Barattooti Oromoo Yuuniversitii Madda Walaabuu 4 Boqonnaa Yeroo Gannaaf Gara Maatii Isaanii Wallagga,Gidaamii Itti Galan Tika Wayyaaneen Qabamuun Bakka Buuteen Isaanii Dhabame‏

Adoolessa 31, 2014 | Gabaasa Qeerroo Qellem, Gidaamii

Mootummaan wayyaanee barattoota boqonnaa yeroo gannaaf maatii galan maatii irraa  irraa ugguruudhaan qabee mana hidhaatti galchaa akka jirtu gabasi nu gahe addeessa. Har’a gabaasni Qeerroo Qellem Giddamii irraa nu dhaqqabe kan ibsu barattoota madda Walaabuu Yuuniversitii irraa galan aanaa Gidaamii ganda Giraay Sonqaa jedhamu irraa basaasaa wayyaanee aanaa kaan irratti ilmaan Oromoo dabarsee diinaf saaxilun kennaa jiruun saaxilamanii humna waraana Wayyaanetti kennamuudhaan Adoolessa gaafa 18/2014 qabamanii hidhamanii jiru. 

Local EU statement on the situation in Ethiopia

July 31, 2014 | Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia

The European Union Delegation issues the following statement in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission in Ethiopia:
“The EU Delegation is deeply concerned about developments in the case of the ten bloggers and journalists charged under the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation on 18 July, as well as recent arrests of opposition members. It calls on the Ethiopian authorities to ensure that proceedings are carried out according to the Ethiopian Constitution and respecting international and regional HUMAN RIGHTS standards, in particular granting access to legal counsel and family, as well as the right to apply for bail when applicable, and that the trial is transparent and free from political interference.

Ethiopia Says U.K. Review of Aid Is Based on Fabricated Claims

July 31, 2014 | Bloomberg | By WILLIAM Davison

A British court’s decision to allow a judicial review of aid given to Ethiopia is based on “fabrications” about a resettlement PROGRAM propagated by people outside the country, the Horn of Africa nation’s Foreign Ministry said.

ኣስናቀ፣ ሰው ለ ሰው ድራማና በኢትዮጵያ ፖለቲካ ውስጥ ለኦሮሞ ብሄረተኝነት የተሰጠው ትርጉዋሜ

July 30, 2014 | ቦሩ በራቃ 

የሰው ለ ሰውን ድራማ እስከ መጨረሻው (ክፍል 140) ድረስ ተከታተልኩት። እንደ ብዙዎቹ ሁሉ እኔም የኣቶ እስናቀ ኣሸብርን መጨረሻ ለማየት በጥቂቱም ቢሆን መጉዋጉዋቴ ኣልቀረም። በድራማው የትወና ድር ሁሉም ቅርንጫፎች በስተጀርባ ብቸኛውና ቀንደኛው ጠላት ተደርጎ የተፈረጀውን እስናቀ ኣሸብር! ይህ ድራማ ከተጀመረበት ወቅት ኣንስቶ የኣስናቀን የትወና ሚናና ብቃት የተከታተሉት ኣንዳንድ ወገኖች ድራማውን በፖለቲካ መነጽር ሲቃኙት ከመለስ ዜናዊ ኣምባገነንነትና ብልጣብልጥነት ጋር ያገናኙታል። ለኔ ግን ይህ ኣይዋጥም። በፖለቲካ መነጽር ድራማውን እንቃኘው ከተባለ እኔ የኣስናቀን ሚና የማስቀምጠው በሌላ መልኩ ነው። እስናቀ በድራማው ውስጥ የተሳለው ከኣምባገነንነቱ ይልቅ በስግብግብነቱ ነው። በብልጣብልጥነቱም ሳይሆን ራሱን ብልጥ ኣድርጎ የሚያስብ ነገር ግን በውስጣዊ ማንነቱ ቂል ተደርጎ ነው። በኣጭሩ ይህ ኣስናቀ የተባለው ግለሰብ ሞኝና ስግብግብ ነው።

Oromo nationalism on the rise in Ethiopia

July 29, 2014 | | William Davison

Protests and online activism in recent months
have brought a resurgence of ethnic Oromo
nationalism in Ethiopia.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Aslan Hasan, a student belonging to the Oromo ethnic group in Ethiopia, was called either a guilt-ridden terrorist who committed suicide or an innocent victim of brutal state repression, depending on who you listen to.

