago. Their love affair with Jawar came to a sudden halt with his declaration of loyalty to his ethnic subjectivity, as opposed to his Ethiopian subjectivity. Their objection was not merely against Jawar’s specific claims but a concern with why the ‘Oromo’ question, and why at this time.

Seife Nebelbal Radio Programs Interviews with Artist Aliye and Prof. Merera Gudina


The Wounded Ethiopian Nationalism and Messay Kebede’s Recent Article

July 18, 2013 | By Leggesse Alemu

Ethiopian Nationalism is wounded nationalism because of the bloody war it has been fighting with its foes since 1960s. It has been fighting both with its internal and external enemies which were created, harbored and brought up by Narrow Ethiopian Nationalism itself. It was decisively defeated both in the battles of armed struggles and in realm of ideas. Due to these bitter defeats Eritrea has gone forever. “Ethno”-Nationalists (even though I do not like this name, I could not get better one) have got State power and launched bloody wars against Ethiopian Nationalism. In fact, Ethno- Nationalists have scored so many successive “victories” that has far deepened the wound of Ethiopian Nationalism. Due to these defeats and wound the Ethiopian Nationalists have started to doubt the validity and viability of their political commitments and values. Hence, they have lost self values and trapped in to the vicious cycle that could be analogized to theory of “insecurity dilemma” of the given regime.


Adoolessa 18, 2013 | Y.G(2005)*

Mata dureen barruu kiyya har’aa lamadha. Tokko firaaf, tokko diinaaf. Waggoota dheeraaf mooraa qabsoo Oromoo keessatti waan mul’atu hundaaf, sababaan Hogganaa jedhamee ka’uun dhaga’a. Hogganoonni Qabsoo Oromoos komee kana of irraa kaasuuf, Hogganummaa irraa ka’uu akka danda’an dubbachuu isaanii dhaga’eera, argeeras. Ani gama kootiin, Hogganoota qabsoo haa geeddaraman, ykn haa ka’an, ykn isaantu qabsoo duubatti harkise yennaa jennu, akka waloottis, dhunfaattis yennaa arrabsinu, salphisnu, Dulloomaniiruu haa ka’an yennaa jennu, Namoonni qeeqa kana kaasan, mooraa qabsoo Oromoo akka gaaritti hubatanii ykn xiinxalanii dubbataa jiru? moo, namni waan jedhuuf afarsaa jiru? moo, addunyaa irratti waan arginu irraa ka’anii, odoo lafaa waa hin qabaatiin ykn sochii tokkollee hin taasisiin lallabaa jiru? moo, haaluma qabsoon Oromoo itti jiru akka gaaritti qalbeeffannee dubbachaa fi qeeqaa jirra moo, furmaata dhumaatu kanaa jennee dubbannamoo, halgaan isin hogganuu dandeessu jedhanii dantaa isaaniif waan gara garaan waan nu dammaqsaniif dubbannaa? moo, dhuguma dhaloota haaraa isaan dhaalu qopheeffannee lafaa qabnamoo, namni dhuunfaa hogganoota waliin wal dhabee waan katabee ykn dubbateef waliin dhaabbanna moo, Hogganootuma qabsoo kana kaafnee akka haaraatti of dhaabnaadha moo,…….. maal jechuu akka barbaadamu naaf hin liqifamu.

Britain 'turning a blind eye' to expulsion of Ethiopians from their ancestral lands

July 18, 2013 | The Telegraph | By Mike Pflanz, Nairobi

Britain is "turning a blind eye" to the forcible expulsion of people from their ancestral lands in Ethiopia, while giving the country £345 million of aid this year, a study has found.

According to the Oakland Institute, a US think tank, the resettlement of 260,000 cattle-herders in Ethiopia, so their land can be used for industrial farming, has been accompanied by rapes and violence.

However, its report alleges that while Britain's Department for International Development (DFID) and its American equivalent are fully aware of what is happening, they are deliberately turning a "blind eye". Ethiopia is the biggest recipient of British aid in the world.

Al Jazeera Stream and the emergence of assertive Oromo voice

July 18, 2013 | OPride | By Ebissa Ragassa

The once suppressed truth about Oromo people finally reached a global audience on June 25 when Al Jazeera’s The Stream aired, “Oromos Seek Justice in Ethiopia."

