Ethiopian and Chinese workers clashed in Huawei’s 3G Network Expansion Project

November 04, 2014 | Dire Tube News

As sources said Ethiopian and Chinese workers who are working on Huawei’s 3G network expansion project in Dire Dawa have clashed. The reason behind the clash is the Ethiopian workers demand for a fair wage for the dangerous job they are engaged in.

“We have to climb and work on high wire poles 45 meters long; but what we are being paid is only 50 birr a day ($2.49) which is unfair and exploitation” one of the Ethiopian workers has said.

The Ethiopian workers have been in a meeting before the clash. According to sources, the clash has erupted when a Chinese worker tried to beat an Ethiopian worker whom he thought to be an organizer of the meeting and the riot.

Then the Ethiopian and Chinese workers have thrown stones at each other.

It was only after police have arrived at the place that the conflict calmed.

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