Urgent Appeal: At Least 20,000 Oromo Refugees Stranded in Libya Need Immediate Attention

April 27, 2015

To:  Our Oromo Brothers and Sisters, UNHCR, and International Community

We Oromo refugees in Libya appeal to our Oromo brothers all over the world, the UNHCR and other humanitarian organizations, and the international community at large to reach for our lives and save us from being killed by ISIS. We are currently living in a life and death situation. Since the 28 or so immigrants from Ethiopia have been beheaded(or shot) by the ISIS on April 19, a lot of refugees are taken away to unknown location every day. We don’t know if they are dead or alive. On April 22, 2015, many Oromo refugees have been abducted from their houses by unknown armed people. The situation is getting worse by the day. It seems that the whole Libyan society, including children as young as a ten year old, is armed to the teeth. A ten year old would kill any immigrant person anywhere. Thieves kill refugees for a small amount of money and property they may possess. The killing by the ISIS is well known because it is video-taped. However, the number of those refugees who are being killed by the day on the streets is much larger. We are fearful to get out of our houses. We are also unable to live in our homes. Apart from those who have been beheaded or shot, 50 other immigrants from Ethiopia and Eritrea are still held in the hands of the ISIS waiting for their death. We know many of these are our Oromo brothers.

Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) meeting in Denver, Co; May 05, 2015

Oromo Federalist Congress(OFC) Public Meeting in Washington DC; May 3/2015

April 27, 2015

Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) International Support Group invites Oromo Community in Washington, D.C. To come and attend its meeting on:
Date: May 3rd, 2015  
Time: @ 4:30 PM
Place: Washington Ethical Society, 7750 16th St. NW

Kisaaraa siyaasaa dhooysuuf oloola QBO irratti ofuun fafa - [Kutaa Lammaffaa]

Ebla 27, 2015 | Galmee Dhugaa Irraa
Kutaa Tokkoffaa Duubiuuf Addana Tuqaa
 Kutaa Lammaffaa

Bakka barruun 1ffaa irratti dhaabbatee yaadachiisuuf – Kana irrattis akkuma waan kana dhagenyeen lafarra ganagalchinee wayyaaneen harka keenya irraa baafte – kana beeytaa miti obbo Jamaal? Faradduu tahuu keetirraan kan ka’e akka fincaan sirratti gadi naqaa turre numa beeytaamiti? Ogumaa keetiin waraana tajaajiluu irratillee ramadamtee joollee madooftee dhuftee sababaaa ati hin sobdan jatteef achittuu waan sirra gahuuf ka’e ni beeytaa miti? Arra isaaniin joollee abbaan hin guddifne fi haati hin guddifne jachuun kee sitti hin dhagayamuu? Jarri ati arrabsaa jirtu kun warra dhiiga iaani gadi naquu qofa otuu hin tahini lubbuu deebi’I hin qabne QBO dhaaf kennan tahuu seenaan ni yaadata – ammas jaalatuu jibbituu itti jiru. Kanuma irra deebite paltalk irratti amantiis dabalatee wanni jachaa turte hedduu nama gaddisiisa. Sumaahuu akka hogganatti achirratti afeerani, akka ati wallaalummaa, tuffii fi seenaa hin beeyne dabsitu carraa siif eknnuunu akka dhaaba keessattiti hammam takka akka yaanni kee kun calaqifamaa jiru waan garsiisuuf jacha gama kiyyaan akka salphinatti laala.

Kisaaraa siyaasaa dhooysuuf oloola QBO irratti ofuun fafa - [Kutaa Tokkoffaa]

Ebla 27, 2015 | Galmee Dhugaa Irraa
Kutaa Tokkoffaa
Doofaan waan dheengiyyan bulga'a 

Barruulee tanaan dura isiniin qooddachaa ture keessatti farreen QBO fi kittillayoota isaani akkuma barbaachisaa tahetti saaxiluuf akkan yaalu ibsuun kiyya ni yaadatama. Arra ammo xiiyyeefannaan kiyya kisaaraa/kufiitii siyasaa irraan kan kan’e oloola QBO irratti wanneen xiiyyeefatanii fi seenaa qabsoo Oromoo gatii dhoorkuuf waan sararaa adda addaa irratti deemaa jiru taha.

