Letter to ESAT TV Concerning New Afaan Oromoo Program To Start.

January 23, 2016 | From Abdisa Bencha (Abdiisaba Oromoo)
To: Ethiopia Satellite Television (ESAT TV)
SubjectESAT New ‘Oromiffa/Oromigna’ program title correction request
First of all, I am really happy to hear such great decision and I would like to thank ESAT board and members for such long awaited decision to start broadcasting in Afaan Oromoo language as ‘Oromigna/Oromiffa’ ESAT program. and It is a great opportunity for our society living in different parts of the world to get timely news and information in their own language.

I am one of regular followers of your programs along millions of people in Ethiopia and around the world. Although I am so excited about the new Afaan Oromoo program you are starting soon, I like to inform you that the title (‘Oromiffa/Oromigna’ ESAT program) of the program is WRONG
Even though most people unknowingly call Afaan Oromoo Languge as ‘Oromiffa/Oromigna’, It’s correct and standardized use is Afaan Oromoo Language not Oromiffa/Oromigna.  And I personally like to challenge you to make this right at start, ESAT Board and its member to consider correcting the program title.
Finally, I appreciate for taking time and responding to this request. I really hope to see the title being corrected and see AFAAN OROMOO ESAT PROGRAM (አፋን ኦሮሞ የኢሳት ፕሮግራም) on the air very soon. 

Abdisa Bencha (Abdiisaba Oromoo)
Afaan Oromoo Mobile App Developer (IT Specialist)

CC: Afaan Oromoo Global Coordinating Committee(AGCC)       
       Dr. Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni
       Beekaan Gulummaa Irranaa

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