Havering schools raise money for clean water project in Ethiopia

March 07, 2013 | Romford Recorder

By: Safira Ali

Students and teachers from two schools have been raising money to fund a clean water project in Ethiopia.

The group from the Albany School and Marshalls Park are planning to visit the families in Bekoji, Ethiopia, who will benefit from the new project in July.

Year 10 pupils Jack Fallon, Jack Rougier, Ryan Heather, Danny Hayes and Sam Eddison, from The Albany performed as part of their band – The Band Criteria – at a fundraising event in Collier Row Catholic Club and raised £610.

Jack Fallon said: “The gig was really well attended and the atmosphere was absolutely amazing.

“The whole night was a success and all our hard work paid off.”

Students and staff from both schools also raised £345 by bag packing at Tesco Gallows Corner last Saturday.

Gary Wimbush, assistant headteacher at The Albany, said: “This has further raised awareness for the cause and the local community were very supportive. Teenagers like these are an absolute credit to their communities and have worked tirelessly to raise funding and awareness.”

Water Filter Project for Families in Bekoiji

Backed by The Albany/Marshalls Park School

About the backers

A team of teachers and 17 students from two schools in Havering, Essex, are preparing for a two week trip to Ethiopia in July 2013. Having taken part in a similar project previously, The Albany and Marshalls Park Schools are eager to support Stand By Me and the children and families in our care. The students have begun their fundraising and they are keen to learn the necessary skills for carrying out their project.

They are holding several fundraising events prior to their departure to ensure their time in Ethiopia will benefit as many families as possible. Their first event was a very successful evening meal at a local restaurant and they have more exciting events planned for the year ahead. These include a 24-hour fast, a quiz night, a concert and bingo. The more money the team raise, the greater the impact they will have on the lives of those in the Bekoiji community and with your help, they we can achieve even more.

About the project

Access to clean drinking water is very limited in Ethiopia yet it is vital for good health. The need for water and sanitation in Ethiopia is severe. Only 42% of the population has access to an improved water supply, and only 11% of the population has access to adequate sanitation services. In rural areas, these numbers drop even further. Many families have to walk miles to collect clean water and children are often unable to attend school as a result. The team will be making water filtration units for families during their two week stay in Ethiopia to help improve this situation. Each filter costs £50 to construct and train the family to utilise it, and will help hygiene and health to improve permanently. Equally it will give children a better opportunity to receive an education as they will not be spending their days walking to find clean water.

We will construct each water filter system using the raw materials we purchase with the money raised. The students from the UK will gain invaluable experience as they train in woodwork prior to their departure, and assist in the building of the frames. As the team work and live with those in the Bekoiji community, they will also assist the Ethiopian students with their studies.

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