Journalists reach one year mark since detention in Ethiopia

April 26, 2015 | eTN Global Travel Industry News

Journalists reach one year mark since detention in Ethiopia
GENEVA – Bloggers, who used an online platform to report on social and political issues in Ethiopia, were arrested on April 25 and 26 last year and have remained in detention ever since. The Federal First Instance Court of Ethiopia reportedly charged them under the 2009 Anti-Terrorism Proclamation for “working with foreign human rights organizations and inciting violence through social media to create instability in the country.” Their trial has been adjourned several times.
“The continued detention of these journalists is absolutely unacceptable and particularly worrying as the country prepares to hold parliamentary elections on May 24. The open public debate that should mark any democratic process is obviously undermined if journalists are silenced through harassment or detention,” said David Kaye, Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression

“Take the Right Side in the Struggle of the Oppressed”: A Letter to John Kerry from Kilinto Prison, Ethiopia

April 26, 2015 | Advocacy Global Voices

Scan of original letter from Natnael Feleke.
Scan of original letter from Natnael Feleke.
On April 25, 2014, nine bloggers and journalists were arrested in Ethiopia on accusations of “inciting public disorder via social media” and “receiving support from a foreign government.” The detainees had all worked with Zone9, a collective blog that covered social and political issues in Ethiopia and promoted human rights and government accountability. In July 2014, all nine detainees were charged under the country’s penal code and the Terrorism Proclamation of 2009.

Eritrea and Ethiopia named most censored countries in Africa

April 26, 2015
  • The eight other countries on the list are North Korea, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Iran, China, Myanmar, and Cuba.
  • Report says the regimes use “a combination of media monopoly, harassment, spying, threats of journalist imprisonment, and restriction of journalists' entry into or movements within their countries” to keep their grip on power.
Eritrea and Ethiopia have been named as the most censored African countries in a report compiled by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

According to the CPJ release,The list is “based on research into the use of tactics ranging from imprisonment and repressive laws in the harassment of journalists and restrictions on Internet access.”


April 25, 2015 | From Gizachew E Soboksa
Dear All,
Always remember this day. One year ago on this day, the most horrific news hit our facebook news feed. It reads that Ethiopian federal government police forces were busy firing live ammunition at the peaceful and defenseless Oromo protesters in Ambo town located in Oromia region of Ethiopia. 

The news is immediately followed by countless graphic videos and photos on scene; we are all panicked. The live ammunition from Federal police claimed the lives of 70+ brave Oromo souls who were protesting against illegal eviction of Oromo farmers neighboring the capital of Ethiopia, Finfinne/Addis Ababa. The perpetuators were not brought to justice and the cause for which our martyr’s sacrificed is yet to be realized. 

U.S Department of State Endorsing of Upcoming Elections: Denial and Disrespect

April 23, 2015 | Statement of The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA)

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) strongly opposes to the position that the U.S State Department has taken in regards to the upcoming Ethiopian election and the overall democratization process in the country in the past twenty-four years; and describes the comments by the Under  Secretary of State as a sign of disrespect for ordinary citizens of Ethiopia and disregard for the human miseries that hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian have gone through under the EPRDF/TPLF-led government.

In the Mask of Democracy Promotion: The Betrayal of Oromo Struggle for independence

April 23, 2015 | By Leenjiso Horo

“I lived through the whole war,” Thucydides remarked in his History of Peloponnesian War, “being of an age to comprehend events and giving my attention to them in order to know the exact truth about them.”
The content of this article is not new. Its purpose is to remind those who have already read it in one version or another and to bring to the attention of those who did not read it. It unmasks the evolutionary secrete journey that the pro Ethiopian empire Oromo nationals went through in order to organize ODF. Here is what captured my attention. It is Leencoo Baatii’s statement on his interview with OMN with Abdii Fiixee in regard to the return of ODF’s leadership led by Obbo Leencoo Lataa to Finfinnee/Addis Ababa. Here’s Leencoo Baatii’s statement:
“Alatti duunee, reeffi keenya galuurra kun (biyya galuun) filatamaa dha. Ummata keenya keessatti duunee, ummatni keenya nuu booyee, lafa dhalannetti awwaalamuun, awwaalamuu qofaa miti, gaafa awwaalamnu seenaan keenna dubbifamuun…barbaachisaa dha. Mootummaa kana wajjiin hojatuu barbaadna. Heera lafa jiru kana jalatti hojjatuu barbaadna….”