Instead of using the program as a teachable moment, a time for national contemplation and introspection about Ethiopia's collective history, the two young activists Jawar Mohammed and Mohammed Ademo received a mob lynching, even if online. The half-hour segment on Al Jazeera provided an important opportunity to initiate a national discussion on how the very formation of Ethiopia led to the current crisis, including opposing viewpoints on Jawar and Ademo’s presentation.

Oromo TV: Interview with Dr. Gemechu Megerssa on Knowledge, Identity and the Colonizing Structure -[Part 1] MUST WATCH


The Truth, a few Extremist Amhara Diaspora and media couldn’t live with

July 18, 2013 | By Nadhii Gamadda (PhD)

After I listened to Aljazeera’s The Stream program ad on the Oromo causes, I told my good friend as these will bring great pain and suffering to some extremist Amhara in Diaspora and their media. As I said, in the last two weeks we witnessed the unfolding and concerted campaign of these extremist groups and their affiliated media against Jawar and us, the 40 plus millions of Oromo people. I was amused by the sheer number of articles and videos they produced and posted on their blogs and websites. What drives these people nuts? Why they picked on Jawar? What would the answer be if tens of millions of Oromo youth and farmers asked the same question? Do we answer it differently? Why we don’t feel Ethiopian? By insulting the great people and person of the continent of African in general and the horn region in particular what on earth these people want to achieve?

Murdering a Sheik in bid to incriminate peaceful Muslim Protestors?

July 18, 2013 | By Nasrudin Osman

“We have No Reason to Kill; but a Cause to Die for.”   Ahmedin Jebel

The Ethiopian government’s intelligence services have resorted to the most cruel and bizarre tactic in a desperate bid to incriminate Muslims in Dessie town who have been holding more than a year of peaceful protests, part of a nationwide protests against government interference in religious affairs.

According to reports, Sheikh Nuru has become the first victim of the government’s desperate and devilish attempt to demonize the consistently peaceful movement of the country’s Muslims demanding the full respect of constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom and government non-interference in religious affairs.

European Human Rights Committee Denied Access to Ethiopian Prison

July 17, 2013 | VOA

By Marthe van der Wolf

Chair of the European Parliament Subcommittee for Human
Rights, Barbara Lochbihler
ADDIS ABABA — Members of a European Parliament human rights delegation have been blocked from visiting an Ethiopian prison, and are concerned about the human rights situation in that nation.

On Wednesday, the European Parliament Subcommittee for Human Rights wrapped up a visit to Ethiopia to assess the country's human rights situation. The delegation had a trip scheduled to the infamous Kality prison just outside the capital, Addis Ababa. The facility is known for housing political prisoners in harsh living conditions.

EU delegation: Ethiopia should release jailed journalists and activists

July 17, 2013 | Associated Press


A European Union parliament delegation on Wednesday called on Ethiopia's government to release jailed journalists and activists, but in a sign the call may not be heeded the delegation was denied from visiting a prison it had been approved to see.

The head of the delegation, Barbara Lochbihler, said Ethiopia is jailing journalists and activists for "exercising their legitimate right to freedoms of expression, association and religion." The group is concerned by reports of misuse of the country's anti-terrorism legislation to stifle dissent, she said.

Ethiopia: The Continuing of Deaths and Displacements in Eastern Oromia

July 16, 2013

Public: for immediate Release

In a development relating to HRLHA URGENT ACTION, May 7, 2013, "Ethiopia: Loss of Lives and Displacement Due to Border Dispute in Eastern Ethiopia"

HRLHA has learnt that three innocent civilians have been killed and two others wounded in eastern Oromia’s Regional State, in Ethiopia in a violence that involved the Federal Government’s special force known as LIYYU POLICE.

Ethiopian Troops Leave Somali Town, Leaving Gap

July 17, 2013 | Associated Press

MOGADISHU, Somalia :- A military spokesman in Somalia says that government forces will help to replace Ethiopian troops who vacated a Somali town in recent days.

The pull-out by Ethiopian troops from the town of Baidoa on Sunday and Monday increases the pressure on African Union and Somali forces to fill the vacuum before Islamist militants take over the region.

Ethiopia: Opposition protestors detained after rare show of dissent

July 17, 2013 | Sudan Tribune

Authorities in Addis Ababa have arrested dozens of members and supporters of the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) party, an Ethiopian opposition group, locally known as Andnet.

The arrests were made on Monday in the Ethiopian capital after the group held two protest rallies in the towns of Gondar and Dessie in the Amhara region.