His death came following a bout of violence in May, when Oromo students in several towns protested against a government plan for the capital Addis Ababa to expand into Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia's largest and most populous federal region with around one-third of the nation's over 90 million people.

Ethiopian mother’s anger at murdered son in student protest

July 29, 2014 |
July 28, 2014 (BBC News) – A 27-year-old rickshaw driver, he had been caught up in deadly protests between the police and students in the city in April.
They were demonstrating about plans to extend the administrative control of the capital, Addis Ababa, into Oromia state.
Oromia is the country’s largest region and completely surrounds Addis Ababa – and some people feared they would be forced off their land and lose their regional and cultural identity if the plans went ahead.

BBC News Reporter revisited Ambo town: Anger over 'violent crackdown' at protest in Ethiopia

July 29, 2014

The Name of the Abominable Crime is Politicide – Deportation and Death in the Dhidheessa Concentration Camp: Part Two

July 29, 2014 | By Mekuria Bulcha (Prof.)*

To Read Part ONE click Here

In the first part of this article, published on this website on June 22, 2014 under the title “The Name of the Abominable Crime is Politicide: The Mass Massacre and Imprisonment of ORA Orphans – Wallaga 1992-93,” I described the humanitarian activities of the Oromo Relief Association (ORA) among Oromo refugees in the Sudan in the 1980s, and discussed the repatriation of some 1700 orphans, who were taken care of by the association, to Oromia in 1992. As I mentioned in the article, the initial TPLF onslaughts on the fleeing ORA children and their guardians took about three months. The different sources that I consulted indicated that between 170 and 200 children were hunted down, and killed or drowned in flight. In addition, an unknown number of their guardians—as well as inhabitants of the districts through which they passed who helped during their flight—were killed during the onslaught. At the start of the onslaught, about 300 children were captured and sent to the Dhidheessa concentration camp.


Addolessa 21, 2014 | SEENAA Y.G(2005)*

Nama Oromiyaa keessatti guddatee amma Biyya alaa jiru tokko qeeqa naa dhiheesseen, barruu har’aa eegala. Kanaan duras waan kana kaaseen jira. Namni kun Bilisummaa keenya ni deeggara. Garuu Daandii bilisummaa keessan isinumatu ofitti dheeresse jedhee kulkulfatee dubbata. Baayyina keessan kana humnatti jijjiiruu qabduu nama jedhuudha. kana gochuu hanqachuu keessaniin “gartuu bicuu sanaaf ”carraa waggaa 23 kennitaniif jedha. Namni kun dhimma Oromoo fi Oromummaan maal akka taate, Nama ofitti amanee ibsuu danda’uudha. Akka tasaa wayita na arguu Namuma waliin beeknu garuu ammatti nu bira hin jirre na gaafata. waa’ee amala isaa fi gaarummaa isaa naa himee, “Kolfuu, Taphachuudha” amalli isaa. Waan “Aaruu fi Haloo” namatti qabachuu waa tokko hin beeku, jedhe. Anis afaanumaa fuudheen eeyyee dhugaadha jedhee itti fufuuf jennaan, harkumaan akkan callisu natti himaa haasaa itti fufe. Anis hayyee jedhee dhaggeefachuu itti fufe.

Dhaamsa Uummata Oromoo Hundaaf

Adoolessa 20, 2014 | Dhugasa Ibsa Irraa

Gochootaa oromummaa dhabamsisuuf raawwatama turan keessa isaan gurguddoon:-

  • Uummata Oromoo ajjeesu
  • Uummata Oromoo Hidhuu
  • Uummata Oromoo buqisu
  • Qabeenya Uumma Oromoo Saamuu
  • Maqaa Oromootaa gara maqaa amaaratti jijjiru
  • Maqaa oromummaatin yaamamun akka qaanitti fudhachu
  •  Ani habashadha jedhani akka of-ibsan taasisu
  •  Seenaa Oromoo xureessu
  • Aadaa Oromoo dhabamsisuu
  • Bakkeewwan Oromiyaa keessa jiran maqaa Oromoo irra gara amaratti jijiru
  •  Qabeenya Oromiyaa keessatti horataman maqaa habashatin akka waamaman taasisuu
  • Afaan Oromoo akka dagatamu taasisu fi afaan amaraatin akka dubbatamu taasisu fi kkf baay’ee jiran keessa hanga tokko yoo ta’an, dhaamsi ani isini dabarsu barbaadu akka kanaa gadiiti ibsama.