Sagalee QEERROO: ” Haala Ammaa Irratti Qophii Addaa” Ebla 22, 2015


Oromo Democratic Front’s (ODF’s) Statement on Killings in Libya, South Africa and Yemen

April 23, 2015 | Oromo Democratic Front (ODF)

ODFThe Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) condemns in the strongest terms the killings and violent atrocities committed against Ethiopian immigrants in Libya, South Africa and Yemen. The gruesome and extremely cruel murders of Ethiopian Christians in Libya is an appalling terrorist violence that shocks human conscience. We denounce these senseless and heinous terrorist crimes meted against innocent lives without showing any mercy to fellow human beings.
We are also disturbed by another tragic event that is taking place in South Africa. The xenophobic violence unleashed against African immigrants took the lives of many who came to the country either in search of better opportunities or running from political persecution in their native countries. We are saddened to witness the violence committed against fellow Africans by criminal elements.


April 22, 2015 | Addis Standard

Thousands of city dwellers descended on the streets of Addis Abeba this morning to participate in a government organized rally against the killings by militants of the Islamic State (IS) of Ethiopians and possibly Eritreans and the killings of three Ethiopians by xenophobic attacks in South Africa. But the rally was marred by chaos following chants by protestors that led to a police crackdown.

Ethiopia mourns Christian nationals killed by ISIL

April 22, 2015 | Aljazeera.com
Three days of mourning begin after video appears to show ISIL group in Libya shooting and beheading about 30 Ethiopians.

Ethiopia has begun three days of mourning, with joint Christian and Muslim prayers, for around 30 Ethiopian Christians believed to have been killed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Libya.

An Ethiopian Muslim man, Jemaal Rahmaan, has been identified as one of the two dozen Ethiopians killed by ISIS

April 22, 2015 | By Jawar Mohammed

An Ethiopian Muslim man, Jemaal Rahmaan, has been identified as one of the two dozen Ethiopians killed by ISIS. Jemaal, from Eastern Ethiopia,said to have volunteered to be taken with the Christian hostages with the hope of persuading the terrorists to let go of his friends.

Tarkaanfii Sukanneessaa Libiyaa keessatti fudhatame irratti Ibsa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (ABO)

Ebla 22, 2015 | Ibsa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo

Lammiilee mootummaa dirmatuu fi lammii dhaqqabuuf dhihooti hin qabne, rakkoo fi hiraara jalaa of baasuu fi abdii nuuf dabra jedhuun gammoojjii hamaa qaxxaamuree Libiyaa gahe irratti tarkaanfii sukaneessaa ISIS(Mootummaa Islaamaa) ofiin jedhuun lammiilee Saboota Iyophiyaa irratti fudhatame tarkaanfii namoomaa ala kan tahee fi dhala namaa kamuu irraa hin eegamne waan taheef ABO gadi jabeessee balaaleffata. Gochaan bineensummaa akkanaa ulaagaa kamiinuu fudhatama kan hin qabne tahuus dabalee hubachiisa. Tarkaanfii loogummaa amantii irratti hundaa’uun namoota harka qulleeyyii fi sivilii irratti fudhatame kanaan gadda itti dhaga’ame maatii lammiiwwan gaaga’amni irra gaheef ibsaa jajjabina hawwaaf. Loogummaa bifa kamuu ummataa fi lammiilee miidhu kamuu jabinaan kan dura dhaabbatu tahuus mirkaneessa. Hiree kanaanis hundee rakkoo lammiilee Itophiyaa balaaf saaxile kana hawaasni addunyaa akka hubatu yaadachiisuu fedha.

Ethiopia in mourning for victims of Islamic State violence

April 20, 2015 | BBC News
Ethiopia has declared three days of mourning following the killing by the Islamic State (IS) of more than 20 Ethiopian Christians in Libya.
The Libyan branch of IS on Sunday released a video showing one group of men being beheaded on a beach and another group being shot in a desert.
Ethiopia's government has now confirmed that the people shown being killed were Ethiopian migrant workers.
IS and other jihadist groups are present in several Libyan towns.