“Security forces arrested 42 UDJ members and supporters in Addis Ababa”, the party’s chairman and a former Ethiopian president, Negasso Gidada, told Sudan Tribune.

Oromia/Ethiopia:Why Obang Metho Refused To Accept Reality?


The Oromo and the War on Terror in the Horn of Africa

July 16, 2013 | Aljazeera

By Akbar Ahmed* and Frankie Martin*

The Oromo and other long-suffering communities do not want independence but to be treated as citizens of the state.

In August 2011, Bekele Gerba, an English teacher at Addis Ababa University and prominent politician, met with a delegation from Amnesty International to discuss the human rights situation in Ethiopia. Gerba, a vocal activist on behalf of his largely Muslim Oromo people, was deputy chairman of the opposition party Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM) and a member of the executive committee of Medrek, the country’s main opposition coalition.

[Author Abdi Fite Questions]: Are You Oromo or Ethiopian first?


Oromiyaa baldhoo qoqooduuf shira wayyaaneen itti turtee fi jirtu. Nutoo gochaa diinaa kana bifa kamiin hubachaa jirra?

Adoolessa 14, 2013 | Camadaa Hundee irraa*

Wayyaaneetti mataa dhukubbii guddaa kan itti ta’ee jiru keessaa, baayyina ummata Oromoo fi baldhina dachee oromiyaa ti. Wayyabummaan oromiyaa fi ummata Oromoo xiqqeessuuf jecha eega aangoo qabattee kaastee shira dhuma hin qabne oromiyaa keessatti dalagdee jirti. Haata’uuti garuu shirri TPLF kun akka isheen barbaadetti dhugoomufii tasa hin dandeenye. Qorqalbii oromiyaan baldhoodhaa fi ummati Oromoo biyyatti keessa wayyaba jedhu balleessuuf jecha heeraa fi seera ofii tumatte dahoo godhachuudhaan ummta Oromoo irratti daba dhiifama hin qabne irratti hojattee jirti. Shira wayyaaneen hojataa turtee fi ammas itti jirtu amma tokko kaasanii ilaaluun eddu gaarii dha.

Kennaan, dandeettii fi beekumsi Oromoo kan fedhii saba Oromootiif hin taane ykn hin oolle hiikkaan isaa maali?

Adoolessa 14, 2013 | Abdii Boruutiin*

Mata duree kanaan barruu kana akkan dhiyeessu kan na taasise, barreeffama dhiyoo kana Obboo Fayyis Oromiatiin mata duree “Oromo Talents in the Habesha Political Clubs jedhuun dhiyaate dha. Barruulee Obboo Fayyis dhiyeessu, xinnaatee yoo xinnaate waggoota afran dabran keessatti hordofaan ture, hordofaan jiras. Akka ilaalcha kiyyaatitti, barruuleen Obboo Fayyis tokko tokko qabiyyeen isaanii mormisiisaa haa ta’an malee, kan hafan harki caalaan isaanii kan barumsa namaaf kennanii dha jedheen yaada. Ani Obboo Fayyis fuulaan beekuu baadhus, nama beekumsaa fi dandeettii guddaa qabu akka ta’en hubadha. Kanaafuu akka ilma Oromoo tokkootti kabaja fi ulfina guddaan qabaaf. Dandeettii barreessuu isaallee nan dinqisiifadha. Yeroo tokko nan yaadadha, yeroo anis barreessuu jalqabu, yaada jajjabeessaa naaf barreessinaan, “…Obboo Fayyis, nama akka keetii kanarraa yaada hamilee namaa jajjabeessu argachuun kiyya baay’ee na gammachiisa. Ati nama fakkeenya gaarii namaaf taatu dha..” jedhee yaada isaarratti akka deebiitti yaada (comment) koo barreesseen ture. Ammas taanan dandeettii isaa gaafii keessa galchuu kiyyaa miti. Obboo Fayyis nama (Barreessaa) dandeettii qabu dha.

Radio Simbirtuu: Adooleessa 11, 2013 – Aadaa fi Siyaasaa (Adde Ilfinash Qannoo, Dr. Baqqalaa G-Maaramii fi Obbo Raayyaa Caalaa)


Ethiopian suspected of torture to go to trial

DENVER — An Ethiopian immigrant who prosecutors suspect tortured and killed dozens of political prisoners in his home country in the 1970s has decided to proceed to trial on immigration charges.