July 20, 2014 | By Dandii Haqaa*

Before coming with this piece of writing I have challenged myself for many hours whether to make it or not. I have seen both interviews with Mr. Lenco and Mr. Dawud with a mixed feeling of how the interviews were handled. After debating with myself for long I came up with the following comment, observation and opinion. I have tried my best, not to be emotional as well us not to take side, rather suggest what can be constructive for our common cause. I, similarly, request all readers to give rational and unbiased comment, so that it will make all of us a civilized citizens, who can understand our long term common interest.

Galmee Seenaa Mammoo Mazaamir

Adoolessa 20, 2014 | Tolcha Wagii Irraa

Kabajamaa Mammoon abbaa isanii Obbo Mazaamir Haabitee Doorii fi, haadha isanii addee Umee Guremeessaa irraa Koonyaa Jibaati fi Maaccaa magalaa Guudar keessatti bara 1937 tti dhalate.
Mammoon barnoota sadarkaa duraa magalaa Guudar Keessatti baratee erga Xumureen booda sadarkaa lammaffaa mana baruumsa Ambooti barateera. Mammoon baruumsa sadarkaa lammaffaa olanaa gara magalaa Finfinneetti dhufudhan yeroo sanaattii mana Baruumsa “Tafarii Mokonnon” jedhamee beekamutti barataa osoo jiruu fedhii fi hawwii isaa malee, rakkina jireenyaa isa mudataa ture, of irraa saliphisuuf jecha Akaadamii mana leenjii “barisiisoota Haraar” seenudhan qaphixxii olanadhan eebbifameera.

Ethiopia: Drop Case Against Bloggers, Journalists; Politically Motivated Charges Show Misuse of Terrorism Law

July 19, 2014 | Human Rights Watch

(Nairobi, July 19, 2014) – The Ethiopian government should immediately drop politically motivated charges brought against 10 bloggers and journalists on July 17, 2014, under the country’s deeply flawed anti-terrorism law, Human Rights Watch said today.

The Ethiopian authorities arrested six of the bloggers and three journalists on April 25 and 26. They have been detained in Maekelawi, the Federal Police Crime Investigation Sector in Addis Ababa. The court charged the nine with having links to banned opposition groups and trying to violently overthrow the government, local media reported. A tenth blogger, who was not in Ethiopia at the time of the arrests, was charged in absentia.

The need for Oromo nationalists’ unity to end the colonial occupation of Oromiyaa

July 18, 2014 | By Leenjiso Horo

Since the late 19th century the Oromo people have been under Ethiopian colonial occupation, domination, and exploitation. This means, our people have been suffering a century of humiliation and exploitation. It began with Goban Daaccee’s treason in his collaboration with Menelik II in his conquest of Oromiyaa that stretched to the present day OPDO’s collaboration with Meles Zenawi and his the fascist Tigrayan regime of TPLF to maintain Menelik II’s colonial empire. Having created the OPDO, the TPLF has institutionalized a client-patron relationship in Oromiyaa through political and economic devices. Since its creation, the OPDO has been fighting local battles- political and military for its patron. In the prison cells in Oromiyaa, the TPLF has built methods of human destructiveness. It is here, the torturers, concentration camp guards, and death squad members have been undertaking series of brutalizing acts against their Oromo victims to dehumanize them before killing them. The unity of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) is the first step in the struggle to end this colonial occupation and its crimes.

The Ethiopian Regime’s Involvement in the Garissa Killings

July 18, 2014 | Gulele Post

The killing of a Somali businessman in a busy marketplace in Garissa, Kenya this past week was the latest outbreak of violence in Kenya’s increasingly volatile county. The shooting of shopkeeper Mohamed Hassan led to a chaotic scene in which bystanders managed to apprehend one of the the assailants, who was later handed over to Kenyan police. Security officials in Garissa county later identified the assailant as an Ethiopian national and member of the Ethiopian security forces.