Irbuu Gootota Keenya Shinniggaa: Furmaata Hookkara Maqaa Amantiitiin Deemuutti Jiruu

Ebla 20, 2015 | Boruu Barraaqaa Irraa

Lammiileen Kiristiyaanaa Itoophiyaa irraa tahan 28 Liibiyaa geessatti bulguuwwan ISISiin gorra’amuun hunda keenya rifaasise. Torbaan lamaan tokko duras Keeniyaa Yuniversiitii Garrisaa keessatti tarkaanfii wal fakkaataatu obboleeyyan Kirsitiyaanaa irratti humna Al Shabaab jedhee of waamuun fudhatame. Ummata amantiidhaan gargar qoodanii Islaamummaaf waan dhaabbatan of fakkeessanii obboleeyyaan Kiristaanaa irratti tarkaangii gara jabinaa kana fakkaatu fudhachuun, humnoonni sun hunda caalaa nyaapha amantii Islaamaa tahuu isaanii agarsiisa.


Ebla 20, 2015 | Taammanaa Bitimaa Irraa
Kutaa Duraa Duubisuuf Addana Tuqaa
Kutaa Lammaffaa
Dubbiftoota barruu tanaa jaalatamoo fi kabajamoo, isa kutaa tokkoffaa keessatti isiniif dhiyaate akka argachuun duukaa-buutan abdiin qaba. Kunoo, ammammoo kutaa lammaffaa itti-fufeen jiraa, yoo yeroo fi wanni biraa isiniif hayyame mee duukaa-bu’aa!

Kanaan dura Finfinnee Shaggar irraa kaatanii akka magaalaa Ejeree dhaqabuun achitti haara-baafattan ni yaadattu. Magaalaa Ejeree kana keessaa fi mooggaa isaa deddeemuun Biyya Oromoo bareedaa Waaqni bareechee, uummata Oromoo bareedaa kana badhaase akka daawwattanii itti-gammaddan nan abdaddha. Mee ammas otoo adeemsa keessan kana jalqabdanii karaa Ambonama geessu hin qabatin, qarree Ejeree isa gara fuula kibbaa jiru dhaabaddhaatii hamma ijji keessan arguu dandaye “Oromiyaa Jiituu” doowwaaddhaa!Goodaa Bachoo baldhicha kana irraan yoo gara kibbaa ilaaltan, gooroon samiitti ijaajjee isainitti muldhatu sun Gooroo Sooddoo-ti. Gooroo kanatu garaa isinitti jabaatee isin dhoowwe malee, silaa biyya Oromoo Arsii keessatti kan argamu hara Laaqii Dambal(“Ziwaay“) agartuuyyu. Amma ishii tana akka duradubbiitti erga qalbeeffattanii bakka ganamaan kaataniif san, gara Ambootti qajeelaa!

Mooraan Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa humna Waraanaa Poolisoota Fedaraalaa Wayyaaneen Marfame. Humnootni Tikaa TPLF Heddumina Qabu Mooraa Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa fi Koolleejjii Barasiisota Jimmatti Ramadamuu Qeerroon Gabaase

Ebla 19, 2015 | Gabaasa Qeerroo Jimmaa

Ebla 17/2015 Mooraan Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa humna Waraanaa Poolisoota Fedaraalaa Wayyaaneen Marfame. Humnootni Tikaa TPLF Heddumina Qabu Mooraa Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa fi Koolleejjii Barasiisota Jimmatti Ramadamuu Qeerroon Gabaase Guyyaa har’aa kabajni Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo Ebli 15 fi Yaadannoon wareegamtoota uummata Oromoo fi gootota dargaggoota Qeerroo barattoota Oromoo Ebla 2014 FDG irratti wareegamanii Waggaa tokkooffaan isaa guyyaa har’dhaa bifa ho’aa ta’ee fi hedduu ajaa’ibsiisa ta’een gootota barattoota Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa fi Koollejjii barsiisota Jimmaan kabajamuun wal qabatee mootummaan Wayyaanee raafama ulfaata keessa seenuun humna waraanaa, basaastoota fi dabballoota isaa dhabbilee barnootaa mooraa Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa, koolleejjii Barasiisota Jimmaa fi magaalaa Jimmaa irratti bobbaasuun uummataa magaalaa illee doorsisaa olee jira. Goototni Qeerroon barattootni Oromoo guyyaa kaleessaa Ebla 16/2015 galgalaa irraa eegaluun barruulee warraaqsaa gootoota Oromoo kan faarsuu fi gaaffii mirga abbaa Biyyummaa uummata Oromoo kan of irraa qabu Mooraa Yuunivarsiitii keessatti barattootaa fi jiraattoota fi hojjettoota hundaaf bittinneessuun Magaalaa Jimmaa keessatti maaxansaa buluun guyyaa har’aa Ebla 17/2015 immoo gana sa’aa 12:00 egaluun uuffata gaddaa uffachuun nyaataa fi barnoota dhaabuun ifatti haala ho’aa ta’een kanajachuun mootummaa Wayyaanee raafama ulfaataaf saaxilan.