Kefelegne Alemu Worku, who was living in the Denver area under the name Habteab Berhe Temanu, is charged with unlawfully procuring citizenship or naturalization, and aggravated identity theft. If convicted of both counts, he could face up to 12 years in prison and fines up to $500,000. He has not been charged in Denver with any crimes related to prison abuse.

Ethiopia: Unemployment pushes young people to extremes

Ethiopia has one of the world's fastest growing economies, but half of the country's young workers are out of a job. This situation is prompting some people to use desperate and sometimes dangerous measures to find better opportunities elsewhere, including paying to be smuggled into other countries. Al Jazeera's Catherine Soi reports from Addis Ababa.

እንዳንተማ ቢሆን! – ይህ ግጥም ለአቤ ቶክቻዉ, ለዶክተች ፍቅሬ ቶለሳ እና ለመሰሎቻቸዉ ማስታወሻ ይሁን

July 10, 2013 | በበሪሶ ገዳ*
እንዳንተማ ቢሆን!!

እንዳንተማ፡ ቢሆን፡ እንደ፡ አስተሳሰብህ
ሆነን፡ እንቀር፡ ነበር፡ አሽከር፡ ለጌቶችህ!
በስመ፡ ኢትዮጵያ፡ ብሄረ፡ ኢትዮጵያዊነት
የማይጨበጥ፡ ተረት፡ የቀን፡ ህልም፡ ቅዥት
አንድ፡ ላይ፡ ሊወቀጡን፡ ሁሉንም፡ ጨፍልቀዉ
በራሳቸዉ፡ ምስል፡ ሊሰሩን፡ ጠፍጥፈዉ
ያልሆንነዉን፡ እንድንሆን፡ ማንነት፡ ቀይረዉ
በአንድነት፡ መዶሻ፡ ብሄርን፡ ደፍጥጠዉ
የኦሮሞ፡ ልጅ፡ ኩራት፡ ወግ፡ ባህል፡ አጥፍተዉ

Oromo Talents in the Habesha Political Clubs

July 10, 2013 | By Fayyis Oromia

The Oromo nationalists seem to be legitimately too quick to accuse and judge certain fellow Oromo individuals, who seem to work with the Abyssinians, as being politically on the wrong side and so to be possibly guilty of commision. We sometimes denounce such fellow Oromo as being collaborators, betrayers of our objective and even paint them as criminals, who did atrocities against the Oromo nation. Then, all who are denounced like this will usually be denied the recognition regarding their talents, which we would have respected irrespective of the fact to whom service they applied their talents. Who were/are actually the targets of such judgement of ours? Let’s look at our history and our status quo in short for this may help us to correct our mistakes in order to achieve our desired future destiny.

Ethiopian Refugees Protest in Cairo, Egypt (Video)


Ethiopia, an Identity not only imposed but also enforced upon others

July 10, 2013 | By Adunya Dinka

The expansion of Abyssinia at the second half of the 19th century was the main reason for the creation of less than 130 years old Ethiopian empire. Around the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, with the help of some European powers and the alliance they get from some northern Oromo federation, the Abyssinians managed to control and colonize Oromia, part of Somalia (Ogadenia), the sothern people (Sidama, Gedeo, Walaita, Hamar, konso, Burji …ETC), Afar, Gambela and other nations and nationalities.

ጉዱ የማን ሆነና? ይድረስ ለአቤ ቶክቻው

July 09, 2013 | Gulele Post

ይድረስ ለአቤ ቶክቻው

ይህን ደብዳቤ በቅርቡ “ጉድ በል ሰላሌ” በሚል ርእስ ባወጣኸው ላይ ተመርኩዤ የፃፍኩት ሲሆን እሱን በአንድ ቁምነገር በመያዜ ምክንያት ሳላወጣው ብቆይ ሌላ ጦርነት በኦሮሞና በተለይም ጃዋር ላይ ስትከፍቱ (አንድ ታዛቢ “ጨርቅ ጥሎ ማበድ” ብሎታል)በግርምት እየተከታተልኩ ቆየሁ::

ለነገሩ ለእንቶ ፈንቶ መልስ እየሰጡ እሰጥ አገባ መግጠምና ጊዜ ማጥፋት አስፈላጊ ባይሆንም እንቶ ፈንቶ ሲበዛ እውነት የሚመስላቸው ስለማይጠፉ መልስ መስጠት የግድ ይላል::

Kora Gamtaa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo 18ffa Kan Bara 2013 fi Toorban Oromoo Magalaalee Lakku Minnesota

Korri Gamtaa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo kan bara 2013 magaalaalee lakkuu Minneapolis fi Saint Paul tti Adoolessa 3 hanga Adoolessa 6tti geggeeffamaa ture milkii fi muratnoon xumurame.