The Agenda behind the “Integrated Regional Development Plan (IRDP)”

July 16, 2014 | Advocacy 4 Oromia

An office called “Addis Ababa and the surrounding Oromia Integrated Development Plan” prepared an International and National Conference on June 2014 at Adama Town, Galma Abba Gadaa.
The Objective of organizing the conference of the top ranking government cadres (mostly OPDO’s) was to work on the manifesting of the proposed  Integrated Regional Development Plan (IRDP) and prepare the cadre’s to work on the people.
On the Conference, it was stated that, the Purposes of the “IRDP” are:
  • Instrumental to unleashing Regional Development Potentials
  • Enables localities addressing their mutual development challenges
  • Enables localities addressing their mutual development challenges
  • Strengthens complementarities and interconnection of localities

“Itiyoopiyaaf gargaasi kennamuu dura dhiittaan mirga namaa qoratamuu qaba”

Adoolessa 16, 2014 | VOA Afaan Oromoo

 — Wal ta’iinsi Ejensii biyya Britin Itiyoopiyaa dhaaf deggersa yeroo kennu imaammata mirga namaa waliin bifa wal giteen ta’uu fi dhiisuu isaa akka xiinxalu manni murtii biyya Britain tokko murteessuu isaa gareen mirga namaaf falmu HW simatee jira.

Manni murti ol aanaa biyya Britain kaleessa jechuunis Adoolessa 14 bara 2014 murtii dabarseen waajjirri wal ta’iinsa sadarkaa addunyaa sun Itiyoopiyaa dhaaf deggersa yeroo kennu ragaalee dhiittaa mirga namaa agarsiisan sirriitti hin xiinxalu jechuun himannaa irratti dhiyaati qorannaa guutuu kan mana murtii barbaada jechuu isaa Margaret Bashir NY irraa gabaastee jirti.

Ethiopia: UK Aid Should Respect Rights: Ruling Permits Review of Development Agency’s Compliance

July 15, 2014 | Human Right Watch

(London) – A UK High Court ruling allowing judicial review of the UK aid agency’s compliance with its own human rights policies in Ethiopia is an important step toward greater accountability in development assistance.

In its decision of July 14, 2014, the High Court ruled that allegations that the UK Department for International Development (DFID) did not adequately assess evidence of human rights violations in Ethiopia deserve a full judicial review.

Abdii Boruu: Cufamuun SNR hir’ina miidiyaa uumuu qofaa otuu hin taane kun Oromoof qaanii dhas

Adoolessa 13, 2014 | Abdii Boruutiin*

Waayee cufamuu ykn qilleensarraa bu’uu Raadiyoonii Sayifa Nabalbaal (Seife Nebelbal Radio=SNR) yeroon dubbisu amanuun dadhabe. Asirratti makmaaksa Oromoo tokkon yaadadha: “Ishiinuu hin jirtuu, ishiin sunuu mana hin jirtu” jedha. Yeroo ammaa SBO sagantaa Afaan Amaaraa irraa kan hafe, raadiyoonii walaba ta’ee Afaan kanaan tamsaasu hin qabnu. Akka ilaalcha kiyyaatti, SNR qabsoo kana keessatti gayee guddaa taphachaa fi qooda guddaas gumaachaa akka jirun amana. Raadiyoonii akkanaa qabaachuun keenya faayidaa karaa lamaa qaba jedheen yaada. Inni tokko, warri firoota Oromoo ta’anii garuu Afaan keenya hin dandeenye, Raadiyoonii kana hordofuudhaan dhimma Oromoo ykn haala uummatni fi qabsoon bilisummaa keenyaa keessa jiran hubachuu danda’u. Karaan biraa ammoo, akkaataa raadiyooniin kun sagantaa isaa dabarsu yoo ilaalle, fudhatanis fudhachuu baatanis diinota keenyatti dhugaa jiru himuudhaan; shira isaanii saaxiluurratti gahee cimaa taphachaa jira. Kanaaf raadiyoonii akkana kana dhabuun keenya hiri’na miidiyaa fiduu bira dabree; sababa maallaqaatiin cufamuun isaa nuuf qaanii guddaa dha.

Safuu, the Oromo moral value and doctrine

July 13, 2014 | By Rundaasaa Asheetee Hundee

Safuu is the principle of deep moral honor and accountability that was fostered by Waaqayyo fearing people of Oromia. “Yoon maqe, Waaqni na arga” is the principle rooted in each Oromo proven to be worthy of wholesomeness, to have virtue, and love other. These type of people have a desire to understand and live by traditional values.

