OLF is Spirit

August 18, 2016 | By Mathias Gudina

OLF is Spirit, OLF is a Movement and OLF is 40+ million people: 

  • If you think OLF is dead, you are wrong because OLF lives in the hearts and minds of Oromo people.
  • If you think OFC is not OLF, you are wrong because OLF lives in OFC hearts and minds, 
  • If you think ODF is not OLF, again you are wrong, because it lives in ODF hearts and minds; 
  • If you think KWO is not OLF, you are wrong, because it lives in KWO hearts and minds; 
  • If you think OPDO is not OLF, you are wrong because majority of OPDO members have OLF in their hearts and minds.

There is no OLF of Shanee, QC or Jijjiiramaa; there is one and only one OLF of Oromo people, a movement against century old subjugation, occupation, repression and misery. I want to see myself in that movement, in that spirit, and in that euphoria. I wish to see my friends in that spirit too. So bring back OLF from pockets of your villages to the people.
Having said that, the scope of this post is not based on academic research but first hand personal observation and life experiences in the organization. Let me remind my readers that I had projected in 2004 that OLF was on the road to breaking in to pieces. That was self evident that due to the inactivity of the organization its leaders started to regroup their own diaspora constituent for survival. They all took their fraction to their own village.
They captivated the organization under their untamed runaway ill trained ‘’dabballees’’ as their own ATM. Once their constituents alarmed and funds depleted they try to metamorphosis to different names every year comes July. Every year they produce videos of WBO in Asmara or few miles from Nairobi and tell us irbaata WBO, gargaarsa WBO or what not. It is in my fresh memory that WBO in the bushes of Oromia has never seen a dime of those ‘’gargaarsaas’’.
I knew from my experiences that WBO is self reliant. The survival strategy we acquired through hardship was valuable to rely own self (of-irratti hirkannoo) than waiting for your gargaarsaa.
These all intermingling, frustrations, freedom of speech in the west, availability of resources for or against paved the way for accusations and counter accusations in the major cities of western countries to the refugee camps around the world.
This led to the start of character assassinations of our leaders of all camps. The public has no much first hand information and couldn’t differentiate facts from fiction. People shall not be accused of personal weakness but needs to be taught, trained, and take corrective action. If couldn’t learn from that, demote or relieve from duty.
So we, me and my likes, sit aside to observe the inactivity of OLF since 1998. If any fraction (I don’t call it faction) of OLF claims any activity I would be surprised and lol.
Therefore, with due respect, much love and high expectation I have a message to my 40+ million Oromo people, Tigrai and Ethiopian people.
To my Oromo People: 
We all are one, need one organization and one nation: OLF is coming back, coming back strong more than ever with I wish, Bekele Gerba as a leader where all organizations come together form single sole representative of the Oromo nation. I repeat, Oromo nation needs one single sole representative organization. That dream comes to reality soon with all of us put pressure on every single individual, group, and organization. We need to retire our seniors gracefully and with enough resources they need to retire.
To my Tigrian friends and Tigrai people: 

Don’t call us narrow because we were wide enough to enriched your sons and daughters of Tigrai who came as a retailers of ‘’boqolt’’ with 5 star hotels, retailers of mops with multi-story buildings, multi-bus travel agencies, and many manufacturing and mining companies. You came bare foot, we gave you shoes, but we don’t have for ourselves. We value hard work and dedication but don’t try to fool us, once an honest people find out the truth they are good at disciplining. Don’t call OLF a terrorist because we didn’t kill you when you killed our students, mothers, fathers and pregnant women. Don’t give us the name that belongs to your actions. We didn’t terrorize Tigrai people when you terrorized our villages, towns and entire nation. We need you to know that we are patient, humble and tolerant people.
To my Ethiopian Friends: 

We love OLF, we love OLF flag. Respect our choice. If you don’t like it, don’t like it but don’t say anything that hurts our friendship. Don’t call us habashas, because we are not. Don’t intimidate us by calling us ‘’habasha neh?’’. We like to be called Oromos. We share country, culture and norms but we are not habasha by blood. We can be one, but we are different. Diversity in ‘’one-ness’’. That way we can live together- with respect, dignity and hope- ‘The bigger the better.’
Har’aaf kanuma,

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