ABOn ergaa caasaa isaa biyya alaatti diriirsee eegalee Korri Gamtaa bifa kanaan kan jalqabe Korri 1ffaan bara 1996 Magaalaa guddo Washington DCtti yeroo ta’u bifa wal irra hincitneen Korri 18ffa bara kana milkiin xumuramuun itti fufinsa QBO ABOn durfamuuf adeemsa amansisaa ta’e galmeessee jira. ABOn bu’a ba’i hedduu keessa ba’ee as ga’un, kanaan boodas haala Ummata Oromoo jijjiiruuf hiree Oromoon qabuu daandii ABO ta’u kanneen mirkaneessan keessa Dhaabootni fottoqinsaanis haa ta’u fincilaan akkasumas gantummaan harca’aa turan kanneen Dhaabichaa waliin Kaayyo walfakaata qaban gama mooraa qabsootti deebi’uun, kanneen hafan faca’un ykn dhaabota faalla QBO geggessanitti maxxanuun yeroo dhabaman maqaan ABO jedhuu fi qophiin maqaa ABOn bakka sadii afuritti qphaa’ee Haawasicha afaanfaajjessaa ture bara kana qulqullaa’ee qophiin ABO tokkichaa bifa mirqaansaan geeggeeffamuun dhaadannoo “ABOn kallacha Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromooti” isa jedhu irra deebi’ee mirkaneesse.

Ethiopia:They are attacking Jawar, Oromo, OLF, and Now VOA Amharic service


Gebrselassie to enter Ethiopian politics

July 09, 2013 | AAP

Haile Gebrselassie says he will run for a seat in the Ethiopian parliament as an independent candidate in 2015.

Distance running great Haile Gebrselassie says he is entering politics and may run for president of Ethiopia.

The two-time Olympic gold medallist and multiple world champion in the 10,000 metres says he wants to "reach more people" through politics, a topic most Ethiopians avoid in a restrictive society with few civil liberties.

Afaan Oromoo, Eessarraa Garamitti?

Adooleessa 08, 2013 | Hundasaa Waaqwayyaa irraa

Saba tokko saba biraa irraa kan adda baasan keessaa tokko afaanii fi aadaa isaati. Afaan meeshaa sabni tokko aadaa, duudhaa, safuu fi seeda isaa ittiin ibsatu, mallattoo eenyummaa isaati. Afaan yoo ittiin hin baramnee fi hin hojjetamne suuta suuta laafee gara du’aa fi dhabamuutti deemuu danda’a jedhu warri dhimma afaanii irratti qoratanii fi hojjetan.

Afaan Oromoo afaan uummata miliyoonota hedduun dubbatamu ta’ee osoo jiruu hacuuccaa fi cunqursaa waggoota danuu oliif humna koloneeffatootaan irra gaheen, akka ittiin hin baratamnee fi hin hojjetamne godhamee akka baduu fi Afaan Amaaraan akka liqimfamu gochuuf warra yaalamaa ture keessaa isa tokkodha. Haata’u malee qabsoo ummati Oromoo fi ilmaan cunqurfamoo kan biroo waloon godhanii fi injifannoo bara 1991 argameen Afaan Oromoo, Oromiyaa keessatti afaan barumsaa fi hojii akka ta’uuf carraa ykn hiree argate.

Qindoomina Sochii Siyaasaa Oromoo – Sagalee Tumsaa


Guyyaa: July 3, 2013
Gara: Kora miseensota ABO Ameerikaa Bitaa
Garamii: Koree waloo sochii ABO fii THBO naannoo Toronto itti qindeeysuuf dhaabbatte

Petition to Thank Al Jazeera’s The Stream for Giving the Oromo Nation Voice

July 07, 2013
The following is a petition initiated by concerned Oromo human rights activists to thank Al Jazeera’s ‘The Stream’ for giving the Oromo nation voice. To sign the petition, CLICK HERE
The Petition

Al Jazeera The Stream/English: We Appreciate Al Jazeera for Airing Oromo’s Persecution in Ethiopia

Korri Gamtaa Miseensota ABO kutaalee Awurooppaa milkiin xumurame

Adoolessa 29, 2013 | ABO

Korri gamtaa miseensota ABO kutaalee Awurooppaa, Kutaa Iskandanaaviyaa, Kutaa giddu galeessa Awurooppaa fi kutaa UK waliin magaalaa Oslootti gaafa Adoolessa 28-29, 2013 gaggeeffame milkiin xumarame.