Young Oromo children often spoke about the fundamental principle that telling the truth, respecting nature, being trustworthy, and standing for the right thing is natural to human beings. As an Oromo, we were taught these values and it made us women and men of such noble character.

Twenty Ethiopia state journalists dismissed, in hiding

July 12, 2014 | Committee To Protect Journalists (CPJ) | By Tom Rhodes/CPJ East Africa Representative

"If they cannot indoctrinate you into their thinking, they fire you," said one former staff member of the state-run Oromia Radio AND TELEVISION Organization (ORTO), who was dismissed from work last month after six years of service. "Now we are in hiding since we fear they will find excuses TO ARREST us soon," the journalist, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal, told CPJ.

UK agencies linked to citizen’s torture in Ethiopia

July 09, 2014 | The Gulf Today

LONDON: Britain’s intelligence and security agencies are facing claims that they were complicit in the brutal torture of a British man secretly detained in an African prison.

Ali Adorus, a security guard from east London, was subjected to electrocution, hooding and beatings during his 18 month imprisonment in Ethiopia, according to allegations made against Ethiopia and Britain to the United Nations High Commission.


July 09, 2014 | OPride

In his BOOK The Dictator’s LEARNING Curve, journalist WILLIAMDobson writes, “revolutions, if they are to be SUCCESSFUL, require planning, preparation, and an intelligent grasp of how to anticipate and outwit a repressive regime that thinks of little beyond preserving its own power.”

As activists around the world get more sophisticated with the use of technology and out-organize repressive states, governments have also learned to wait it out and sup momentum out of otherwise FORMIDABLE movements.

'Britain is supporting a dictatorship in Ethiopia'

July 07, 2014 | The Guardian | By David Smith
It's 30 years since Ethiopia's famine came to attention in the UK. Now, a farmer plans to sue Britain for human rights abuses, claiming its aid has funded a government programme of torture and beatings as villagers have been removed from their homes
"Life was good because the land was the land of our ancestors. The village was along the riverside, where you could get drinking water, go fishing and plant mango, banana and papaya. The temperature there was good and we could feed ourselves."
This is how Mr O – his name is protected for his safety – remembers THE HOME he shared with his family in the Gambella region ofEthiopia. The fertile land had been farmed for generations, relatively safe from wars, revolutions and famines. Then, one day, near THE END of 2011, everything changed. Ethiopian troops arrived at the village and ordered everyone to leave. The harvest was ripe, but there was no time to gather it. When Mr O showed defiance, he says, he was jailed, beaten and tortured. Women were raped and some of his neighbours murdered during the forced relocation.

Sabboonoti qabsoo ummataa biyyatti gargaaruuf maal gochuu danda’u?

Adoolessa 05, 2014 | Ibsaa Guutama Irraa*

Finfinneen Oromiyaa keessatt bu’uurfamte kanaaf qaama see ta’uun wal hin falmisiisu. Oromiyaan jaarraa oliif qabaa halagaa jala jirti. Finfinneen akka battala HUMAN qabateetti tajaajiltuu waan taateef Oromoon too’annoo bucuullee irraa hin qabu. Finqiclha Dargii duuba Oromiyaan humna qabatee jiruun kan fakkeessaa ta’us ifatt beekamtee caasaan bulchaa dhaabbateefii jira. Waan hariirtii ulee falfalaa fakkaatuun empayerittiin Federeeshinatt jijjiiramte. Kanaaf finnooti federeeshinaa hundi ijaaruu fi gaggeessuuf gumaacha walqixee qabu jedhamee yaadama. Kanaaf finnaan federaalaa tokko kophaa ba’aa baatu hin qabatu jechuu dha.

Ethiopia : a leadership in a disarray

July 04, 2014 | Open Democracy | RENE LEFORT
It may be that, in Ethiopia, history is so powerful that the past permeates the present, and it repeats itself In this case, what we see today is simply another interregnum BETWEEN TWO powerful men.
Can you tell me who is in charge in the government?”, asks Tamrat Gebregiorgis, publisher of the reference WEEKLY Addis Fortune, at the latest of the regular press conferences held by Prime Minister Hailmariam Dessalegn. He replies by first underlining the efforts being made to remedy a few small defects like , , corruption, then rounds off with a joke: THE ANSWER is probably in your “gossip columns”. 

