TPLF fascists have been biting the hands of the Oromo people that fed them for the last 25 years

March 22, 2016 | By Olaanaa Saboonaa

The peaceful resistance of the Oromo people has to be accompanied by a civil armed (guerrilla) resistance movement.

  • The tigryan fascists and their stooges should not be allowed to continue murdering Oromo youth, women and the elderly with impunity.

  • These fascists have still the audacity to rule over the Oromo people and the rest of the Ethiopian people after having murdered hundreds of innocent Oromos, after having maimed, imprisoned tortured and expelled thousands of innocent citizens from their homeland.

  • The resistance movement using various cells formed by trained Oromo fighters must keep on punishing those who have ordered the occupation and genocide against the Oromo people including the TPLF fascist leaders and their stooges residing and operating from Finfinee and all over Oromia.

  • The generals that are leading the massacre of the Oromo people in their so called 8 districts and all that take part in this genocidal activities are legitimate targets of Oromo people’s self defense.

  • We must all know that what these fascists rely on is mainly the weapons that they are armed with. Oromo guerrilla resistance movement should learn from the heroic fights of our forefathers against the Italian fascists. Disarming each of their killers, raiding their garrisons to arm the Oromo fighters, raiding each of their fascist prison camps and freeing Oromo prisoners and demoralizing the enemy in every corner, and supporting all resistance movements all over Ethiopia is one of the key ways to expedite the downfall of these inhumane murderers.

  • Working on their secret service and their army is an important thing to persistently work on. Being able to make the army turn its weapons against these fascists is something that should be worked on.

    • Distributing various pamphlets among the army members with a warning can help at least some of them understand what is going on.
    • The key issue here is to let the army know that they are not paid with the money from the TPLF fascists as they try to make them think. We must let them know that they are paid with the money collected from the people through tax and various other means. Hence, they should think twice before executing the order to murder and maim the innocent people that pay them. The warning should be explicit in that if they do not listen to this and continue executing the bids of the few TPLF fascists and their stooges, they will be doomed to face their end on Oromo’s soil.

  • The Tigryans, with the help of their western and lately with their Chinese handlers have come thousands of kilometers to invade, loot and expropriate the Oromo land.

    • They came on bare feet and are now millionaires and billionaires with the courage to build mansions with the replica of Axum’s obelisk in their backyard in Finfinee while millions are starving

  • If the TPLF fascists think that they will rule the Oromo people under their martial law for ever, they must understand that they are expediting their end.

    • When one follows the history of what they did over the last 25 years in Oromia, one can conclude that they have also been preparing for this kind of doomsday scenario.
    • From the very beginning when they landed their feet on Oromo land, they have been working on disarming the Oromo people.
    • There were even times when they declared that no Oromo can have their traditional sticks (ulee or menchaa) coming to the market. What is left to do for them was to only prohibit all Oromo families to not even have knives to use when they cook their dishes. This has shown the extent to which the tigryans have paranoia for Oromo gallantry and heroism and the extent to which they fear an armed Oromo. It seems that they have learnt how strong and heroic the Oromo people are, not only from just history but also from the heroism of the Raya and Azebo Oromos in their backyard.
    • That is also why they have been running around like mad dogs for the last 25 years to make sure that Oromos do not have any base and support from any neighboring country to arm themselves and conduct an effective armed resistance

  • Now that the new generation and the whole Oromo people are up in arms with the system, things have changed. Disarming the fascists and turning their weapons against them will be a major means to wage an effective armed resistance movement besides any kind of peaceful resistance to end their tyranny.
Oromo land will be the immediate burial soil for those who have come to murder our children. Tigryan fascists and those who conduct their bids will face the gallantry and heroism of the great Oromo nation in armed battles beginning from Finfinee to all corners of Oromia. This battle will not happen at the time of their choice but at the choice of our gallant underground (guerrilla) freedom fighters.
Let us support those who are giving their precious lives for our freedom!!

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