OPDO’s last chance to ditch TPLF and join ‪#‎OromoProtests

August 05, 2016 | By Leta T. Bayissa

Now, it is billed as possibly to be the greatest planned protests against the repressive regime in the history of our nation -- tomorrow, on August 6, 2016. I would like to urge OPDO to ditch TPLF and join #OromoProtests. As the countdown to the largest protests starts in earnest, OPDO should abandon the loose ends of the deal with TPLF and bolt out of EPRDF. I ask you to make an earthshaking pronouncement on Saturday and shake TPLF to its very innercore. Because for far too long you are keeping not only the wrong political company, but acquiescently obeying and serving a hostile regime towards Oromoness.

We (Oromo) know all too well that you are never been comfortable with TPLF. It is more obvious that you are increasingly becoming uncomfortable with the coalition that TPLF only dominates which has left you mere spectators on the margins. It is naive and wrong for OPDO to stick with TPLF when the latter own members were often showing open contempt and disrespect for the former. The TPLF has been sending broadly clear messages that OPDOs are flowergirls in the EPRDF coalition matrix.

#OromoProtests covets TPLF regime responds to their complete and comprehensive demands long enough, but you acted as a stumbling block to satisfy your selfish motives borne out of greed to agree to occupy the TPLF government seat. TPLF’s calculated move to cut Oromo to size by appointing you as their agents in Oromia, now, slowly but surely, cease to operate. Now, TPLF have zero chance of beating #OromoProtests, in fact TPLF is destined to lose and ultimately will be crumpled. Why perish sticking with people who are destined to lose? On the optimistic side, Oromo cause is destined to win and you should align with the generation that is dubbed as a game changer and be assured of being part of the future Oromia.

This generation of Oromo is determined to make history and this is why I ask you to ditch TPLF and join this journey of transforming not only Oromia for Oromo but also the entire country, Ethiopia. I ask you to take a common stand in supporting #OromoProtests peaceful march to address the challenges facing our people. You can be part of history in the making if you bolt out of TPLF contract. Remember, what’s at stake is not a mere politicking, rather a matter of survival. No amount of killings, maiming, incarcerating and intimidating would stop this generation from protesting for freedom’s sake. You stand to benefit more from the change in the making as opposed to the master-slave (EPDRF) coalition. TPLF’s petty politicking cannot take you anywhere, any longer. I urge you to terminate your consensual contract with them.

Taking cue from the increasing opposition to TPLF regime from #OromoProtests in the past 2 years only, it is largely unlikely that TPLF survives the tsunami of resistance that continues to be increasingly mounting. Oromo from all walks of life -- region, religion, in and outside of the country are working together and that we should not agree to be driven to corners anymore. So, it is this development that presents you with historical opportunity to quit TPLF pact and resist alongside with your brothers and sisters.

#OromoProtests have resolved to work with all people in Ethiopia (e.g. protest in Gondar) and nothing will shake them in brining down TPLF and its rotten system. No delusion, you should make a wise decision and support the upcoming protest tomorrow, if you are to be part of the winning side, or continue sticking with TPLF --the losing side, at your peril. The nation is united in order for the TPLF’s oppressive system to be eradicated. The crux of the matter is that it will be hard for the TPLF to hold on power for a single day should you decide to bolt out of the ailing alliance soon enough and forge unity with #OromoProtests. We know that you have fallen victim to TPLF manipulation ever they made you up and won’t bolt out anytime soon but you must be in this movement to survive.

But those of us who followed the twists and turns in the past quarter of a century, power has been no a serious bone of contention for OPDO, nor you desire to occupy senior positions, even with some of your colleagues out in the cold, now, TPLF is continuing filling the void in the EPRDF as junior partners such as OPDO remain playing a marginal role. We know all too well that you are uneasy in EPRDF where you lack not only a voice but disgraced and have on numerous occasions been insulted by TPLF members. #OromoProtests, however, is adamant in its determination to turn around the status quo and they are demanding second to none -- self-rule. Nothing short of it meets their desire. Now, #OromoProtests should be viewed as a political vehicle designed to alter the power structure that undermines you.

There is no more concern on the way TPLF is working to divide Oromo by engaging in a buying spree of individuals who are now broke and cannot survive #OromoProtests overtures. That’s why I ask you to cut ties with TPLF and its rotten system and rejoin Oromoness. Now, #OromoProtests is working on strategies that will see them reclaim ownership of their land. Now, tomorrow is being billed to be the biggest OROMO-TPLF encounter to reclaim Oromia. You must join and be part of the history in the making!

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