TPLF Leaders will be Responsible for the Bleeding of the Oromo Nationals

December 27, 2015 | Statement of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)

asxaa_oromoThe bitter struggle the Oromo people are waging to protect their rights and to maintain their very existence as a nation and the sacrifices they are paying to defend the declaration war and an act of terrorism currently perpetrated on them by the TPLF-led Ethiopian regime is extremely heavy.
As the regime displays its utmost contempt to the Oromo people and intensifies the war of aggression to exterminate the Oromo race, the determination of the Oromo people is getting more and more strengthened and they are intensifying their peaceful protest by the day.

The TPLF/EPRDF (aka Woyane) minority regime in Ethiopia, instead of giving the appropriate response to the legitimate questions of the Oromo people presented through peaceful means, is attempting to put down the ongoing protests through force of arms by deploying the regular army which is supposed to be used to defend the country from an external aggression and is shamelessly engaged in terrorizing the unarmed civilian population.
It is vividly seen that the oppressed people are not fearful of the force of arms and are not flinching from protesting. They have continued their opposition through various means of non-violent struggle.
In unexpected turn of events, the over-flooded non-violent protest in Oromia has shocked the repressive Woyane regime forcing it to decide to stop the movement by committing heinous atrocities and merciless killings, massive imprisonments, severe beatings and torture as usual.
In doing so, the regime has proved itself to be the category of states committing state-terrorism by spilling the blood of peaceful and innocent civilian population.
The open declaration of war of December 15, 2015 in which it labelled the protesting Oromo school children as “terrorists” and ordered its forces to take “merciless action” against them and its immediate action to put the declaration into practice has proved that the regime is no different from the well-known terrorist groups of the globe.
Just like terrorist groups that terrorize peaceful citizens to support them and to fulfill their wishes and interests and behead those who refuse their demand, the TPLF-Woyane regime is forcing innocent and peaceful Oromo citizens to fulfill its interest by killing them with military force for no reason other than asking their legitimate rights.
Just as terrorist groups divide the population through religious lines, prevent people from freely practicing their own religion and mercilessly behead those who are not willing to follow their religion, the Woyane regime is also openly engaged into discriminating and targeting the Oromo people from the rest of the citizens of the country and killing, arresting, and harassing only because of their nationality. Just as terrorists mercilessly massacre unarmed civilians, the TPLF-Woyane regime is killing school children in front of their parents and parents in front of their children.
The current killing of a mother for attempting to save her son and also wounded her son after killing the mother on the spot in Chanka, Kelem Wollega zone is a case in point. Just as terrorists do not have any respect for the dignity of human being and impose their wishes through brutal killings, the minority TPLF-Woyane regime is showing its savage character by killing and hiding the bodies of those that are killed, deny burial in several cases.
At this point, it is confirmed that the TPLF-Woyane regime has killed at least 85 Oromo nationals. Thousands have been injured and disabled by bullets and beating. Tens of thousands are rounded up and undergoing severe torture. The killings, arrests, beatings, and severe torture are continuing with intensity as we write.
Unsatisfied by all these atrocities, the TPLF Woyane minority regime has intensified its act of terrorism by eliminating the most conscious and educated elites of the Oromo society and has continued arresting leaders of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) political party, the university lecturer Mr. Bekele Gerba, the lawyer Mr. Dejene Tafa, and several leaders of various levels of the party.
The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) strongly condemns the unlawful beatings, mass arrests, torture and killings perpetrated on the Oromo people by this terrorist TPLF-Woyane regime.
We demand that an independent investigative body identify those who are killed, those who participated on the killings and those who gave the orders of the killings and other atrocities.
The OLF ones again appeals to the international community and human rights organizations to bring to justice the perpetrators of the gross human rights of violations on the Oromo nationals in particular and other citizens of the country in general.
Victory to the Oromo People! 
Oromo Liberation Front 
December 26, 2015

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