IS shows purported executions in Libya of Ethiopia Christians

April 19, 2015 | Digital Journal by AFP

The Islamic State jihadist group on Sunday released a video purportedly showing the executions of some 30 Ethiopian Christians captured in Libya.

The 29-minute video purports to show militants holding two groups of captives, described in a text on the screen as "followers of the cross from the enemy Ethiopian Church".

A masked fighter in black brandishing a pistol makes a statement threatening Christians if they do not convert to Islam.

Ethiopia's Massive Gilgel Gibe III Hydropower Dam Project Linked To Severe Hunger By Indigenous Kwegu Tribe, UN Investigating

April 18, 2015 | IBTimes.com | By Morgan Winsor

The United Nations is assessing a potential link between the massive Gilgel Gibe III hydropower project on the Omo River and severe hunger in Ethiopia and part of Kenya, the Inter Press Service news agency said Friday. The Kwegu people in southwest Ethiopia, who rely on the river, are facing starvation from a depletion of resources, which human rights groups said is a result of the construction of the hydroelectric-powered dam.

Hawwisoo Qeerroo Bilisummaa Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo Ebla 15 Ilaalchisee Faarsuu Haaraa


Attempts to re-defining Orommummaa

April 18, 2015 | By Yaadasaa Dafa

Over years many attempts were/are made to demarcate Orommummaa both by Oromo citizens and non-Oromos. Equally these inner and the outer communities that are presenting very attentive glamour and zeal for reshaping the original spirits of Orommummaa do have their own distinctive motives which could be; to better serve in the best interest of the Nation of Oromia, or to the contrary. Thus, it could only be fair to reflect back on the authentic Orommumma before trying to analyze the current trends of attempts by the above constituencies to re-describe the norms and basis for Orommummaa. Conventionally, the basics of Orommumma ascended from natural inheritances of the spirit of bravery, prudence, serenity, liberty, patience, dignity, devotion to the Nationalistic, but nostalgic sensations of belongingness, and pride with firm desires to protect and safe guard the cohesively shared and adored cultural heritage of Gadaa. To shield these god given heritages, the Oromo Nation relied on Safuu as the bonding glue facilitating its commonly accepted moral code for all human interactions. The Oromo people never absconded the political positions in the hands of individual ruler, kings, or an appointed civil servants, even if some self-centered opportunists are/were much industrious to circumvent these majestic cultural glories to gain personal power, fame, and fortune without regard for the norms. But the Gadaa democracy typically entertains its built-in checks and balances and a well-developed democratic system of governance. Before the occupation of Oromia, there were five parties overseeing the sculpture of leadership in Oromia.

Ethiopian Dam Deal Ignores Science, Warn Experts

April 14, 2015 | SciDev.net | By Rehab Abd Almohsen

Cairo — Water scientists from Egypt have raised concerns over a declaration governing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam that is meant to ensure fair access to Nile water for countries downstream.
The Declaration of principles, which the leaders of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan signed in Khartoum, Sudan, on 23 March, is meant to regulate Nile water use following political upheaval over the dam, which is about a third into its construction.

Ethiopians talk of violent intimidation as their land is earmarked for foreign investors

April 14, 2015 | By David Smith | The Guardian

New report gives damning indictment of the government’s mandatory resettlement policy carried out in a political climate of torture, oppression and silencing

The human cost of Ethiopia’s “villagisation” programme is laid bare by damning first person testimony published on Tuesday.
The east African country has long faced criticism for forcibly relocating tens of thousands of people from their ancestral homes to make way for large scale commercial agriculture, often benefiting foreign investors. Those moved to purpose-built communes are allegedly no longer able to farm or access education, healthcare and other basic services.

