Saving Ethiopia from who?

September 11, 2015 | By Rundassa Asheetee Hunde

ethiomergerThe recent merger between four Habasha rebellious groups provides the Oromo people an opportunity to re-examine the way they have been thinking about their existence as people. It is obvious that there were many frustrating situations that have occurred for the Oromo people because of OLF’s failure to recruit honest and dedicated nationalist Oromians. Because of the empty reassu­ran­ces and charming words that these dishonest TPLF spies inside the OLF often spoke, the OLF had been ali­enated from the Oromo mass up until recently.

Mean time, initially being inspired by freedom loving Oromo prisoners, Brihanu Naga, a man who now become the chairman of “Save Ethiopia” formed a rebellious group known as “Ginbot 7”, with clear goal to stop the Oromo people’s aspiration for freedom. Brihanu Naga often spoke how frightened he was by what the Oromo prisoners have been saying to him when he was a prisoner and that he decided to do something before the Oromos brake his Ethiopia apart. Another hatful man toward to the Oromo people, Andargachew Tisge, also said that he can’t accept any country known as Oromia.

Long hoping for wider support for his dream of suppressing the Oromo voice, Brihanu Naga now brought together similar Habasha voices, and even dreams to bring certain Oromo liberation fighters to his camp so that they too can fight the interest of their own nation, the Oromo. What is interesting here is that a mutually irritated anti Oromo union calling for the Oromo Liberation Front to join it and promote a byproduct of Minilik’s ethnic cleansing policy.

The irony of such move is that, even though it is true that the TPLF is the enemy of the Oromo people by and large, the SAVE ETHIOPIA group failed to see it’s own racist policy and understand that the Oromo people will no longer want to see the type of Ethiopia it is trying to build. In other words, the TPLF and the OLF may not wish to see eye to eye, but they may need each other more than ever when it comes to fighting such racist group. For example, what Brihanu and Andargachew have been saying about the Oromo people in public have already obscured the Oromo view against the SAVE ETHIOPIA group and their continued promotion of Minilik’s ethnic cleansing policy will further complicate the Oromo and the Habasha cooperation on fighting the TPLF. For that reason, Brihanu Naga and his team need to rethink their political objective and start a new dialogue to address this deepening division they have created before it becomes unbridgeable.

Anyone can easily understand why Dr. Brihanu’s team is sloganeering anti TPLF propaganda on the surface no matter how much they try to hide their scary motives. Things can’t be fine for the Oromians, for the Ogadenians, for the Sidamas as long as the SAVE ETHIOPIA group continued to celebrate Minilik’s ethnic cleansing policy. When faced with common threats from a group similar to SAVE ETHIOPIA, the TPLF and the Oromo people can discover the connections between them and start fighting SAVE ETHIOPIA on either side.

Hence, the “save ethiopia” group complaint against the TPLF alone lacks a strategic vision. They need to know that the TPLF came to power with a conviction to reduce cultural cleansing that the pro Ethiopian unity Habasha groups have been undertaking for more than 145 years, even though the TPLF gradually forgot that and started building massive military and economic apparatus vital for Tigrai’s development. TPLF’s occupation of Oromia, Ogadenia, Benishangul and the entire southern people’s country and the excessive war it had been waging against these nations ever since it became a colonizing force had been overextended, especially since the TPLF leaders become billionaires. Nonetheless, anchoring a footprint of Oromummaa for the Oromo people in Oromia would mean not only reducing Minilik’s ethnic cleansing policy but also providing the right to speak afaan Oromo and exercising some sort of rights to self governing. Stepping back and challenging these victories will mean to take responsibility for Minilik’s ethnic and cultural cleansing policy. Brihanu Naga and Andargachew Tisge have adhered consistently to this policy, prioritizing it so ruthlessly along the way and firmly resisting to Oromians calls to stop doing so. Brihanu and Andargachew’s strategy never been accepted in Oromia, nor the hatful shouts of hard-wired Amhara fanatics was accepted as coherent strategy to bring respect to all people of empire Ethiopia. Now Brihanu and his SAVE ETHIOPIA team have undertaken major initiatives on the goal of re-establishing Minilik’s Ethiopia, the TPLF problems can be viewed as better evil.

No matter a smart analytic acuity one might have on this matter, producing the results that hard core Habasha’s wish to produce by implementing Minilik’s policy will flounder. We have seen that they have consistently failed to deliver on the promises they have made to bring old Ethiopia back, and they will never be able to explain the obvious hypocrisies they often reflected, let alone fighting war and wining unless they back down from wishing to implement Minilik’s policy. If not, the TPLF can cause instability to empire Ethiopia by arming one side or the other until each side is tired and surrender back to it. One need to remember that the TPLF controls much of the empire’s economy even when it is hated by everyone in that country.

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