Reflection of Activist and Political analyst Jawar Mohammed on TPLF's Spokesperson Getachew Reda's statement

February 16. 2016 | Source; Face Book of Jawar Mohammed

I just read the statement by TPLF's Spokesperson Getachew Reda. 
1) He claims the attack against Agazi forces was undertaken by armed group. That is partially true. But who were these armed group? What is trying to hide is the fact that the federal police and Agazi soldiers were killed by joint forces of local government militia and Oromia Special Police ( fetno derash). Evidence to this is that the Agazi forces also killed several Oromia Special Police officers. Two of them are identified as Mustefa Hussien ( born and raised in same locality) and Ramadan Abdalla ( from East Hararge). ( These two individuals were erroneously described as civil servants due to loose translation (the source used the term 'mootummaaf hojjatan' whose direct translation is they work for government but we took it for civil servant). It was the Oromia security forces ( militia and special police) that disarmed the first contingent of Agazi forces who killed two protesters. When additional federal military arrived and attacked them trying to secure release of the Agazi hostages, the Oromia police distributed weapon to some of the protesters and responded by hit them from multiple positions killing 11 Agazi soldiers. The Agazi also killed several militia and Oromia special police. The two officers who are identified above were the only once whom the public were able to inspect their body. The rest of the deceased and wounded from both side were taken away to Awassa and Addis Ababa hospitals. These 'armed groups' were not some alien rebels but rather members of the regime's security who were armed and deployed by the rulers.

2) The Spokesman also alleges protesters attacked government farms. Yes they destroyed farms and other properties. However although these farms were previously owned by government, they have been sold to foreign and TPLF owned companies. The protesters were chanting "you stole our land, ship away the wheat to foreign land while we are starved." Note that West Arsi/ East Shawa is among the most affected by the current famine. Some 40% of the population needs emergency food aid.
3) The regime's spokesman continue to claim there was religious dimension to conflict. This is absolute lie. No church or mosque has been attacked. There is absolutely no religious conflict in the area. Our concern has been possibility of agents instigating ethnic conflict as the area borders the SNNP region. Even that did not happen.

My advise to the regime and its foreign backers is this. Face up to the reality. You are not fighting some outside agitators any more. Governance and security situation has completely collapsed in Oromia as consequence of TPLF's unrestrained interference

1) It has been over a month since TPLF have removed president of the region from power and his where about is unknown. He has not been replaced.The region has been without chief executive officer. 

2) Oromia cabinet has not met for over two months. No collective executive decision is being made. Orders are given directly from TPLF intelligence. 

3) OPDO executive committee has been prevented from having both regular and emergency meeting

4) The TPLF security has been harassing, beating and blackmailing OPDO Central Committee members, department heads and zonal governors making it practically impossible to govern. 

5)) Oromia Parliament ( Caffee) has not met for over 4 months. Several of Caffee members are in jail or disappeared. Yet judges, governors and department heads have been removed without due process. 

6) TPLF has rejected the 15 point demand presented by OPDO Central Committee following their last meeting ( Jan 10-13?). These demands include withdrawal of federal forces from Oromia, removal of the command post, and several other policy demands that will be discussed here in the next days.
Therefore, Tigrean elites and TPLF's foreign backers are strongly advised to open their eyes to realities; they are up against the entire Oromo nation in and outside the government not just opposition, students or diaspora. The 'armed group' that they try to portray as some rebel group is in fact members of the government's security apparatus. Also the protesters of East Shawa/ West Arsi districts they try to accuse as Islamic extremist are largely Adventist Christians. These accusations are untrue, illogical and backfiring.
There is only one way forward. Listen to Oromo leaders both in opposition and within the government. Start by immediately withdrawing federal soldiers from Oromia and dismantling the command post. Then restore full authority to the regional government. At the same time sit with Oromo and other leaders to find a collective solution.

Refusing to do so will invite disastrous consequences for the regime, for the Horn region and society. The Oromo people have a vested interest in ensuring peace and stability in the country and the region. However they are sick and tired of tyranny, exploitation and disrespect. They are determined and risen up to restored their deserved dignity!!

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