Yaadannoo Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo Ebla15 Ilaalchisuun Hogganni Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Haala Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo Keessa Darbee fi Sochii Warraaqsa FDG Ilaalchisuun Ibsa Gabaaba Uummata Oromoo Hundaaf Dabarsan.

Ebla 14, 2015 | Ebla 15, Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo Ilaalchisee Ibsa Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Irraa Kenname

Yaadannoon gootota qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo, Ummata Oromoo baldhaa bilisoomsuu fi Oromiyaa gudditti walaboomsuuf utuu qabsawanii Wareegama qaalii kanfalan bara baraan kan isaan yaadannudha. Guyyaa kana addatti yaadachuun kan barbaachiseef aadeffatameef utuu hin taane guyyaa kana seenaa qabsoo bara dheeraa uummanni Oromoo of dandamachiisuu fi bittaa halaga jalatti hin bullu jechuun ofiin of bulchuu qabna jechuun gaggeessa turee fi jiru kabajaa guddaa fi gootummaa guddaa goototni Oromoo argisiisaniin kan boonaa jirru fi kan itti yaadannudha. Guyyaan Ebli 15n bara baraan qalbii keenya keessatti yaadannu gootota ilmaan Oromoo yeroo biyyi keenya Oromiyaan waanjoo kolonii jalatti kuftee eegalee lubbuu isaanii takkaa bakka bu’uu hin dandeenye wareeguun Oromiyaa amma arginuu, Afaan Oromoo, aadaa keenyaa, seenaa uummata keenyaa. eenyummaa Oromummaa keenyaa fi kaartaan Oromiyaa amma argaa jirruu kanaaf kan bu’uuraa ta’uu isaanii yaadachiisuun dirqama. Guyyaa yaadannoo gootota Oromoo bakka argamnu hundatti waligurmeessuun haa ta’uu akka nama tokkeetti kanneen yaadannuu fakkeenyaaf:

Mandaroota fi Magaalaawwan Oromiyaa ("Oromian Towns and Cities") – Kutaa Duraa

Ebla 11, 2015 | Gadaa.com | Taammanaa Bitimaa Irraa*
Dubbiftoota barruu tanaa jaalatamoo fi kabajamoo, kunoo harra irraa kaaseen mataduree kanaa olitti kaayame jalatti waa isiniif dhiyeessaa, mee na hoofkalchaa! Kanas hamma naaf dandayametti guutuu taasisuunan guutee, irra bash-bash gochuun isiniif dhiyeessa. Garuu, yaa Oromoo koo akkana gochuuf laalleewwan (infoormeshina) guutuu qabaachuutu nama irra jira. Haala uummanni keenya Oromoon keessa jiruu fi dukkana wallaalummaa koloneeffattoonni Habashaa nu aguuggachiisan irraa kan ka’een, laalleewwan barbaadaman guutumatti argachuun rakkisaa dha. Haatahu malee, hammuma jiru irraa ka’anii waliif ibsuutu irra bu’aa qaba. Guutuu eeggachuuf, guutumatti harka maratanii taa’uun kana nama baasuu miti.

The Oromo Quest for Independence: The Elusive Leenco Factor

Ebla 10, 2015 | By Albasa Dagaga*

Raammoo Cuqulisaa’s diatribe in defense of Laalo Guduru’s Chickens, Eagles and Leenco  psychodrama has brought to light what Oromo nationalists have expected to face after the invention of ODF [Oromo Democratic Front]. Oromo nationalists are cognizant of the impending conflict with ODF since the founders of ODF are former founding members of OLF[Oromo Liberation Front]. Two recent articles by Laalo and Raammoo strongly attacked Oromo nationalists in defense of Leenco’s recent expedition trip to Finfinne while the shameful debacle, which the leader of ODF had experienced, brought to the fore strong criticisms and contempt from the side of the nationalists. This commentary is a response to the articles written by Laalo and Raammoo defending Leenco.

