The Ugly Truth out of the Demonstration in Washington DC: was it against deception of TPLF or to mislead Oromo identity?

September 13, 2016 | By Ilma Saba (Ph.D)

I saw youtube video of Ethiopians’ demonstration in collaboration with Oromo activists. The demonstration was held in Washington DC on 08 Sep 2016 with the aim to drag down the flying flag attributed to TPLF and uncover the evil acts behind the flag of the dictatorial regime in Ethiopian empire. In due course, I saw one person named Gamachis who was supposed to give remarks in Afaan Oromo. Meanwhile, another actor on the demonstration hibernating behind Gamachis was wrapping him with Habesha flag. The person insisting on Gamachis to wear and chant Habesha flag is, no doubt, an Habesha who wants to see his flag embraced by Oromo. The Habesha person constantly checks the flag on the shoulder of that Oromo person. It was mandatory for Gamachis to carry that flag while his comment is progressing. Nevertheless, that Habesha person didn’t show up himself rising Oromo flag if he really wanted to reflect solidarity between Oromo and Habesha.
Here is the inference of that day’s demonstration drama and the reality of aspiration of Habesha for “solidarity” with Oromo. The effort of that Habesha person to force Gamachis wear the Habesha flag has far reaching inherent implication. The act reminds me the very fact of Habesha interest to hide Oromo identity under their supremacy and that they only want to manipulate Oromo as their messenger toward their goal. They think that Oromo can only be their ally as long he/she holds their flag on shoulder (accept their supremacy) be it willingly otherwise forcefully. In doing so, they deceive us to lick their venom coated with honey as stated in their proverb: hulum befiker new. The fact that rogue Habesha person smiles while he was covering Gamchis’s identity reflect what they are saying “love”  and the constant check of the flag on Gamchis’s shoulder reflect that it is willy-nilly for the Oromo to accept Habesha identify in order to be considered their ally. The fact that Gamachis was struggling to get away with the flag and the act of the rogue Habesha person suffice as an evidence of my thought.
Consequently, both actors were telling us (viewers in general and the Oromo in particular) that Oromo can be trustworthy stakeholder to Habesha if only endorse the goal behind the flag: one colonial Habesha regime in Ethiopian empire. Habesha is not expected to fly Oromo flag because they are struggling to re-gain the hegemony which re-assures that they remain master and Oromo as their colonial subjects. If Oromo could continue to chant its own flag, they think that is fatal to their ultimatum of keeping the empire intact. Habesha think, Oromo’s equality with Habesha would be sin against their Godly government. Hello Habesha: remember Oromo have our defined interest and our own unique position as different from yours when it comes to the fate of the Ethiopian empire. Also keep in mind that, leave alone between, even within: we Oromo are serious when it comes to addressing the issue of flying flag and its implication. Indeed, we have no shoulder (tolerance) to carry any flag that don’t historically belong to Oromo nation! You better stop requiring Oromo: to be called Habesha when we give you smiling face for possible compromise to be named Oromo Ethiopian or to carry your flag when we call for common benefits of collaboration against the current tyranny.
Let me clearly say, perhaps, on behalf of that person forced to carry the Habesha flag: green, yellow and red color with or without star, lion and/or other emblems it used to contain. The cooperation of the presumed Oromo person with Habesha to show up on the demonstration is welcomed by me. On the other hand, the most important purpose of that Oromo’s accompany on the demonstration is not to regain the lost colonial power symbolized by that flag. Habesha should always keep in mind that the mystery of our (Oromo’s) hate and struggle against the goal of that tricolor Ethiopian flag is not as such necessarily limited to its former emblem or the present star. We want to do away with its objective of sewing of the tricolor garment to reflect that people were brought under consolidated colonial power by force! That is the truth!
The tragedy of the drama on that demonstration also reminded me the usual Habesha’s act of propaganda: one in which they try to pool out some who might be member of their organization and yet bearing Oromo name in that person’s genealogy to eco him/her as if he/she is Oromo representing the need of Oromo nation. By presence of such person around Habesha or in the so called their Ethiopian political organization, they want to spare on us that we need to praise their organization as if belong us, too. Habesha politicians and elites please understand that the interest of Oromo nation and its hero fighters for freedom of equality is in no way about individual person or its needs! Learn, learn, learn and know that we refused and are fighting inequitable colonial governing system of Habesha (the TPLF’s & its predecessors’). Likewise, in no way we dare to neither praise a person nor struggle to retaliate individual!
Oppressed peoples of Ethiopian empire are struggling to regain their deprived right to free choice whether to be administrated under one umbrella of democratic and just government or not. A willy-nilly type of unity under the name Ethiopian never worked and is not gonna work, too. I hope you are seeing the fractures of what Habesha regime’s unity used to be claimed in the course of maintaining Ethiopian empire by the method of such as political marriage and dismissal of identity of the subject people. Contrary to that claim, you may note the confusion of descendants’ as a victim of the past colonial regime’s wrong policy. Clearly, the parents of such descendants (so-called mixed blood) were subject to the then politically motivated marriage and now their offspring calculating their blood level in search of their true identity. The only case I know addressing blood level is important is for animals for the purpose of breeding. In case of inheritance of human being, kinship is either paternal as in Oromo (that is also why Oromo says: biyya abbaa koo) or matriarchy. l it is up to the person to define his/her lineage which way but never damp that burden on others who were resisting that kind of mess. So, If I were Habesha, I will never be on that road again to bury the identity of other nations and nationalities but learn from historical mistake and move forward on the road to equality, freedom and long lasting unity. Only true dedication wins heartedly collaboration and purposeful togetherness!
Hence, it is not that you tell us your blood proportion, Oromo name somewhere in your heritage nor an attempt to get Oromo picture flying your flag that makes us cooperate with you. In that line Oromo could be smarter to easily make it happen, if need be. I am afraid to tell you that, however, by virtue of our difference in the psychological feelings, we easily get to misunderstand each other’s political interest. Based on your psychology or inherent nature find yourself where you belong: silent or shout, doer or talker, fighter or lobber, fatherland or motherland, paternal or maternal, etc. I know Oromo possess characters of the first entries of the contrasting alternatives I mentioned. I wish you should not belong to the second traits in each contracting entries. I will understand your choice when action speaks louder than words!
Therefore, if you guys are prodemocracy and equality and are demanding true unity approved by peoples’ will, refrain from such evil acts of forcing someone to wear or dress your identity (flag) or whatever domination of that sort. I hope readers will join me in the validity of analysis of the visual data (video) so that understands that my aim is not about something else but surfacing the bitter and yet ugly truth hidden in the tactical call for collaboration. For related reading.

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