The OLF-Executive Committee meeting and Oromia wide national protest against Ethiopian rule in Oromia: Is it planned or coincidence?

Mudde 06, 2015 | By Leelloo Sabaa
Barreessaa dhugaa baasa!According to press release from the OLF Executive Committee posted on this website, it means that the Executive Committee meeting of the OLF coincided with the unprecedented Oromia wide national protest against Ethiopian colonial rule in Oromiyaa. This Oromia wide national protest was unprecedented for several reasons. The protest that started in Gincii town was quickly echoed in many Oromian towns and villages with the same slogan that conveyed the dream of the founders of OLF in 1973.  How proud and happy can the martyred and the living OLF leaders can be when they see what   they dreamt in Gobeelle and Fashimii 40 years ago is becoming a reality.  The revolutionary seed sowed by few Oromo revolutionaries so many years ago is gradually but surely bearing fruit by rallying millions of Oromians . The slogan of the protesters, the depth, the extent and the participation of the Oromoo people was unprecedented because more than ever before, this protest was embraced by all most all sections of Oromian society. Speer headed by Oromo youth and students in: primary, secondary and University levels, the protesters, clearly and unequivocally articulated the demand for reclaiming Oromoo fatherland and Oromian independence that can finally put to rest the century old war between the Empirial rule and Oromia.

The demand for off loading Ethiopian colonial burden from the shoulder of Oromia and the Oromo people was also echoed unanimously by Oromo: teachers, parents of students and peasants. Oromo members of Ethiopian armed forces and junior OPDO cadres and politicians have been heard also coming to their sense by siding with their brothers and sisters. Be it in Central, Eastern, Western, South East and South Oromia, the massage of the protesters was one and the same. It further articulated that the Oromo Liberation Front is the only hope and dream that can put an end to the century old Ethiopian socio-political burden which the Oromo people are no more ready to carry. This massage was coined in the protesters slogans: “OLF doesn’t sell Oromia!, OLF doesn’t sell land!, Let the OLF, our vanguard come and rule Oromia!, OLA/WBO is our hero!”. These slogans undoubtedly and clearly confirm the absolute vote of confidence the Oromo nation have on the OLF. The slogan of the protesters in every corner of Oromia reads, “Finfinnee is ours!, Buraayyuu is ours! We do not give up any inch of Oromia land!,  Protesting against Master Plan is defending Oromo fatherland!, Master Plan is master killer!, Master Plan is a continuation of a century old Ethiopian regims campaign of displacing and dispossessing  Oromian peasants!, Master Plan is a  plan to commit genocide against the Oromo nation!” In a nutshell, all these slogans convey the message that Oromia belongs to Oromians and hence the need to reclaim Oromian independence and sovereignty. All these slogans are congruent with OLF ideology and objectives. According to my readings of OLF’s economic policy, Oromian land belongs to the Oromoo people and its going to put in place democratic ways of its utilization.
I am strongly convinced that the coincidence of the OLF Executive Committee meeting and the Oromia wide protests against Ethiopian colonial rule in Oormia is a planned and coordinated act of political activities. If this is so, it is a big political development as far as OLF’s mobilization and organizational capacity to control and influence Ethiopian and Oromian political situation is concerned.  It is an indication of the development and the consolidation of OLF’s political activities.  It shows also how strong and influential the OLF has become in shaping the politics in the Ethiopian empire in particular, the Horn of Africa in general. What an exceptional organizational and political achievement for the OLF since 1991! Therefore, to enable the OLF to more consolidate the current gains and expand it further, it is high time that all Oromains from all corners of Oromia and political orientation rally behind the OLF financially and materially more than ever before.  The day for the burial of Ethiopian colonial rule and the establishment of an independent Oromia is just in front of us and within our reach. Let’s release our full potential today and today to reprieve our people from this brutal century old Ethiopian colonial rule. Our shoulder is tired of carrying Ethiopian rule !
Leelloo Sabaa

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