Walaloo Afaan Oromoo Najiib Zannuu Irraa : GOOTOTA


Ibsa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (ABO): Baatiin Eblaa Seenaa QBO Keessatti Baatii Seenaa Qabeessa

Ebla 09, 2015 | Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (ABO)

Ummatni Oromoo sirna gabrummaa walabummaa, birmadummaa fi mirga dimokraasii isaa sarbee hacuuccaa fi saaminsa gadi dhaabuu barbaade baroota dheeraaf of irraa faccisuun walabummaa isaa tikfate. Haa tahu malee dhuma irratti diinni waggoota dheeraaf Oromoo gabroomsuu irratti hin milkaa’iin ture gargaarsa meeshaa fi beekumsaa ala irraa argateen ittisa Oromoo cabsee hawwii isaa bakkaan gahate. Kana irraas sirni Kolonii Oromoo irratti diriirfame. Abbaan biyyummaa Oromoo hafee biyya isaa irratti alagoome. Qabeenyi Oromoo fi Oromiyaa ajaja alagaa jala gale.
Gabroomfatootni ummata Oromoo cabsuun ol aantummaa fi sirna Kolonii Oromiyaa fi Oromoo irratti diriirsuuf milkaa’an iyyuu ummatni Oromoo gabrummaa irratti fe’ame fudhatee tole jedhee jalatti hin bulle. Walabummaa fi bilisummaa humna qawween irraa sarbame deebifatuuf wareegama baasaa har’a gahe. Wareegamni gosa hundaa baasaa jirus ummata Oromoo irraa kan dhaabbatu guyyaa mirgi isaa guutummaatti dhugoomee dhimma isaa irratti murteessaa tahe qofa.

Milkeessaa Gadaa: Seenaa Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo (History of Oromo Armed struggle in brief)

Oromia Media Network (OMN) appointed Jawar Mohammed as an Executive Director.

April 08, 2015 | OMN ANNOUNCEMENT

On March 7, 2015, with hundreds of Oromos in attendance, OMN celebrated its 1st year in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In addition, many chapters throughout the world had similar celebrations and the jubilation continues to this day.

Daandii Ragabaa: Qarmammee Ebla 2015


“Gabrummaan nu Gaya, Ka’i Yaa Ilamaan Oromiyaa” Wallee Haaraa Sabboonticha Artist Aliyyii Saabit


Oldie’s Bellow of No Significance

April 07, 2015 | By Ibsaa Guutama*

A Tigrean Oldie, who seems to have misunderstood the trend of history, was heard bellowing from somewhere in Hawaasaa an anti-Oromo stance as if the Oromo were still those of yester years that Yohaanis had cut their tongues to impose his will. Since the colonization of Oromiyaa, Oromo movements towards liberation had come being sabotaged by those who originated from her bosom and registered to serve the enemy knowingly or unknowingly. Oromo, by nature, are effective and efficient in all fields of engagement. As fighters, they were known for bravery that thousands could not subdue. Believing that, the colonizer gave priority to hiring them in fields that required guts and open mindedness. For internal and external conflicts, including against the Oromo, it used to deploy mostly such hirelings. Those forget even the ethical and cultural obligations of their ancestors once their bellies are full. In their cultural setting, they used to brag by their father’s name, as galtuu to brag by the master’s name become their source of pride.

Hamma Hin Jirree Bookkisa Dullacha

Ebla 07, 2015 | Ibsaa Guutama Irraa*

Gidduu kana gara Hawaasaa kanaa dullachi Tigree adeemsa seenaa hin hubannee fakkaatu tokko Oromoon isuma Yohaannis arraba irraa cire sana se’ee farra Oromummaan yoo bookkisu dhagahame. Oromiyaan erga koloneeffamtee kaasee sochiin gara bilisummaatt Oromoon godhu hundi beekaa haa tahu wallaalummaan kanuma isee keessaa bahanii diinaaf ashkarummaa bulaniin hankaaffamaa yoona gahe. Oromoo uumaan waan itt bobaa’an hunda akka keessa hin deebi’amnee fi shafisaan hojii irra oolchuun beekamu. Akka loltuutt janna kumi gad hin qabne. Kanaaf koloneeffataan loltummaan madaqfachuuf isaan keessaa madaqfachuuf durfannoo kennaa. Duula keessaa fi alaaf Oromo irratt utuu hin hafin kan hiriirsu caalaatt jaruma akkasiitii. Garaa guuttannaan kan ajajaman hojii irra yoo oolchan aadaa fi seera safuu akaakilee saaniillee kan dagatan hedduu dha. Kan dur “garbicha abbayyee” jedhanii dhaadatan amma” garbicha abaluu” jedhanii maqaa kan isaan bulchuun dhaadachuutu boonsaa taheefii.