September 04, 2016 | Qeerroo

Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo is calling for an urgent renewed call of grand protest in all of Oromia amidst killing of several Oromo prisoners in Kilinto (Qilinxoo) Prison by the regimes shooters as the prisoners run to save themselves from fire.

Here are the demands and banners the Oromo people is asked to hold:
  1. Where are our relatives (prisoners)? We demand to see our relatives? Release all political prisonerrs!
  2. We need the list of all that are killed! We need the list of all that are wounded! Those wounded should be released to their families for treatment!
  3. The TPLF/EPRDF regime is committing genocide on the Oromo people and should step down!
  4. Our demand is freedom of Oromia! Oromia shall be free!
  5. While ANDM is standing on the side of the protesting Amhara people, OPDO is standing with the TPLF who is committing genocide on Oromo people! We demand that OPDO stand with their people or get out of the way of the Oromo people!
  6. All roads will be closed until our demands are met! We call our people to exert economic sanction on the regimes companies and its surrogates.
  7. We demand that a transitional government which includes OLF be established!!
  8. We call our people to stand with Qeerroo as we destroy the regimes properties, properties of the regimes officials and surrogates, and so called investors!

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