Water, Rivers and Runoff Challenge Ethiopia’s Expanding Capital

July 01, 2014 | Inter Press Service News Agency | By James Jeffrey

Pedestrians stepping gingerly to avoid the puddles and 
mud around Meskal Square in the centre of Addis Ababa,
 Ethiopia’s capital. Credit: James Jeffrey/IPS
ADDIS ABABA, Jul 1 2014 (IPS) - The streets of Addis Ababa are increasingly turning into water-logged obstacle courses as downpours increase in the run up to Ethiopia’s July to September rainy season. Strangers link hands to steady themselves as they step high and gingerly over the spreading puddles and slippery mud.
Sustainable drainage systems may not sound like an exciting topic to get the heart beating faster, but it is one of increasing importance in Ethiopia and especially in Addis Ababa as the capital city grows, construction sites abound, its population swells and demand for accessible, clean water increases — and the downpours keep coming.
“Despite Ethiopia being called the water tower of Africa, it’s actually more of a water highway due to runoff and a lack of storage capacity,” Manaye Ewunetu, managing director of London-based ME Consulting Engineers that works on water systems in the United Kingdom and Ethiopia, tells IPS.

Gaaffii Gabaabaa Obbo Muktar Kadiri (Perezedantii Oromiyaa) tiif ykn DH.D.U.O tiif

Adoolessa 01, 2014 | Dhugasa Ibsa Irraa

Gaaffii mirgaa fi misoomaa ilaalchise uummata Oromoo irra ka’aa jiru deebisuu dhabuu irra kan ka’e gaaffiin uummata gara moormiitti jijjirama jirachu isaa addunyaa hunda biratti beekameera.

Haata’u male moormii kana dhaamsuuf tarkanfilee adda addaa fudhachaa jirtu.Tarkanfilee fudhatamaa jiran keessa do’annaa diree (field visit) isin gageessitani ibsa kenna jirtan tokkodha. Mee kana irratti gaaffi dhiyeessuuf ni yaala.:- 

Ibsi isin kenna jirtan kan xiyeefatu:-
  • Gudina Investimentii Oromiyaa,
  • Misooma Daandii baadiyaa Oromiyaa,
  • Misooma Bishaan dhugati fi Jalisi
  • Misooma magaalota oromiyaa, 

No country for Ethiopian Activists? The growing danger of illegal rendition in the region

July 01, 2014 | Gulele Post

Asylum, Citizenship and western passport seems to no longer protecting Ethiopia’s opposition leaders and human rights advocates from being illegally renditioned by regional and neighboring countries. Neighboring governments and humanitarian agencies are not doing enough to protect refugees who sought protection, while Western countries failing to stand upfor those whom they  granted asylum and citizenship.
Bashir Makhtal, an Ogadeni businessman and Canadian citizen was arrested by Kenyan security and sent  to Ethiopia in 2006. Accused of membership to the Ogaden National Liberation Front, Mukhtal  was sentenced to life in prison in 2009 where he still languishes. Although Canadian authorities appealed for  his release, the Ethiopian regime has ignored it because the appeal was not back with any serious threat of economic or political sanction.

Rakkoon Qabsoo Oromoo (QBO) maali? Akkamin furamuu danda'aa?

Adoolessa 01, 2014 | Anoole Wako Irraa

Dhaabooti yeroo amma maqaa ABOn socho’an hedduu ta’anii jiru. Qoqqodamuu isaaniitiif waan sababa ta’e hedduu maqaa dhahuun ni danda’ama. Asirratti sababa hunda gutuutti ibsuuf yeroo fi bakka fudhatuu ni mala. Garuu sababoota akka Mulata ifaa (Clear Vision) dhabuu; Tarsimoo fi Toftaa dhugaa-hundessuu (realistic) fi hojjataa(workable) dhabuu; jaarmiyaa sona-qabessa (vibrant organization) dhabuu; toftaa wal-diddaa kessaa ittiin hiikan dhabuu (lack of internally built conflict resolving mechanism); dandeettii fi leenjii dhabuu qabsa’otaa fi hogganootaa; diinaa fi firaa ifaatti addaan baasuu wallaaluu; haala keessaa fi alaa sirritti hubachuu dhabuu (lack of understanding of internal and external environment); fi aadaa siyaasaa bodessaan sochii qabsoo Oromoo kana kessatti dagaaguu dha jedheen amana.