Kora kana irrattis, miseensota ShG GS ABO J/Abbaa Caalaa Lataa, J/Dr.Dagafaa Abdiisaa fi miseensota GS ABO J/Dr.Shuggux Galataa, J/Aster Gammadaa fi J/Jireenyaa Ayyaanaa kan irratti argamani yommu ta’u miseensi ShG ABO J.Abbaa Caalaa Lataa haala yeroo ammaa irratti ibsa bal’aa kennanii jiru. Ibsa kana irrattis haala dhaabni keenyi keessa jiru irratti miseensoliin ABO gaaffii fi deebii akkasumas marii jabaa gaggeeffatanii jiru.

Oromo Nation Celebrated Ali Birra's Golden Jubilee of Oromo Music in Minnesota

July 06, 2013 | Oromo Press

Following official declaration of Oromo Week from June 29- July 6 in Minnesota, Little Oromia, by the Mayors of Minneapolis and Saint Paul cities, the amount of Oromo activities here are so many that one would spread thin trying to catch just a glimpse of each. Oromo Soccer tournaments, Fourth of July community picnic and a series of concerts and entertainment activities have been going on. From these community events catering to over 35,000 residents of the Twin Cities as well as to visors from overseas and other states, the celebration of  Dr Artist Ali Birra's Golden Jubilee stood tall and visible on the night of July 4, America's Independence Day.

Aanolee Remembrance Day and Calanqoo Remembrance Day

July 06, 2013 | By Abraasaa Dirree*

Despite George Santayana’s admonition that those who forget history are condemned to repeat it, we, Oromos, are better forgetters than rememberers.

Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate Ellie Wiesel once wrote: “without memory, there is no culture. Without memory, there would be no civilization, no society, no future.” We, Oromos, must heed Ellie Wiesel’s words. We must memorialize the Aanolee and Calanqoo genocides. We must ensure that the Aanolee and Calanqoo victims and lessons are never forgotten. We must commemorate, each year, the thousands of innocent men, women and children massacred at the hands of the Abyssinians during the most heinous chapter in Oromo history – colonization. We must pay tribute to the courage of the Oromo people in that time of gravest peril.

He Who Lives in a Glass House Shouldn’t Throw Stones at Others

July 06, 2013 | By Oumar Hussein*

Dr. Getachew Reda, I read your article in defense of Dr. Fikre tolassa about Oromo people with curiosity. The article is full of lies and isn’t substantiated with evidences. According to you, the word Galla isn’t a derogatory, and the Oromo people should call themselves as such. And you said you are unable to find any evidence or anyone to disproof your argument. You are like “some men go through a forest and see no firewood.” You have failed to mention evidences in your article except hearsay; you need to back up your arguments with evidences. Dr. Getachew, let me list some of the Amhahara sayings: Gallana sagara iyyader yigemal; Galla kemiweldegn berie barragn; Galla siseltin begabi lay kis yisefal. These sayings clearly depict the derogatory nature of the word galla. Dr. Getachew, can you find any Oromo in today’s Ethiopia from east to west or north to south who calls himself/herself galla? You cannot come across anyone. So, why do you want us to carry the name we don’t want? We call ourselves Oromo. As the late Chinua Achebe once remarked “nobody can teach me who I am. You can describe me parts of me, but who I am – and what I need – is something I have to find out myself.” It is just like telling the African Americans to call themselves ‘nigger.’ This is a typical nature of Amhara elites. This is not new. The Amhara elites always want us to abandon Afaan Oromoo and speak and write in Amharic. This reminds me what Europeans used to tell Africans to write their literature in English, French and Portuguese. And Ngugi Wa Thiongo, a Kenyan writer, responded like this: “There is something very wrong in saying to a human being, ‘Let me cut off your legs and I will give you artificial ones, which will be perfect.’ I’m saying let us walk on our own two feet.”