Macha-Tulama’s Campaign to Help Olbana Lelisa & Tsaggaayee (Sayyoo) Daandanaa

August 31, 2015
The following is a statement from the Macha Tulama Association (MTA) USA – announcing the launch of its campaign to help political prisoner Olbaanaa Leellisaa & ailing recording artist Tsaggaayee (Sayyoo) Daandanaa.

As many of you know, the well known Oromo artist Tsaggaayee (Sayyoo) Daandanaa has bone cancer, and he is being treated at a hospital. Tsaggaayee is a father of two children. He is asking for your financial support from a hospital bed. To learn more about his condition, click here.

Also, the health of Obbo Olbana Lelisa (Olbaanaa Leellisaa), a prisoner of conscience, is in a precarious condition in an Ethiopian prison while his family is struggling financially with a breadwinner in prison.

Macha-Tulama Association has allocated $500 to lead the effort to help these fellow Oromos. Please click the Donate button [here] and make your donations. Also, make sure to leave us a note on who you are donating for (“For Tsaggaayee” and “For Olbana”) when you enter your payment information on PayPal.

Visit to Take Action

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